1836 Kratom Vendor Review 

1836 is a well-known Kratom vendor known for its uncountable qualities. However, the vendor became popular because of its “Wild West” branding and packaging.

1836 Kratom is operated by Steding & Sons Mercantile. It is an American-owned company based in Austin, TX. They work with West Kalimantan providers in Indonesia. 

This company was founded by a husband, father, fitness enthusiast, and musician. The brand’s unique approach combines a focus on fitness, wellness, and gratitude. The company’s relationship with providers is based on the shared commitment to quality, which ensures a consistent supply of high-quality Kratom.

1836 makes its brand recognized for quality and consistency. They offer a range of Kratom Powders, capsules, and extracts, each tested for quality and purity. That’s why their prices are on the higher end of the spectrum. 

1836 products are considered a premium, boutique-branded selection. They offer products in tins, bottles, and resealable mylar bags. However, each package is clearly labeled and comes with colors that matches with the product inside, making their products visually appealing, too.

If you are looking for premium-quality Kratom, 1836 is definitely a great choice for you. You can easily find their products at your local wellness store.

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Lab Test Report

1836 Kratom firmly believes that pure Kratom is a beautiful tea for everyone. They ensure the safety of their products through third-party lab testing for alkaloids, metals, and microbiology. The company also guarantees that their 100% pure kratom leaves are never adulterated. 

They carefully craft their in-house blends, and all primary ingredients are tested for pesticides. The company shows its commitment to quality products by listing the third-party product testing lab test reports of every batch on its website.

GMP and AKA Qualification

1836 Kratom is recognized by the American Kratom Association and Good Manufacturing Practices Qualified Kratom program. This indicates their commitment to maintaining industry standards of integrity and safety. Being recognized in this way, they tell their customers that 1836 is a trustworthy brand that ensures their Kratom-infused products are the best in quality and safe for every customer.

Customer Feedback on Social Sites

Customers show ratification about 1836 products and quality. However, some consumers also mention that their product prices are higher than what other brands charge. They understand that their products are good, AKA and GMP are qualified, but their prices make them think twice before buying. This mix of good reviews for quality and bad concerns about the cost shows that people like what they believe but also wish for affordable prices. 

1836 is Active on Social Media

1836 Kratom is socially active. They use platforms like Facebook and YouTube to connect with their community and talk more about their products. They post frequently to interact with their customer, answer their queries, and share valuable information about their products and the kratom industry. This frequent engagement reflects their dedication to maintaining communication and cultivating a supportive and informed customer base. 

Prices compared to other brands

1836 Kratom prices are higher as compared to other brands because they are producing a special, high-quality selection of Kratom strains. This unique approach means that they offer premium products. If we look at 1836 Kratom powder prices, you will get a small 1-ounce package at $11, which goes up to $161 for a sizeable 1-kilogram package. Their pricing reflects their commitment to quality and targeting customers looking for premium kratom strains. There will be no wrong to say that the 1836 pricing strategy is part of their brand identity, distinguishing them as a high-end kratom product in the market.

Do They Offer a Return-back Guarantee?

The 1836 Kratom vendor website has no information regarding their return guarantee. However, their website has a return policy. Customers need to mention the details and submit the form. It means that the company takes a review and then contacts the customer to solve their problem.

1836 Shipping and Payment Options?

If the customer wants to buy 1836 Kratom products online, then they need to first visit their website. When the customers click on the option to buy online, the 1836 website directly takes the customer to the “Crystal River Herbs” website, which delivers the Freshest and highest-quality 1836 Kratom products. 

They have a specific shipping policies due to the legal status of Kratom in various regions. They don’t ship internationally and in states of the US where Kratom is illegal. However, they accept multiple payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. 

Types of Kratom Strains 1836 Sell

1836 provides a unique range of kratom strains that include:

  • Atomic Maeng Da
  • Shangri La La
  • Green Means Go
  • Great White
  • Bali Gold
  • Texas Red
  • Indo Sunrise
  • Red Bali

1836 has a diverse range of Kratom products; some of the famous products are:

1- Kratom Powders: 

Kratom powders are popular because of their versatility. It can be used in teas, smoothies, and other beverages. Each strain offers unique effects, from energizing to relaxing. Texas Red Powder is their most selling product because of its soothing effects.

2- Kratom Capsules: 

Capsules are the most convenient way to do precise dosing. It eliminates the need to measure out the powder. Green Means Go capsules are their best-selling kratom capsules because of their balanced effects that provide energy and calmness. 

3- Kratom Extracts

Kratom extracts by 1836 are known for their high potency and quick action. These extracts are best for a more intense experience of Kratom. Electric Illumination tablets are notable for their high concentration and immediate effects, ideal for those needing fast relief. 

4- Specialty Blends

These are the unique blends with other natural ingredients provided by 1836 kratom. It offers a distinct and holistic approach to wellness and relaxation. Lazy Luau is their most notable product known for its unwinding effects. It also has the soothing properties of Kava kava and Ashwagandha with Kratom. 

Choose Qality with 1836 Kratom 

1836 Kratom is known for its high-quality, lab-tested products. However, it’s essential to know that their products are not approved by the FDA because they are not intended to cure and don’t work as medicines. Undoubtedly, 1836 provides quality products, making them a premium brand in the Kratom market. If you’re looking for good kratom strains with quality, then don’t mind paying a little more; 1836 is a great brand to choose from.



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