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In the last month, our knowledgeable team of cannabis professionals has reviewed the best CBD oils. We have tested 100+ brands and consumed 10,000mg of CBD to find that CBDPure and All PURCBD stand out as not only the best CBD oil but also the most affordable. We started our review process at the local cannabis stores, dispensaries, apothecaries, and then we familiarized ourselves with the online stores to learn about the different CBD products they displayed. With much thought, we picked the 12 best well-known brands and started researching the key factors that determine the difference between a truly excellent CBD oil and a mediocre one.

Four factors we have selected to test the best CBD products

Although the title of this article mentions ‘cheap’ CBD oil, don’t get trapped by companies that promote the fact they sell affordable or thrifty oils.

There are many factors that need to be considered when picking a CBD oil besides the price. You want a quality oil, that has been extracted properly, and offers the best CBD concentration per bottle. When purchasing CBD, you do not want to settle for less than premium. Our team has outlined four factors that are very important when choosing a CBD oil.

There are four key factors that directly affect the price of CBD oil and ensure the overall quality for the consumer who plans to use the product.

  1. Percentage of CBD Concentrate in a Bottle
  2. Ethical Consumerism + Organic Farming
  3. Type or Ingredients of CBD (Isolate, Full-Spectrum, Broad)
  4. Source of CBD (Hemp or Marijuana & Which Country /State)

Our team spoke one-on-one with many brand managers and through our extensive research, we found that various other factors also determine the price of CBD oil.

  • Smaller brands purchase small quantities because they do not have the business capital to support large or bulk ordering. Unfortunately, they might not score decent prices on raw materials. Also, small companies might not be able to benefit from contract manufacturing which means they face even higher labor costs.
  • Merchant processing is an expensive aspect that often costs six to 10 percent with five to 10 percent reserves, which might be a rolling reserve or a permanent.
  • Inventory carrying cost is another consideration. A store that has a lot of different items might have a fortune sitting in a warehouse but no space to market it. This means that they try to maximize what products they physically stock on their shelves.

2 key factors we have not considered

While reviewing the best CBD oil brands we did not consider two key factors:

  1. Lab testing of CBD oil
  2. The percentage of THC being less than 3 percent

The CBD industry remains unregulated, even by the US FDA. This has made third-party laboratory testing a current way for brands to denote purity and THC percentages. However, all the brands we reviewed are known for their quality products and they proudly offer their laboratory findings and THC percentages per product so there was no reason to consider those key factors in making our decision.

Through our extensive research, one thing that kept coming in our mind was “ethical consumerism,” or we choose only those CBD products that are ethically sourced without harming the humans, environment or animals. For examples, sustainable farming, carbon neutral, pesticides free, fair trade, no tests on animals and no nasty ingredients are a few examples of ethical consumerism.

By determining the “CBD concentrate” as a pricing factor, we classify the cheapest CBD oils with least prices/mg.

  • According to our research, the average price of CBD oil per mg is $0.1
  • $0.065 was the “lowest”, Select CBD and CBDPure price in a 30ml bottle
  • On the expensive side, you will find Nuvelio full spectrum CBD oil per mg at $0.2 followed by the Veritas Farms $0.16

Compare the best cheap CBD Oils

Brand Oil Type Bottle Size CBD Concentrate/Bottle Price/Bottle Price/mg


Buy CBD oil from CBDPure
Full Spectrum 60ml 600mg $79.99 $0.13

Verified CBD

Buy CBD oil from VerifiedCBD
Full Spectrum 30ml 750mg $63.95 $0.085

Bluebird Botanicals

Buy CBD oil from Bluebird Botanicals
Full + Broad Spectrum 30ml 250mg $24.95 $0.099


Buy CBD oil from PurCBD
Full Spectrum 30ml 250mg $39.99 $0.15

Nuleaf Naturals

Buy CBD oil from PurCBD
Full Spectrum 15ml 725mg $99.00 $0.13


Buy CBD oil from PhytoLogica
Full Spectrum 30ml 1000mg $98.00 $0.098

Select CBD

Buy CBD oil from Select CBD
CBD Tincture 30ml 1000mg $65.00 $0.065


Buy CBD oil from Nuvelio
Full Spectrum 30ml 300mg $59.99 $0.19

Veritas Farms

Buy CBD oil from Veritas Farms
Full Spectrum 30ml 250mg $39.99 $0.15


Buy CBD oil from Geovana
Broad Spectrum 30ml 1500mg $149.00 $0.099

Palm Organix

Buy CBD oil from Palm Organix
Full Spectrum 30ml 500mg $59.95 $0.11


Buy CBD oil from Endoca
Full Spectrum 10ml 1500mg $129.00 $0.086


Buy CBD oil from Proleve
Full Spectrum 30ml 500mg $35.00 $0.07

Every Day Optimal

Buy CBD oil from Every Day Optimal
Isolated CBD 30ml 600mg $69.99 $0.11

Joy Organics

Buy CBD oil from Joy Organics
Broad Spectrum 30ml 500mg $59.95 $0.11

Notable & Best CBD Oil Brands For Ethical Consumerism

top cbd oilsIt includes the assessment of company’s sourcing, packaging, marketing and giving it an overall ranking in terms of providing quality products. A company that does not believe in animal testing or does not contribute to pollution, will get a better ranking than a company that indulges in such practices. So, it may be true that ethical consumerism is judged based on social, environmental and governance ratings that show the commitment of a company to deliver the best to its customers.

The illusion of ‘organic’ CBD can be misleading. Many companies proclaim CBD is certified organic but there is no such certification in effect currently. CBD can be grown using organic practices, but it cannot be ‘certified.’

If you want a real trailblazer in the CBD marketplace then you are going to want to check out these top three brands. In the opinion of our leading team, these are the best brands selling CBD brands for their ethical business practices.


All the CBDPure oils are free or artificial ingredients. They are made using pure, full spectrum hemp oil that is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. The color of their CBD oil is a lovely golden yellow with no green tint, so you don’t have to worry about chlorophyll or plant material sullying the taste of the oil. They proudly use pure, safe, and eco-friendly CO2 extraction processing so you never have to worry about harsh solvents in their products.

Our team enjoyed the purity of this best CBD oil and the beautiful earthy aroma. It features a traditional hemp flavor. You can taste the nuances of the plant without the tart aftertaste.

Key Features:

  • Set Prices:  $29.99 for 100 mg, $54.99 for 300 mg, and $79.99 for 600 mg
  • Made in USA
  • CO2 Extraction
  • Manufactured from Hemp Grown in Denmark and Cultivated with Organic Practices
  • No artificial or synthetic ingredients

All PurCBD

PURcbd is a brand that tops our list of the best CBD oil in the country!

The hemp plant used to derive CBD is cultivated in the United States under careful supervision. The yield is 100% organic; therefore, the products at All PURcbd are not artificial and do not contain any harmful chemicals. The company ensures efficient processing and testing to bring the best products to users.

The color of the oil which we have tested was golden, and it worked well for sleep depravity, anxiety and stress. We enjoyed the premium quality to see good results, and we feel that this is the most significant proof of quality. From the farms to the shelves of shops, All PURcbd provides chemical-free, natural and effective CBD supplements in different shapes and sizes!

Palm Organix

Palm Organix has made a name for itself with premium CBD products. Our team assumed that since this brand was created by a group of New York natives who are known for their passionate stance on cannabis that we would not be disappointed in the PalmOrganix’s products. All the CBD oil that goes into their products is carefully extracted to ensure that all the terpenes and precious cannabinoids remain top-shelf. Their extraction artists believe that the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes boost the product’s effectiveness and our team agrees on that crucial point. All aspects of the cannabis plant offer miraculous benefits.

Key Features:

  • U.S.A. Processed
  • Non-GMO
  • Pesticide Free
  • Hemp Cultivated Outdoors with Natural Sunlight
  • Third Party Lab Testing
  • 10 Percent Discount for All Veterans and Active-Duty Soldiers

Joy Organics

The brand is a family business run by a wonderful lady named Joy Smith who is not only the founder of Joy’s Organics but also a proud wife, mom, and grandmother.

All the hemp used to create Joy Organics are organically farmed using 100 percent organic gardening processes. In addition, they are grown in Colorado’s nutrient-rich soil which is well known to develop superior cannabis plants.

After harvest, the hemp is processed using a specific proprietary extraction process that uses food grade ethanol to capture the abundant terpenes and cannabinoids to ensure a true full spectrum oil that is rich in phytocannabinoids. Joy Organics claims that their oil contains 112 cannabinoids plus the plant’s terpenes and flavonoids.

  • Price per mg of CBD = 0.12 calculated for 500mg in 30ml bottle

Key Features:

  • A Wide Array of best CBD Products
  • Impressive Quality Control
  • Extracted from Organically Grown Colorado Hemp
  • Pharmaceutical Grade CBD
  • Contains No THC
  • Boasts Terpenes, Flavonoids, and Cannabinoids
  • Ships to All States and Most Countries Around the World

Best Oil By CBD Concentration

best cbd oils listCBD oil is available in a range of concentrations. Reputable distributors list the amount of CBD on the label in mg ranges such as 250mg, 500mg, or 1,000mg. You should also check the concentration level of the CBD oil which should say 4 percent, 10 percent, or 20 percent CBD.

According to the calculations of our team, these are the three leading brands that offer the highest CBD concentrate in a bottle. This means that you are getting a lot more bang for the buck with these impressive formulas.

Verified CBD

From Miami, Florida you can find one of the finest and popular brand of CBD that sources the raw material from organic farms. The range of products at PURcbd is vast. The list includes capsules, oils, tinctures, lip balms, topical salves, and gummies.

The CBD comes from certified organic farms and is then processed into various products that ensure quality and results. The quality of all raw materials is what sets the standard of Verified CBD higher than other brands. All the hemp oil is tested at labs and only the best of the lot is used in making and delivering a variety of items to customers.

  • Their concentration ratio works out to 1500mg in 30ml bottle.

Key Features:

  • Organically grown hemp
  • Co2 Extraction
  • Beneficial Cannabinoids in a bottle
  • Provides third-party lab testing


The hemp that goes into Endoca CBD products is grown in Barcelona, Spain, and Switzerland in all-natural sunny fields. They use Co2 extraction to ensure further purity of their products. Endoca is proud to offer both raw and decarboxylated oils.

Our team was impressed with the full line of hemp oil products that you can purchase on their site. Here is just a small breakdown:

  • Suppositories
  • Decarboxylated Hemp Oil
  • CBD Crystals
  • Raw Hemp Oil
  • CBD Chewing Gum (Decarboxylated)
  • Raw Hemp Oil Capsules
  • Decarboxylated Hemp Oil Capsules

Their best raw CBD oil has only undergone straight Co2 processing with no further alterations, so it is a bit dark green and thick. However, their decarboxylated oils are a pleasing golden hue (as you would expect). The taste of their oil is a bit tart with an earthy undertone. The raw oil does contain plant particles.

  • Price per mg of CBD = 0.1 calculated for 300mg in 10ml bottle
  • Their concentration ratio works out to 300mg in 10ml bottle.

Key Features:

  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • Co2 Extraction
  • Offers both raw and decarboxylated oils
  • Provides third-party lab testing

NuLeaf Naturals

Our team fell in love with the purity and simplicity of the NuLeaf Natural CBD products.  All their products are extracted from specialized hemp that is grown in the Rocky Mountains. The plants are watered using all-natural spring water for optimum nourishment.  CBD extraction methods include impressive sub-critical and supercritical CO2 extraction which creates a truly outstanding full spectrum product.

  • Their concentration ratio works out to (725mg) in a (15ml bottle)
  • Price per mg of CBD = 0.079 calculated for 1000mg in 30ml bottle

Key Features:

  • Combination sub-critical and supercritical Co2 extraction
  • Organically grown hemp from the USA
  • Optimum purity on all CBD products

Best CBD Oil By Female Owned Brand


Geovana was originally tailored for the physical needs of women. They are the first to offer a broad-spectrum CBD to relieve menstrual cramping. In addition, they have marketed a PMS Relief Oil geared towards female menstrual cycle. They are offering a great range of non-THC CBD extract products blended with Primrose Oil, Organic Clary Sage, and Organic Cramp Bark Extract. They also have the first all-natural menopause relief CBD Capsules.

Our team marveled at the innovative concepts of Geovana and their dedication towards organic purity. All their best hemp oils grown organically in the mountainous landscape of Colorado.

Best CBD Oil Brands According to Source of CBD (Hemp or Marijuana)

For this evaluation, our team selected CBD brands that use only industrialized hemp instead of marijuana because according to the laws in America, only CBD extracted from hemp can be sold in all 50 states. Currently, only eight states allow the sale of CBD pulled from marijuana without a medical marijuana card.

Companies in the United States can source their CBD from hemp grown in Europe or China, but they must prove that the oil contains less than 0.3 percent THC and has been acquired from hemp and not marijuana.

Every Day Optimal

The Pure CBD drops are popular among people due to the purity and high quality of CBD. Every Day Optimal is a Colorado based company that aims at developing products using both science and nature. Hemp-derived CBD is their primary ‘ingredient’ and so far, they have raving reviews from customers and the booming sales of the products.

Every Day Optimal uses hemp that is cultivated organically and formulated in US. Using the best extraction method, good quality CBD is packaged in different products and brought to you at your doorstep! You can also find the lab test results for Premium Jane products on the website. You will see that all products are tested to your satisfaction.

bluebird botanicals cbd

Bluebird Botanicals

Without a doubt, our team was moved by the caring and heart that goes into Bluebird Botanicals. The owners and creators of the brand genuinely care about their customers.  They offer generous (25 to 40 percent) discounts to veterans, disabled, and low-income individuals. In addition, they foster remarkably close relationships with the farmers who grow their hemp.  When we studied their website, we were impressed with the Certificates of Analysis that was clearly displayed on every product.

  • Price per mg of CBD = 0.12 calculated for 250mg in 30ml bottle

Key Features:

  • They formulated their oils from Germany, Switzerland, and Kentucky, USA hemp.
  • They offer third-party contaminate testing.
  • They pack all their products in biodegradable corn starch peanuts and use only 100 percent recycled papers.
  • Offer huge discounts of 25 to 40 percent to low income, disabled and veterans.

Best Full Spectrum CBD Oils

Veritas Farms

Veritas Farms best full spectrum CBD oil has been infused with organic MCT oil to make them highly palatable. Our team was extremely impressed with the taste. The CBD products have no tart after-taste and are surprisingly smooth. You consume the Veritas Farms full spectrum CBD Hemp oil orally. It’s true, you can purchase other CBD oils that are infused with MCT oil, but these stand out from the crowd. The oils are extracted using Co2 processing for optimum purity. This CBD is gathered using the flowers and leaves of the plant and not the hemp seeds (many CBD products only use hemp seeds which are not as optimum).

The ability of the marijuana strain to halt the seizures made the medical community sit up and take notice of CBD and its innumerable benefits. This line of best CBD hemp oils does not disappoint. The Veritas Farms know and understand CBD so you can truly expect a premium product when you purchase their hemp oil.

The best CBD oils in this line taste fantastic and smell robust. They appear a lovely golden hue so lack any strong chlorophyll tang that you find with other brands. Although a little pricy compared to others on this list, you are receiving a pleasant-tasting CBD product that is exceptionally potent.

Benefits of the company include:

  • Full spectrum CBD oil
  • Mixed with extra MCT, Stevia, Essential oil
  • The hemp is gathered from family farms in Colorado

Scientifically Formulated – Nuvelio Full Spectrum CBD

Nuvelio CBD has a golden yellow color that says a lot about the quality of the hemp. Numerous brands offer CBD oil ranging from off-white to brown color. This physical property denotes the number of processing cycles. The spearmint flavor of Nuvelio full spectrum CBD oil drops is also an indicator of its premium quality that starts in the fields of Colorado and ends with the right industrial processing! We would like to suggest this full spectrum to anyone just because it is scientifically formulated, and you will find the one that suits best.

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