Best Dry Herb Vaporizers And Their Functionality

Dry Herb Vaporizers may look like the typical vaporizers that you can commonly see in the market. But what makes it more interesting is instead of using flavoring juices or cannabis oil, this vaporizer is for dry herbs.

If you are one among those who have been offered to try dry herb vaping, then you probably have enjoyed the different flavors and large vape plumes.

Dry herbs are the key ingredients used in herbal vaporizers where Cannabis buds are heated to a certain level at which terpenes and major cannabinoids (like THC, CBD, CBD, CBG, CBD) turn into cleaner inhaled vapors instead of burning.

Either flowering or leafy green parts of weed plants make dry herbs. Apart from recreational uses, they are widely used for medicinal and cooking purposes. However, they are also known for spiritual use.

Some herbs are air-dried while others are first frozen and then dried. The former includes dill, rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, marjoram, sage, oregano, and summer savory. However, the latter includes chives, lemon balm, chervil, garlic chives, rosemary, and parsley.

What Is A Vaporizer?

To be clear, an E-cigarette or a vaporizer is a battery-operated device which emits vaporized nicotine, or non-nicotine solutions in small doses for the user to inhale.

Since the utility of E-cigarette or a vaporizer is to allow the user to have a relatable experience as that of a regular cigarette, it does not involve any burning of substance. The liquid (nicotine) present inside the device converts into a vapour and hence the smoking sensation.

E-cigarette or Vaping products owing to their promising results are flourishing in the market as they are also used to inhale medical marijuana, and to treat traumatic diseases like anxiety, depression, and migraines.

A Vaporizer or an E-cigarette has earned controversial popularity by millions around the world in terms of its usage, reliability, and relevance as well since it made a smart debut in the Chinese market in 2004.

Although the confusion attached to E-cigarette always revolves around the deluded fact that it is a high-tech version of a cigarette and gives a similar sensation as that of a traditional tobacco product.

Smoking vs. Vaping

One of the common ways to enjoy cannabis is by smoking it with pipe, bongs, or rolls, but with the vaporizer, it allows you to get more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff.

You can smell and taste the difference between smoking and vaping marijuana, and vaping will still be the best. That is why this kind of stuff is getting more popular these days, especially now that we are in the era of vapers.

The Advantage Of Dry Herb Vaporizer

Handy – If you are the type of person who always wants to smoke cannabis, but do not want to draw some attention this one is perfect.

Dry herb vaporizer has less cloud than combustion, and if you want to inhale some herb at a public area, you will not draw some attention, plus the vaporizer comes in different sizes. You can easily slip it in your bag and hold it with your hand.

Taste – It tastes better than smoked pot. The gas from your lighter adds flavor, and you are inhaling more of the good than the bad.

If you are thinking of something to give to yourself and your friends, this might be a good idea.

How To Use Dry Herb Vaporizers?

To use this product, you need dry herbs. You have to grind the herb before vaping it. Know the herb that you are using since it has the right temperature for each one; getting it right makes it feel good.

The function of the vaporizers depends on the manufacturer, but it is not too complicated to use. If you know how to use a regular vape, it will be easy for you to manage it.

All you need to do is turn on the vaporizer and insert the perfectly ground weed into the mouthpiece and close it.

Adjust your desired temperature; there are the perfect temperatures for different types of herb. Heating up will mostly take from 10 to 60 seconds. Some vaporizers do not allow changing temperature because not all vaporizers are with the same features, but overall the function is the same.

Cannabis has a lot to offer, although, in some countries, this stuff is illegal. If they only look at the positive side of using this, they will be enlightened.

Dry herb vaporizers are not only for recreational use but also for people who use weed as medication can actually use this.

Take note that when using a dry herb vaporizer; do not pack too much ground cannabis in the atomizer because it will cause difficulties for the vaporizer to move the herbs when pulling from the vaporizer.

You do not want your herbs to be vaporized unevenly because you will miss the good stuff if you are wasting it.

Here Is A List Of Best Dry Herb Vaporizers Proven In Their Functionality

1) PAX 3 Dry Herb Vaporizer

A smart and attractive piece, PAX 3 can be controlled via your smartphones through an app and uses haptic feedback, Bluetooth connectivity, and lip sensing technology.

The vaporizer is known to offer simple yet powerful vapes satisfying both new and advanced users. Play with different modes like Stealth, Efficiency, and Flavor, to have a drag of your choice.

Built from anodized aluminium, PAX 3 has durable battery power and has customizable temperature settings.

Key Feature: The complete kit of PAX 3 priced at $249, comes with a 10-year limited warranty. PAX 3 price is reasonable as it comes with 60+ temperature settings, has 22-second heat upsetting (best in the industry), is Bluetooth enabled and incorporates a 2X powerful oven.

Price: $199 – $249

PAX 3 Dry Herb Vaporizer

2) DaVinci IQ

This one is sleek and stealthy and is appropriate for beginners. The built quality is unbeatable as it is wrapped in Zirconia material, i.e., excellent for thermal conduction.

This good-looking vaporizer comes with two mouthpieces, a flat and a longer one that gives all the natural feels. An excellent LED interface, two heating modes, accompanied by three simple buttons makes DaVinci an intuitive vaporizer and a winner of this list.

Key Feature: DaVinci IQ is acknowledged as the world’s best precision vaporizer. Unlike other vaporizers in the bull race of impressing the audience with the best vape experience, DaVinci allows users to vape weed or meticulous marijuana.

Price: $ 274.99.

DaVinci IQ

3) Atmos Vicod 5G

One of the high-quality vaporizers in the market, Atmos is an admirable portable vaporizer packed with all the remarkable features. Pick your colors from red, black, orange, and white.

Simple yet classically attractive, Atmos is quite capacious and can fit easily one gram of marijuana in it. The OLED display screen accompanied by three control buttons makes Atmos a brilliant pick.

The rubber coating, modern convection method, and good flavor quality make Vicod an excellent vaporizer.

Key Features: What makes Atmos best is that it is discrete and portable. It gives maximum performance offered in exchange for a small value that is unlike other vaporizers in the market.

Price: $112.

Atmos Vicod 5G

4) Firefly 2

Firefly 2 basically overcomes all the snags of all the others in the list and is integrally popular for its quick vaping sessions. Packed in a small chamber, Firefly 2 heats up quickly and produces a vape that gives a long-lasting and robust flavor.

The aluminium exterior shell and a short transparent viewing portal offer 40-80 drag in a full charge. Firefly 2 has claimed its staunch stand in the vaping industry due to its instant heating and quality of vapor.

Key Feature: Firefly 2 being an on-demand creation lives up to its expectations, and creates a cool vapor and an amazing flavor, thanks to 500F concentrate temp.

Price: $329.

Firefly 2

5) Airzer Solo 2

This one would not get a vote for the best portable vaping device but sure is a delight for small house parties. No smartphone app, and small portable size, but this vaporizer is a winner in terms of vapor quality and features confined in its beautiful aluminium shell body.

Smart features include a user-friendly interface, replaceable battery option, borosilicate glass (keeping the dry herbs fresh), and incredible cloud productions, which wins Solo 2 a complete score.

Solo might not be called a pocket-friendly choice but offers an amazing vaping experience as compared to others on the list. Best to relax sessions with friends on a lousy day.

Key Feature: Solo 2 impresses with its overall battery life with a full charge, i.e. good 2 hours and 50 minutes which indeed is an insane battery promise by its makers.

Price: $239.

Airzer Solo 2

6) Hydrology 9

Hydrology has overshadowed other vaporizers due to its feature offerings that are not even in the market yet.

Its futuristic design will make you fall in love with it but to be clear in the headline of its description, it is heavy, large, and not portable at all— still is a commendable construction and performer.

60 seconds to heat, and 15-16 vape sessions, is a killer combination for a vaporizer that has an inbuilt water-filtration system.

Advanced temperature settings and incredible stirring mechanism give Hydrology full marks in producing a vape that is long-lasting. Give Hydrology a chance, and it will surely give you a kick in mind.

Key Feature: Hydrology is a game-changing vaporizer designed with users’ expectations in mind. Hydrology is best for its ability to provide the best engaging and enjoyable vaping experience, i.e., above all the others in the vaporizers race.

Price: $249.

Hydrology 9

7) G Pen ELITE

G Pen is exceptional on this list as it is sleek, tiny, and comes in an ergonomic design that leaves a smooth feel in the hands.

Tagged as one of the best vaporizers for weed, Hydrology is built by adopting the famous ‘food grade’ plastic externally while the ceramic covers the chamber. The aluminum alloy and silicon rubber give this vaporizer a heavy look.

The unique packaging is a sure eye bliss and takes only 30-40 seconds to heat. What’s more to love? The crisp and warm drags offer opportunities for adequate cloud creations.

The chamber can store up to 0.50 grams of dry herbs in it and stand up to 428 Degree F of heat. Buy it for its unique style and feature combination.

Key Feature: Buy G Pen for its vape LED display and a full temp spectrum packed in an impressive design. G Pen does offer solid vape quality, but that can be achieved with other competitor vaporizers ranked at a lower price. This one is for style and portability.

Price: $119.


8) Atmos Jump

Vaporizer pens are considered to be expensive, but not this one. This high-quality inexpensive vaporizer uses a convection methodology of heating and is extremely portable.

Built using carbon material, and anodized stainless steel, this vaporizer contains 12000mAh powered battery and looks extremely stylish.

A very decent crisp in the vapor quality as it maintains the natural herb taste, Atoms is an affordable and portable choice for novice and advanced smokers.

Key Feature: This pen-shaped vaporizer with its single temperature setting makes it very discreet and portable further making it a relevant purchase above others. Buy it for its portability promise at a small price.

Price: $59.

Atmos Jump

9) Vapium Summit Plus

Vapium has a simple and straightforward design and is built using high-quality materials. The basic ambition behind the Vapium creation was for it to survive in extreme conditions and to which it does complete justice to.

Simple power button and temperature setting panel, the vaporizer comes with exceptional battery life, i.e., mechanized at 3300 mAh. This one is dust and water-resistant which is a blessing to many smokers.

Vapium produces fair, tasty, and colossal visible vapor, which is an extraordinary vaporizer quality.

Key Feature: Vapium is the best vaporizer for extreme weather as it stands out with high-temperature promise while preserving the flavor and vape quality.

Price: $149.

Vapium Summit Plus

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