8 Best Kratom Strains And Their Effects

Kratom may look like any ordinary herb that is trending these days. In reality, Kratom is a lot more than just this. Some of the best Kratom strains show marvelous effects like medicinal care, mood support, cognitive booster, and stress reliever. Different people use Kratom for various reasons.

Most commonly, Kratom powder and capsules are in use. A vast majority of people are interested in trying Kratom for the first time. But the number of Kratom users eager to try new Kratom strains is even more significant.

Usually, people think that the strongest Kratom strains are very expensive. That’s why they stick to the old common strains and do not try any new Kratom strain. The only way to get maximum benefits of the Kratom tree is to try the best Kratom strains available.

This article will share the best and strongest Kratom strains and their possible effects on users. Let’s have a look.

1) Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da KratomThe introduction of Kratom doesn’t complete without Maeng Da. It is considered one of the strongest Kratom strains. It elevates energy levels and provides stimulation to the user.

The effects of Maeng Da show up gradually, step by step. First, the user feels better confidence and an overall feeling of happiness. These effects show up when you take the minimum dosage of Maeng Da.

It works better when you take a moderate dose. Here it brings the complete enhancement of mental functions, energetic boost, and activeness. It is necessary to follow the recommended dose, and you shouldn’t be taking them very regularly. A regular intake of Maeng Da daily may build up a tolerance.

Maeng Da is available in three subtypes; Red, Green, and White. Among all these, red Maeng Da products are the strongest.

Dosage for Maeng Da Kratom: 1-2 grams of Maeng Da Kratom is sufficient to bring its signature effects. Maeng Da capsules and powder, both are available at all leading Kratom stores.

2) Bali Kratom

Bali is a hub of Kratom, and the famous Bali strain has out of question effects. Bali Kratom is one best Kratom strains that grow slowly, but its effects are very long-lasting. The Bali Kratom doesn’t grow only in Bali, but it is collected from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Additionally, Bali Kratom is also one of the cheapest strains.

The user of Bali Kratom will feel relaxation, both mental and physical. It reduces stress and even helps in anxiety.

Bali Kratom is non-sedative, and it promotes a carefree feeling. It also relieves pain and is the best alternative to common painkillers.

Bali Kratom has a secret benefit for weight watchers. It helps in appetite suppression keeping the energy level high. So if anyone is trying to lose weight, Bali Kratom is one of the most suitable strains for him.

Bali Kratom is available in red, green, and white strains. Out of these, white Bali Kratom is a more popular strain. It produces the most balanced and stable effects.

Dosage for Bali Kratom: Bali Kratom works better between 1-3 grams. The first-timers should use the minimum amount to see its effects.

3) Kapuas Kratom

Kapuas KratomKapuas Kratom is not a natural but a modified strain of regular Kratom. It uses the same Kratom that naturally grows in Southeast Asian countries. Kapuas Kratom is a famous but rare strain. That’s why you will only find it at selective online Kratom stores.

Kapuas Kratom works best for building motivation, stimulating the mind, and for overall mood enhancement. For some people, it brings the same effect as that of coffee. It is a potent strain that encourages a person to study, a job, or any strenuous work. Kapuas strain is also an anxiolytic and natural painkiller for chronic pain.

Just like all other strains, Kapuas Kratom also comes in three sub-types that are the red, green, and white. Red Kapuas has the highest amount of mitragynine than the white one that makes it a better analgesic agent. Green Kapuas has moderate effects that are non-sedating and non-stimulating for all users.

Dosage for Kapuas Kratom: 1-4 grams are best to achieve the best effects of this Kratom strain.

4) Sumatra Kratom

As the name indicates, Sumatra Kratom is the Kratom that grows in Sumatra, an island near Indonesia. Sumatra Kratom is a high-quality strain that has become recently popular. It is available in green, white, and red strain types.

Sumatra Kratom is famous for its unique effects. The range of effects varies from energy production to relaxation. It is a slow-acting but strong Kratom strain. By effects, it is even comparable to Maeng Da. If Maeng Da is not available, Maeng Da Kratom works to relieve stress, elevate the mood, regulates the blood pressure, and calms the nerves of the user.

White Sumatra Kratom is the most effective of all, but the effects are short-lived. Green vein strain is a moderate one, and red Sumatra strain has super long-lasting effects.

Dosage for Sumatra Kratom: It works best in low to moderate doses. Do not exceed over 5.0 grams of dosage. It is available in powder and capsule form.

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5) Indo Kratom

Indo Kratom is the abbreviation for Indonesian Kratom. It has the highest content of all Kratom alkaloids, i.e., mitragynine and hydroxymitragynine along with Maeng Da. Indo Kratom is best for alleviating anxiety and stress. The presence of alkaloids ensures that the user experiences a deep relaxation. For this reason, people love Indo Kratom.

The effects of Indo Kratom are sedative. That is why it also helps to overcome sleep-related disorders. It also happens to increase libido. Overall, Indo strain will promote the optimism and self-confidence of the user.

Indo strain is available in red, white, and green types. It also has ultra-enhanced, and super Indo Kratom blends that are even more powerful than regular Indo leaves.

Dosage for Indo Kratom: The best effects of Indo Kratom show up on a moderate to high dose. Make sure that you aren’t over-dosing it.

6) Thai Kratom

Thai KratomTalking about Southeast Asia, Thailand is a significant part of it. Thai Kratom is a special strain from Thailand. It is a perfect balance of all the most desirable Kratom effects that are; sedation, stimulation, and analgesia. It is available in red, white and green varieties. Green and white vein Thai strains are more popular than red Thai Kratom.

Thai Kratom works best for stimulation and relieving pain. The relaxation achieved through Thai Kratom is enjoyable and soothing. It is the best choice to promote the productivity of a person. Lastly, it relieves acute and chronic pain that is top of all.

Dosage for Thai Kratom: Minimum dose works best for beginners. It can be anything between 0.5 g to 2 g. However, regular users may also take a moderate dosage for best effects. Do not use it daily as it may cause tolerance.

7) Borneo Kratom

Borneo Kratom comes from the island of Borneo. It is a distinctive strain that offers an energy boost and stimulation. It comes in three varieties, i.e., green vein, red vein, and white vein.

If a person is tired or stressed, the best choice is Borneo Kratom. It is a non-sedative strain that is why it is not a good pain reliever. But the energy and stimulation coming from Borneo leaves are matchless. These effects are sometimes comparable to the effects of coffee but are more long-lasting than it.

Students and high-end professionals can take the best benefits from Borneo Kratom. It will make a person more focused and motivated than a routine. After taking the Borneo strain, the user will be dampening distractions and background noises.

Only the red Vein Borneo helps for pain relief and white vein Borneo capsules are the least common type among all.

Dosage for Borneo Kratom: The standard dose for Borneo Kratom is 1-2 grams at one time. The habitual Kratom users may need to take a higher dose for the required effects.

8) Malay Kratom

 Malay KratomMalay Kratom is one of the most robust Kratom strains. It grows in Malaysia and best known for mood improvement, stimulation and euphoria. At a low dose, expect it to produce a balanced stimulation and relaxation. Gradually, at high doses, it brings an extreme calmness along with sedation.

It elevates energy levels and makes a person more focused than before. The person experiences more wakefulness and activeness. The pain relief effect of Malay strain acts for joint stiffness and pain by relaxing the muscles.

Lastly, it is a natural anxiolytic that reduces stress levels and induces calmness. Among all its subtypes, green Malay Kratom is the most popular strain. It is also available in Super Green Malay Kratom, another favorite Kratom among people.

Dosage for Malay Kratom: It is better to start from the low dose of 1g to 2g only. Increasing this dose to 3g to 4g will enhance the effects and prolong the duration.

How to take Kratom?

There are various methods to take Kratom. It is available in different forms like powder, capsules, tinctures, etc. You can select a Kratom product that suits you. You can add Kratom to your food or drinks. If someone doesn’t like the taste, Kratom capsules are the best choice.

Where to Buy Best Kratom Strains?

Selecting a reliable Kratom seller is a tricky thing. There are hundreds of vendors all of which claim to sell genuine Kratom products. But not all of them deal with fresh Kratom. One has to check the status of Kratom selling the store and analyze the quality of its products by reviewing the details, i.e., quality certificate, expiry date, batch number, etc.

Usually, the best Kratom sellers provide a money-back guarantee. Make sure that the online distributor of Kratom has an excellent rating, user reviews, and track record of customer service.

Individually look for web-stores and check for your favorite Kratom strain. If it is not available, you may request the seller for arranging it. Shop from the authentic Kratom sellers only to enjoy the Kratom at maximum.

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