The 10 Best THC Vape Pens Review

Do you want to upgrade your drug-related possession and want to buy a good THC vape pen? Are you tired of old school smoking methods and looking for something trendy? The terminology “THC vape pen” might be new for you, but it’s just a modification of e-cigarette. It’s been only a few years since the cannabis consumer realized they could use electronic cigarette for cannabis consumption. The realization took them to a step ahead and became the mother of the foundation of the disposable vape pens like

Vape pen a.k.a. Hash oil pen is a small “pen-like” device specifically designed to vape cannabis oils and solutions. As I said, it’s just a modification; therefore, its features are just the same as electronic cigarettes. It is called “pen” because it looks just like a pen and has a mouthpiece, oil cartridge, heating element, and battery.

What is THC? Read our guide here.

THC Vaping Vs Smoking

Opting for vaping isn’t just a “cool thing” to do, but it surpasses smoking when it comes to advantages. You might sound “outdated” if you smoke because, after all, you are living in the 21st century. But, that’s not why you should quit smoking and start vaping!

Just like other vape pens, the ones specific for THC do not destroy the ingredients responsible for getting you “high.” If you smoke, it burns the specific cannabis ingredients including THC, CBD, and other important ones. What happens as a result is you don’t get what you wanted!

As the name indicates, the vape pen, on the other hand, vaporizes THC rather than burning it up, that means to reduce the temperature at which cannabis changes into a gas.

It takes around 450 degree Celsius for cannabis to convert into vapor, and a vape pen does it only at 250 degrees. All that saved heat takes essential ingredients inside and makes you high much sooner than you expected.

Not only do you save temperature, but you also save a hefty amount of your money this way. The result of one THC vape pen equals that of three cigarettes or joints.

Now, the question is which vape pen you should buy because there are a lot available in the market? I’ve brought a list of the best THC vape pens along with their features to help you make your buying decision.



image source: DR DABBER Instagram

You would pretty much agree with me when I say intellect always surpasses beauty and that’s what is true with Dr. Dabber Aurora. It is a vape pen that isn’t aesthetic but works way more than it looks. This vape pen has everything a newbie wishes to have, so it is something for beginners.

There are two reasons why it has won the hearts of vapers.

  1. It does the conversion at an even lower temperature than other vape pens.
  2. It is super convenient to use.

The titanium technology saves the essential elements from burning by vaping them up at a very low temperature. What happens as a result is you don’t get that typical electric taste while you vape. In simple words, you enjoy the actual taste of THC and get a phenomenal sensation.

Dr. Dabber comes with multiple atomizers (the part responsible for converting solid or liquid into gas). You can switch from one to another depending on the type of liquid or wax you want to vape. The three best atomizers include the dual quartz rod, a ceramic heater, and a twin ceramic rod. 

Now, let’s talk about convenience it provides its users with!

Dr. Dabber comes in a kit that includes an alternative atomizer, a USB charger, loading tool, and a silicone storage ball.

The charging is super-easy because of the portable desk magnetic charger included in the kit. You have to take the battery out and plug it to the USB adapter.

A product of Dr. Daber, known simply as the light, is something you wish to have while traveling. It pretty much resembles with that of Dr. Daber Aurora mentioned above, with just little differences. It is smaller and simpler, in a sense that it doesn’t give as strong a taste than its parent product.

So, all you beginners who don’t have enough money to afford high-end vaping, light is the choice for you! It slowly takes you where you want to be in the marijuana world without being heavy on your wallet.

Price of Dr. Dabber Aurora: $79.95 for a full kit, $ 87.95 for a Pink & Ahol Edition

What else you will find on store: Light & Ghost vaporizer kit (price $39.95, $55.95) – Atomizers in Light, Black, Pink Editions (price from $8 to $18).


image source: O Pen Instagram

This one is a modified version of Brass Knuckles – a vape pen that came under the top ten list in 2019. It has bigger holes for vaping THC than its previous counterpart.

What I like the most about it is the taste it gives due to its improved cartridge and cannabis oil.

Yes, you will get to know about vape pens with a modified cartridge, but upgrading cannabis oil is something unique.

It uses a CCELL cartridge that combines with 80% THC distillate, which further associates with yummy terpenes and gives a mouthwatering taste along with providing a dizzying sensation. That’s what makes O Pen stand out among others and makes it one of the best vape pens of 2019.

Price of O Pen Vape: $49.95 for FIY Kit


G Pen nova
image source: G Pen Nova website

Well, this one is perfect for both the beginners and professionals alike.

The Grenco Science came up with a small yet state-of-the-art vape pen that can be used with both liquids and solids. Yes, that’s what’s unique about G-pen Nova.

Frankly speaking, the thing that I adore the most is its dual-usable tank because it lets me switch from one option to another (as I am a moody person and have different moods for vaping).

The ceramic heating element in the tank allows even heating that gives amazing flavor upon vaping. When I first used it, I found it super-convenient because of the stirring tool of the mouthpiece that allowed me direct loading of liquid (as I was using concentrate and not a ground material).

The G pen Nova is sleek and compact so it’s something you must have in your pocket wherever you go.

Price of G Pen Nova: Simple $34.95, LXE vaporizer @ $59.95, Dual Quartz @ $49.95


Dipper vape pen
image source: Dip Devices Instagram

If you are a “high hitter” and looking for something that can bear heavy concentrate, then Mr. Dipper is your guy.

I was pretty much fooled when I first tried it because I thought it isn’t a vape pen but a dab straw. However, it took me a few minutes to realize its dual-usage, and it so touched my heart.

I just switch to the quartz crystal atomizer from the vapor tip atomizer with the help of its removable cap. It was as simple as that!

Now, you think which method works best, right? Well, both works just fine; however, the vapor atomizer would be a better choice for social use because of its convenience.

Loading concentration is also simple, and it allows you to choose between low, medium, and high heat setting. The last one will surely make some heavy clouds and takes you to the seventh sky.

Let’s shed some light on its look! The design is pretty simple; however, it comes in some eye-catching colors. The newly introduced “ocean blue” will be a nice addition to your possession.

Price of Dipper: $114.99 available in four colors (rainbow, rose gold, charcoal, chrome)


Pulsar Sirius Vaporizer
image source: Pulsar Sirius Instagram

This one is thicker and cheaper than the rest on the list. It costs half of the amount of most of the vape pens, and that’s what misleads a lot of people.

Some think it might not work due to its low price, but that’s what its quality is.

It has everything a high-end vape pen has, other than its thick structure (that’s not a negative point really, but after all, looks matter!)

It’s a coil free vape pen that doesn’t only make vaping easy, but also simplifies cleaning process. The ceramic plated atomizer allows you heavy vaping up to 842 degrees Fahrenheit (the reason why its structure is thicker than others).

So, if you are in search of a modern vape pen with which, you can enjoy the next level vaping without spending a lot of money, then Pulsar Sirius is something you are missing.

Taking start with Sirius would be the wisest choice you can ever make!

Price of Pulsar Sirius Plus Vaporizer: $69.99 at APX Volt, Smoker & Vape

What else you will find on store: Hand Pipes at $19.99 to $79.99, Water Pipes ranges from $9.99 to $299.99, Grinders from $15.99 to $41.99


image source: Brand website

The Vapor Brothers (VB) have bought something you might be looking for, but haven’t had the luck to find out.

The Hightimes Magazine awarded VBs with the “Best Standard Pen” in 2014, and it has been progressing even more ever since.

It stood out among others because of a few reasons including its initial charging that lets you use it instantly upon buying, an integrated air hole for enhanced airflow, and an easy charging through a small USB cable.

You have three choices for coil including a ceramic single and dual, and a quartz single. The selection depends on the type of liquid or wax you are using. The pen is 100% tested that ensures minimal errors and a long life.

Price of Vapor Brothers: Deluxe Kit 650mAh at $69.99, Deluxe Kit 650mAh – Trio at $99.99

What else you will find on website: Portable Oil Rigs, Desktop Vaporizers – prices vary


PAX ERA Vaporizer Vapes
image source: Brand website

Pax Era is a blessing in the pod vaping world. It’s another product of the Kushie Brand after the great JUUL pod. Well, you can’t use Pax Era pods with JUUL despite having a lot of similarities.

A great thing about Era is its price. It has even beaten Sirius in terms of cost, and it’s incredible what you get in a few bucks. However, the downside is it is only available in 13 U.S. states, but it expects to spread in other regions as well.

Now, let’s dig deeper and talk about its most significant feature! What makes it stand out among others is its all-time functional app.

Yes, you can now vape with the help of your mobile phone! Your life must be incomplete without your cell phone, and you will become even more dependent if you choose Era for recreation.

Believe it or not, you can do almost everything with Era due to its adjustable heat settings. The temperature setting ranges from 520 to 790 degrees that pretty much includes everything you need to do while vaping.

Price of PAX Era: $14.20


image source: Brand website

We have talked enough about average looking vape pens with intricate features. Let’s now talk about the one having both an aesthetic appearance and amazing characteristics.

The glass doom multiplies the pleasure of vaping up to tenfold as it lets you see what you are vaping.

From heating the concentrate to converting into the cloud, you get to see everything and enjoy each moment. Other than that, the beauty ring, two dual ceramic coils, and an extra O-ring serve as an icing on the cake on its looks.

However, its detailed structure makes it difficult to carry. It doesn’t mean it isn’t pocket-friendly, but you can’t hide it inside; it will either poke or bulge out and look obvious. That’s why it doesn’t suit for social use, but it’s perfect for home use.

Price of Oozi Pen: $59.99


image source: Brand website

How can’t there be technological interference in something as modified as vaping? The wasp is a sleek and technologically advanced vape pen with a built-in microprocessor that heats the added liquid or wax within seconds. It even vaporizes shatter and budder that’s another distinguishing feature it has.

We all lack time in this fast-paced world and want everything to be done quickly. The wasp does it for you when it comes to vaping as the microprocessor saves you from the preheating process.

Price of WASP Wax Air Vape: $59.95

What else you will find on store: Vape mods, Vape tanks, Vape juices, Hemp Oil and more.

10. JUUL

JUUL Vape Pen
image source: Brand website

This one is the simplest vape pen on the list as there aren’t any buttons or switches in it. The simplicity is ensured with a simple battery and a pod as they both combine and you are good to go. It is a non-fillable vape pen, which means, you get to vape the pre-filled ingredient. It differs from conventional e-cigs in terms of the liquid used that includes propylene glycol, glycerol, flavor and extracts, natural oil, benzoic acid and nicotine.

I would suggest you start with the JUUL starter pack that includes a battery, a USB charger, and four flavours. The JUUL manufacturers claim that a pack of cigarette equals that of one JUUL pod in terms of nicotine content. Well, that doesn’t mean it is as harmful as that! It only means you get that much joy and flavor and you are much safer with it than cigarettes.

Price of JUUL vape pen: Device Kit at $19.99, Starter Kit at $29.99, Silver Device Kit at $34.99

In a Nutshell

The above mentioned are some of the best-selected vape pens in the United States. However, the list may go on because new ones keep coming.

Now, which vape pen you should choose as you have a lot of choices?

The answer to this question is pretty simple! That depends on what you want. However, most of the people look for the one having low price and high performance. It’s important for your vape pen to be pocket-friendly so you can grab it on-the-go.

A vaper’s pocket should always have it inside to beat their craving, so make sure the one you choose is well-designed. However, it should give you an exceptional vaping experience as well.

The technological advancement is yet another thing that can be taken into consideration. Does this post help you in making your vape pen buying decision? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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