The advancement in the CBD industry has introduced us to modern methods of ingestion for increasing ease and effectiveness. One of the growing trends in the CBD world is the availability of CBD oil in the shape of capsules and softgels.

There are hundreds of brands available in the United States commercially selling the best CBD capsules and softgels. Some are considered as established brands, while the rest are newcomers.

So, if you are opting for the best CBD capsules for the first time, it is virtually impossible to pick the best brand without the help of a specific demarcation based on a few vital factors.

Our selection criteria are very precise. We make sure that our readers must benefit from the industry’s insights, we provide. For this purpose, we have undergone a rigorous research scheme based on four major factors, ethical consumerism, CBD per capsule, type of capsule and additional ingredients.

The primary essence of our selection criteria is “transparency”.

Our 10 best CBD capsules brands have professional web outlets, clear labelling and hundreds of satisfied customer’s feedbacks.

We want to save you from any possible hassles afterwards, so that you have the best product that worth your money. Our Non-negotiable review policy is “the ultimate Customer Satisfaction”.

The Defining Criteria Of Our Reviews — The Factors That Really Make A Difference in Choosing Best CBD Capsules

First Look

Best Overall: CBDPure, Joy Organics

The THC content in CBDPure is less than 0.3 percent and it is legal in all 50 states. They use industrial organic full spectrum hemp from Colorado. Backed by a 90 day Money Back Guarantee.

The cannabinoid droplets in Joy Organics softgels are in nanometers – making it great for absorption and fast-acting as compared to oils.

Best Full Strength

Every Day Optimal CBD: Extra high potency CBD capsules, the strength is better any other capsule brand in the US at an astounding 200mg of CBD isolate. Organically grown non-GMO hemp.

Hemp Lucid: Full spectrum 75 mg CBD whole plant extract. Use of Nanotechnology for better absorption of CBD. The 75 mg whole plant extract is better than many brands selling over 100 mg of isolate in terms of effectiveness.

Best All-Natural

Phytologica: Full spectrum CBD oil. Organic farming, according to the standards of the Organic Food Production Act and National Organic Program (NAP).

PurCBD: 100% natural verified USA grown hemp. No pesticides, solvents or hazardous fertilizers. Laboratory tested to ensure safety and highest quality.

Best CBD Concentrate

Palm Organix: Pharmaceutical grade hemp, Phytocannabinoid-Rich, full spectrum CBD softgels formulated for a fast absorption rate. Nanoemulsion-based delivery system. 1mg of melatonin for enhancing REM sleep quality.

Verified CBD: Medium strength capsules but from highest quality grown hemp in USA Florida backed up by analytical certifications. Pure CBD Isolate capsules (99% pure), 750mg of Gluten-free CBD per bottle.

Best With Ingredients

The Veritas Farms: Full Broad Spectrum cannabinoids profile including CBG, CBC and CBN along with CBD for added benefits.

Geovana CBD: Evening primrose oil and calcium phosphate mixed with CBD for women’s health and bone strength.

In-Depth Analysis Of 10 Best CBD Capsules And Softgels

1. CBDPure

Buy CBD Capsules from CBDPure

Highlights: Comparatively small company but known for the high-quality CBD products
Key Features: Less price of CBD/mg and offering 30-day risk-free trial
Ethical Consumerism: Certifications of non-GMO practices, free from pesticides and contaminants, clear labelling, CO2 extraction method, third party testing (Trace Analytics), informational blog for the users
CBD Concentrates: 25mg/capsule
Type of Capsule: Full spectrum gelatin softgel
Price: $99 for 30 capsules
Additional Ingredients: None

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2. Joy Organics

joy organics softgels

Highlights: Considered the best CBD Softgels as the most active ingredients are in 25 nanometers size.
Key Features: Made with PCR oil by using nanoemulsion technology
Ethical Consumerism: Softgels are made in GMP-certified facility,
state-of-the-art farming, superior purification process
CBD Concentrates: 10mg and 25mg
Price: $49.95 & $84.95 for 30 softgels
Type of Capsule: full-spectrum Gelatin
Additional Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin, polysorbate emulsifiers, medium chain triglycerides, beta caryophyllene

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3. Every Day Optimal CBD

Buy CBD capsules from every day optimal cbd

Highlights: Relatively new company but sells 100% pure Contamination free CBD capsules
Key Features: Low THC content, excellent customer service
Ethical Consumerism: Third-party testing facility (Desert valley testing), Informational blog for the users, Non-GMO practices, clear labelling
CBD Concentrates: 20mg/capsule
Price: $300 for 30 capsules (high price but potent capsules) strongest capsule available in USA
Type of Capsule: Isolated vegetarian capsule (vegetable cellulose, water), Gluten free
Additional Ingredients: None

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4. Hemplucid

Hemplucid CBD-Gel-Caps-25

Highlights: Products available in wide varieties across USA and UK
Key Features: GMP certified facility for farm growth
Ethical Consumerism: Third party testing facility (ProVerde Laboratories), No Informational blog for the users, Clear labelling
CBD Concentrates: 75mg
Price: $165 for 30 capsules
Type of Capsule: full-spectrum Gelatin
Additional Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin

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5. Phytologica

Buy CBD Capsules fron Phytologica

Highlights: Founder is Atwell, A women who discovered CBD as a source of natural treatment for her own scoliosis disorder
Key Features: Usage of nanotechnology for maximum absorption
Ethical Consumerism: Third-party testing facility (ProVerde laboratories), Informational Blog for the users, Clear labelling.
CBD Concentrates: 25mg/capsule of full spectrum
Price: $89 for 30 Full spectrum softgels
Type of Capsule: Gelatin
Additional Ingredients: MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides from organic coconut oil), beta-caryophyllene, polysorbate 80, polysorbate 20

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6. PurCBD

Buy CBD Capsules from PURCBD

Highlights: Known for the high-quality USA grown Hemp and Customer satisfaction
Key Features: Satisfactory refund policy, thousands of positive feedbacks and reviews
Ethical Consumerism: Colorado grown, third party testing facility (VERITAS Farms), zero pesticides, updated informational blog, clear labelling
CBD Concentrates: 25mg/capsule
Price: $44 for 30 capsules, $60 for 30 softgels
Type of Capsule: Full spectrum gelatin
Additional Ingredients: Cellulose, silicon dioxide, glucosamine (HCI), turmeric root powder, proprietary herbal joint complex

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7. Palm Organix

Buy CBD Capsules from Palm Organix

Highlights: Specifically formulated CBD products for anxiety and pain relief
Key Features: Excellent for arthritis and chronic inflammations
Ethical Consumerism: Third-party testing facility (Folium Biosciences), Informational blog for the users, Clear labelling, No THC content.
CBD Concentrates: 25mg/capsule
Price: $99 for 30 softgels
Type of Capsule: Gelatin (Bovine-derived Gelatin)
Additional Ingredients: 10mg of curcumin per dose, 1 mg melatonin per Softgel, polysorbate emulsifiers, beta caryophyllene, bovine-derived gelatin, glycerin, sorbitol, water and artificial coloring

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8. Verified CBD

Buy CBD capsules from VerifiedCBD

Highlights: 100% American company, based in Florida. Source of hemp is Kentucky
Key Features: Experienced R&D team, pharmaceutical-grade testing
Ethical Consumerism: Certificate of analysis, informational blog for the users, QR code facility, CO2 extraction procedure, USA grown plants, clear labelling
CBD Concentrates: 25mg/capsule
Price: $78 for 30 capsules
Type of Capsule: Vegetable cellulose full spectrum
Additional Ingredients: none

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9. The Veritas Farms

Buy CBD Capsules from Vertias Farms

Highlights: Family owned company having Hemp farms located in South Colorado
Key Features: Environmental Control policies, highest quality maintained by HPLC analyzer
Ethical Consumerism: Third-party testing facility (Colorado certified laboratories) Informational blog for the users, Free of contaminants, Free of heavy metals and lead, clear labelling
CBD Concentrates: 10mg and 25mg (full spectrum)
Price: $30 for 10mg, $70 for 25mg
Type of Capsule: Full spectrum, vegetarian, gluten-free
Additional Ingredients: Beneficial cannabinoids including CBG, CBC and CBN. No artificial ingredients

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10. Geovana CBD

Buy CBD capsules from Gerovana CBD

Highlights: A Women-owned company that makes CBD products exclusively for meeting women health requirements.
Key Features: Specific products for menstrual and PMS complaints
Ethical Consumerism: Third-party testing caimed but reports not available at the web store, informational blog for the users, clear labelling
CBD Concentrates: 25mg/capsule
Price: $119 for 60 capsules
Type of Capsule: Broad spectrum, vegetarian
Additional Ingredients: Evening primrose oil, calcium phosphate, phytocannabinoid rich hemp extract

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Criteria Used To Pick the Best CBD Capsules And Softgels

– Quality And Testing Procedures

One of a key characteristic of a good brand is the quality it is providing. The only way to judge the quality of a specific brand is either by purchasing or third-party lab reports.

CBD oil in raw form is prone to certain molds, bacteria and viruses. A genuine third-party testing provides you a report to see whether the CBD capsules are safe to use or not.

The lab reports are also suggestive of the Cannabinoid and essential terpenes profile.

Type of Capsules

Gelatin vs Vegetable Capsules

There are two types of capsules available based on the raw material used. The Gelatin capsules or Non-vegetarian capsules are made from boiling different parts of the Cattle.

The boiling of animal parts like fat layers yields a thick jelly-like substance which is then chemically processed and results in the production of Gelatin material.

The vegetable capsules are made by forming cellulose from different plant materials. Certain species of trees are also used in the making of vegetable cellulose named as Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose or HPMC.

Many users prefer Vegan (Vegetarian) capsules on the basis of dietary restrictions and other religious requirements.

– Additional Ingredients

Many brands including the top ones contain certain additional ingredients along with the CBD content in their capsules. As per original standards, the users should receive CBD constituents along with a carrier oil enclosed within the capsules.

However, many brands prefer to include different sort of flavour, vitamins and mineral with the CBD. As good as it may sound, many users are allergic to certain additional ingredients such as Gluten.

There should be a clear labelling for such elements on the label.

CBD Type: Full Spectrum vs Isolate

Another important factor in the selection of the best CBD capsules is the type of extract used. Such as Full spectrum or isolate. Isolate as the name suggests, refers to pure CBD along with the carrier oil.

While the full spectrum CBD capsules include other Cannabinoids along with Cannabidiol. It is very important to look out for the THC content in the full spectrum varieties and it should be less than 0.03%.

Strength And Effectiveness

The CBD capsule companies have different sources of hemp used in the manufacturing procedures. The Colorado soil is considered to be the best in terms of its rich chemical profile.

However, other states have also been used as the growing land for hemp crops. Every source of hemp is different from the other.

The standard dosage varieties in CBD capsules are 10, 15 and 25 mg.

However, even above 200mg capsules are also available, but they are very expensive. It is mandatory to look out for the effectiveness of certain brands by researching about their past track record and unbiased reviews.

Cost Effectiveness

Almost every brand of CBD capsule offers a different price than the other. It is vital to compare two identical brands on the basis of Net cost.

If one brand of the same effect is selling at a rate of $60 per 30 capsules and other at $90 for 30 capsules. The first brand should be your priority in selection.

Why Capsules or Softgels In Place Of Bottled Oil?

Dosing Accuracy

One of the primary reasons is the accuracy in dosing. By using CBD in the form of liquid concentrate you are always relying on your presence of mind by carefully using the exact number of Oil drops. This accounts for human error. Many users are not satisfied with liquid form due to the chances of mistake in dosing.


Many CBD users are not comfortable, revealing their CBD usage. With the help of CBD capsules or Sot gels, their discretion requirements are easily met. The CBD Caps or gels are identical to common multivitamin capsules, and it is very difficult to separate them from the rest.

Avoidance Of Bad Taste

One of the biggest problems, users report with the use of CBD oil is its bad and foul taste.

Although many brands use olive oil to dilute the taste, but still it is not a sublime characteristic. With the help of CBD capsules, the users can avoid the foul smell and taste associated with the raw CBD oil.

The oil is enclosed in a gelatin or vegetable coating and will open up in the stomach after consumption. So, complete bypassing of bad taste and smell.


Although the CBD content inside the capsules is identical to the liquid tincture form but it is still possible to have totally different results. Every user Physiological system behaves differently with respect to the ingestion method.

Many users reported that they have more positive outcomes by using gelatin or vegetable capsules than the liquid form. So if liquid CBD oil is not working then it is not a bad idea to try a different form of CBD oil.

The background reason for increased effectiveness may be due to the variance in the absorption rate.

Storage And Shelf Life

The CBD oil is enclosed in a protective covering. With the help of this covering material, the shelf life of CBD capsules or soft gels is increased considerably. The risk of potency loss from the light or moisture is minimal.

What Is The Most Effective Method Of Taking CBD Capsules or Softgels?

The best method accounts for best absorption. The doctor’s recommendations for using any kind of dietary supplement is, it should be taken on an empty stomach with a glass of water for best absorption. Refraining from any altering factors for ideal absorption.

However, if it is not possible for you to time your CBD capsules empty stomach, you can use them with your regular meals. Although, this method considered to be the second best.

Final Take Away

Use the provided, classified information for making the best selection. Every brand is different from the other.

The effectiveness depends on a variety of factors as described, including specific individual requirements. If one CBD brand is not working for you, it never means that CBD will not work on you.

The poor results may be due to a not-suitable source of hemp or due to the addition of other ingredients.

At least try two different brands of CBD before calling it a day. Many users have improved their lives by introducing CBD capsules to their daily lives, and you can be one of them. Show your Commitment to CBD and CBD will show its mystic properties for you.



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