The 6 Different Types Of Vaporizers Explained

Vaporizer, also known as a vape is an electronic device that consists of chambers and metal/ceramic components powered by an electric charge, producing heat and converts your desired substance into a cloud of smoke like vapor.

These devices are used to vaporize constituents, such as Cannabis, Herbs, Tobacco, or liquids, for inhalation.

This concept was first introduced in the 1990s. It was revolutionized between 1990 and 2008.

Nowadays, stylish designs and high-performance vapes are in the market. Today’s vapes are advanced enough to release only the flavour, and the side effects are minimum.

No potential carcinogens are inhaled, which makes smoking comfortable.

Why Vaping And No Smoking?

Vaporizers are changing the old way of smoking. Now, you can enjoy the same old substance more healthily and efficiently. Many doctors recommend vapes because of clean and pure vapours. The adverse effects come from direct inhaling the substance that smokers expose themselves regularly.

Vaporizers maintain temperature, which then releases compounds that aren’t as harmful as cigarettes.

Cigarettes kill more than 400,000 people in the United States each year. People who smoke cigarettes talk about how these make them tired.

Vaporizers give you more control and put less weight on your wallet.
A vaporizer is your significant investment, especially if you choose the one that suits you.

There are tons of vaporizers in the market; it is challenging to navigate through a jungle of products.

There are types you can enjoy at home and others you can smoke on the go. What makes one vaporizer different from others? Let’s find out!

Vaping Materials

Depending on the functionality a variety of substrates can be vaped in both desktop and portable vaporizers. Cannabis enthusiasts have an option to vape dry herbs and waxy concentrates of the plant.

Similarly, the use of vape juice or e-liquid has seen a tremendous upsurge worldwide due to its convenience and enjoyability.

Vaporizers provide you with some extensive options. Users can enjoy their preferred herbs or e-liquids with better taste and less harm as compared to combustion smoking.

  • E liquids

Today the new generation of vapers use e-liquids in trendy devices. There are vaporizers which are specifically designed to hold different materials.

A device that is intended for using e-liquids may contain a cartridge or tank which holds the liquid and further delivers it to the mouthpiece.

  • Dry herbs

Dry herb vaporizers are instilled with chambers that heat the vaping material and make it into a vape cloud. Today companies have come up with vaporizers with multiple uses, by merely substituting the chambers/ cartilages users can enjoy various substances and materials.

Two Types Of Vaporizers

1) Desktop Vaporizers

This category of vaporizers is notable and lasts longer than portable ones. These are suitable for people who smoke at home. Because it is a plugin device, there is no need for batteries or gas, which means uninterrupted experience.

These are silent, and because of the high energy source; they can reach as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Hotter the vaporizer, higher the THC level. Non-Portable vaporizers come with digital meters these days.

There is a variety of units in the market, with the price as low as $100, and as high as $1000 or more.

A) Bag Vaporizers

Bag, or Balloon Bag, Vaporizer comes with a nylon bag that you can carry around and smoke from for hours. There is a fan inside to propel hot air through the chamber. The vapour is then transferred to the bag, from which you inhale. These are ideal for parties and social gatherings.

Vapours are collected in a container, which then matches with the room temperature, making vapours comfortable to inhale. These vapes don’t require excessive maintenance and last for years.

Vapours inside bag stay suitable for hours before vanishing, and a single container can be used for 100 or more sessions.

B) Whip Vaporizers

The whip is a modern version of old Hookah. Most whip style vapes have a silicone tube for inhaling vapours. These days, whip vaporizers are famous for parties or gatherings, where people can pass around the pipes.

These units have three main components; heating tube, chamber, and a mouthpiece. The density of vapour depends on how fast a person inhales, and the temperature.

A short pull/inhale delivers the mild mist, while long draw gives you rich and massive cloud. It wouldn’t take a beginner more than a few minutes to understand it fully.

The only limitation is the amount of herb the chamber can take. These units have a minimum setup time but can be challenging to relocate.

The Technical Side Of Desktop Vaporizers

  • Key components and working principle
  • Convection heating system

A desktop vaporizer usually works on the mechanism of convection heating system.

With convection heating system, the herb concentrates are stored in one compartment, while the heat is generated through electric charge warming up metal or ceramic plates.

This mechanism creates steam or moving liquid which cooks the herb stored in the neighboring compartment.

  • Direct Plugins
  • Power supply system

Desktop vaporizers are plugged into electric socket via a cord. The power supply remains constant, so the heating system is capable of producing more heat and reaching higher temperatures; hence the user enjoys a better taste and dense clouds.

Benefits Of Desktop Vaporizers

The most significant advantage of the desktop version is its utility. These are big systems that are efficient for their primary purpose.

Desktop vapes have an uninterrupted supply of power which means long-lasting sessions.

Their heating system ensures a smooth and evenly burnt herb. Desktops are great for the indoor vaping experience.


Desktop vapes require electricity so they can only be used near an electric socket; this limits their use at home. Most of them are also bigger and requires a more considerable effort to maintain.

User is confined within a limited space. It also restricts the use to a limited number of sessions a day.

2) Portable Vaporizers

Regulars prefer portable vaporizers. These are small personalize devices for vaporizing herbs and substances.

A few years back, portable vaporizers were large desktop sized, but nowadays, vapes are small as your thumb. Some of these units can be all-in-one, capable of vaporizing various substances.

Quality of material, durability, reliability, vapour quality and concealment make a vaporizer a big hit. Price of such portability can be between $50 and $250.

Vaporizers can be cheaper than $50, but quality varies significantly. Materials like ceramic, quartz and stainless steel are highly preferred.

Ceramic is among the most popular; it conducts heat better than others. The good-concentrated vaporizer has a flat-ceramic disk or rod/coil atomizer.

Visit to find the best portable vaporizers.

A) Portable Oil Vape Pens

These come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small as a thumb, others as significant as a pen that you can carry in your pocket. There are three things every oil vaporizer must have, sound design, durable material, and long battery life.

These come in the shape of a pen, lighter, or a Cigarette, and have one or two buttons to operate. Depending on the manufacturer, the density of vapour can be low, medium, or high.

Some brands have non-reusable oil containers, and others can be refilled to reuse. Some manufacturers offer thinners to achieve desired consistency.

B) Portable Dry Vapes

Their functionality is sometimes limited. Many units heat substances at a fixed temperature, which may be too hot or too low. Some vapes allow you to change the temperature.

Dry vapes have more variety than oil ones. The oil-vape-containers sometimes have a mix of substances but having a dry vape means smoking a one-dry-substance. These units are compact, thus more convenient for people to maintain or change the battery.

Most manufacturers offer a one-button activation. Nowadays, these are high in demand because there is no combustion so no smoke.

C) Portable Wax And Concentrated Vapes

Wax vapes operate same as dry vapes. The wax is heated to produce concentrated vapours. These have the same heating principal but offer a different experience. Wax vaporizers are considered as the cleanest.

These are more potent than dry vapes. The wax and concentrated vaporizers are sometimes referred to as dab pen or pen vapes. These units are also used for medical purposes. It is essential to assess your tolerance level before using it.

D) Portable Dry And Oil Together

Dry, wax, and Oil, three-in-one vaporizers come in all sizes. These can be an excellent option to switch between dry, wax, and oily substances.

Some even have temperature control, ranging between 150 and 450 Fahrenheit. Two-in-one or three-in-one are expensive. The difference in price depends on the make and model of the vaporizer.

Some units have separate chambers, one for convection heating and one for conduction heating.

The Technical Side Of Portable Vaporizer

  • Key components and working principle
  • Conduction heating system

Portable vaporizers are small movable units which are easy to carry around. These are powered by rechargeable batteries, so their energy supply is limited.

Most Portable vaporizers work on the principles of conduction heating. The herbs or oils are stored in a compartment then through electricity generated by the batteries, the herbs are heated directly by metal coils or ceramic plates.

Today portable vaporizers are getting ever popular because of the enhanced battery lives and improved temperature control mechanism.


The unique selling point of these devices is their compact size. Nowadays portable vaporizers come in small handy sizes which easily fit in your bags and pockets.

They have rechargeable batteries so the user can enjoy Vaping sessions whenever he desires. They are not restricted to electric sockets. User can have multiple sessions throughout the day.


Portable devices often lack torque. Similarly, portable vapes do not provide the same punch as desktop versions.

Users get limited vape clouds, and often the taste is sacrificed. Portable vaporizers use conduction technology which heats the substance directly resulting in an uneven burn.

Portable Vs. Non-portable Vaporizers: Which Is Best?

The difference between portable and non-portable is noticeable. Portable is smaller in size. The Non-portable vaporizers are larger, best for people who travel.

Non-portables are good at controlling temperature, which can change the flavour of vapours. Portables require minimum setup and maintenance but can run out of power. Non-portable ones will never run out of power; these are efficient and reliable.

Non-portable vaporizers stick to the wall for power, where portable ones rely on batteries. Depending on the manufacturer, there are variations in cells; some degrade with time.

If you want a vaporizer for home, then non-portable is best, but their internal structure should be durable to sustain hours of use. Vaporizers are continually changing, and nowadays portable units have potent batteries, withstanding heavy use.

Portable vaporizers are pre-programmed, so you have less control. Non-portables, give you temperature control. Portable vapes are lighter and generally have a single button, which makes them more accessible. Doctors recommend non-portable vaporizers for medicinal and herbal use.

Vapor-quality of non-portables is much better. These also excel in offering a rich and aromatic experience. Portable are primitive; small chambers can’t produce the quality that non-portable offer. This explanation doesn’t mean that every brand is the same; some portable vapes offer high-quality vapours.

Non-portable are challenging to maintain; these come with a lot of accessories to be stored. But portables are smaller in size so you can store in a bag, pocket, or a drawer.

Sometimes people don’t want to vape alone. Non-portable vaporizers can be shared with your friends in parties. For group use, these can offer potent and longer sessions.

The Right One For You?

If you have already made up your mind to jump into the world of vaping, you must decide which one suits your needs.

Individuals prescribed cannabis for medicinal purposes require a quick session to relive their anxieties and aches, for such people portable vaporizers offer a better package. They can vape their medicinal herb anywhere on the go.

When the requirement is enhanced vaping experience and long sessions; ideally, desktop vaporizers are preferred. They are sturdy and provide the vaping quality and durability to enthusiasts seeking more pleasure.

Desktop vapes will provide convenience for social vaping, and they can be passed around in parties and social gatherings.

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