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What is Kratom?

The marshy jungles of Southeast Asia have been home to a herbal plant known as Kratom. The plant is harvested and used in traditional and herbal medicine for a variety of ailments. It might come as a surprise to many people that Kratom is in the same family as the coffee tree (Rubiaceae).

It is prepared and used in powdered, brewed and capsulated forms, although it can also be chewed fresh with the vein removed.

The active constituent of this herb was found to be an active alkaloid called mitragynine and some others including 7-hydroxymitragynine. Currently, around 4-5 million active users of Kratom exists which is proof of its popularity.

Kratom Legality

Unfortunately, Kratom has been subject to much-undeserved controversy. FDA and DEA have tried their level best to make Kratom an illegal substance and classify it the same as opiates of ‘High potential for abuse’.

These authorities fail to provide correct evidence about the benefits of Kratom. With the advent of the media, the misinformation related to Kratom has spread like wildfire giving it a somewhat undeserved notorious reputation.

While it is known that Kratom binds to the Kappa receptors of opioid, it is not at all included in the opium family, instead, it originates from the coffee family and is even less addictive than caffeine.

With the recent advocacy by American Kratom Association and many others, it is hoped that Kratom use will once again become free and legal instead of being labeled as a ‘drug of concern’.

Kratom Benefits

Some of the common maladies that are managed efficiently by Kratom are:

1. Dual Nature of Kratom: Kratom can act as a dual agent-either as a sedative or a stimulant depending upon its dosage, which can help treat insomnia or sleeplessness, and exhaustion or fatigue. A low to moderate dose may provide a shot of energy and alertness similar to the effects of caffeine, while a higher dose may provide sedative effects.

2. Analgesic: Perhaps the most useful benefit of Kratom is its role in the management of pain. It has given new life to people suffering from degenerative neural and chronic pain issues.

3. Depression, Anxiety, and Motivation: A monitored dose of Kratom can help elevate mood and energy levels which may have a significant effect in reducing feelings of depression and fatigue. Users suffering from mild to moderate anxiety also report calming feelings and an increase in motivation to lead a productive life.

4. Alleviate addiction: Kratom has a heroic role in helping opioid addicts help wean themselves away from harmful drugs. It acts on the same receptors without causing fatal side effects such as respiratory depression and death.

What Caution Should One Exercise Before Using Kratom?

Before starting the use of Kratom, two major factors should be kept in mind; the potency of each strain and your sensitivity to it. When starting a new batch of Kratom, it is suggested that the user first experiment with low doses of Kratom and observe what effects occur. This will bring more confidence to the user after which the doses can be increased accordingly up to the desired level of effects.

Some users report suffering from some adverse side effects such as diarrhea and vomiting, which may partly be due to a higher or intolerable level of dose.

Many users are hypersensitive to this natural product as well, in which cases they might experience a prolonged episode of vomiting and diarrhea.

Among some of the risks of using Kratom, using it in dosages meant to sedate while engaging in risky activities such as operating heavy machinery or driving may put your life in danger along with other experiences.

What is CBD oil?

Perhaps the status of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil might not be transparent with the controversy surrounded by Marijuana, from where CBD is derived from. With an increasing appeal in these products, it is mandatory to resolve the hazy status of CBD oil.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive compound responsible for offering the sensation of feeling ‘high,’ which is not present in CBD oil. While understanding this point may be as simple as performing a Google search; this fact remains to be missed.

CBD oil is made by deriving it from industrial hemp and the Cannabis Sativa plant and diluting it with carrier oils such as coconut. It has made a name for itself as a medicinal/recreational product, which acts as an aide to treat some common ailments without altering the mind and cognition.

Legal Status of CBD

Due to much of the unregulated use, CBD oil has different acceptance status in different states. The legality of CBD depends on the source it is derived from.

Marijuana-derived contains 30% THC, whereas hemp derived contains 0.3% THC. This is why Hemp derived is legal while Marijuana derived CBD oil enjoys different legal status in different states.

Some states allow CBD oil with a medical practitioner’s prescription, but the differing laws have created a kind of confusion.

The CBD awareness movement has started and progressed to clarify the status of this natural oil and let it remain free and legal.

Read legality of Cannabis here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legality_of_cannabis

CBD Oil Benefits & Side-Effects

Top Common Benefits:

Many scientific studies and literature have described the various uses of CBD oil although it should be kept in mind that it has a role only in treating common ailments. Quacks who claim that it can treat cancer are frauds and should be ignored as they encourage this natural product to have an infamous reputation.

Some of the benefits that should be brought in the limelight are:

1. Analgesic: CBD provides pain relief through a mechanism similar to the body’s natural endocannabinoid receptor activity. This improves pain tolerance without the usual psychoactive effects of marijuana.

2. Depression and Anxiety: CBD oil has shown hope to people suffering from mood disorders, without the side effects and potential for substance abuse offered by other pharmaceutical drugs such as Benzodiazepines.

3. Reduce Acne: Acne is a widespread condition responsible for destroying the self-esteem of many. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory and sebum control properties which help in treating acne.

4. Neuroprotective properties: Epilepsy and other neurological disorders have shown a reduction in progression by the use of CBD oil. This is the area which has demonstrated sufficient scientific evidence to drive higher authorities to recommend approval of CBD oil as a legal medication.

5. Substance Abuse Treatment: With the war against Narcotics underway, struggling at times and winning at times, drug abuse has become a common phenomenon. Even addicts themselves are trying their level best to let old habits die. CBD oil has shown some promise in animal studies by reducing morphine dependence and heroin-seeking behavior.

Any Side effects of CBD oil that one should know of?

While CBD oil has a dozen of benefits which would take quite a lengthy discussion to go over in detail, there are some side effects which should not be ignored. It is generally very well-tolerated in recommended dosages and is considered to be quite a safe product, but it has the potential to cause diarrhea, fatigue and appetite changes in some people.

Apart from these manageable side effects, it is essential to discuss its use with your doctor before starting it if you are on other pharmaceutical medications as it tends to cause drug interactions.