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Zona Kratom
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It’s been a long time since the vendors have started selling Kratom online. It is an evergreen plant that belongs to the coffee family and caters to multiple purposes in health problems.

Here we have managed to gather as much information as possible about a Kratom selling site named Zona Kratom to enlighten you about how they work and are they even worth trying? So, let’s get started.

About Zona Kratom

Zona Kratom is an Indonesian Kratom supplier. They’re intended to make a remarkable change in the world by providing natural medicines. By natural, their motive is to use herbs as the core ingredients.

The owner of the brand is based on Borneo Island and passionate about providing immune boosting and peerless quality medicines.

He believes that there have been different herbs that were used as secret ingredients.

The reasons were to cure the loved ones, but now it is the need of the hour and he has to do something for the world.

Key Features

Moving towards the actual review, there’ll be an analysis of all the details and you will have a vivid picture of whether to go for this brand or not. The features that will be discussed in this review are as follows:

  • Price comparison
  • Best products
  • Shipping procedure and tenure
  • Customer reviews
  • Lab test report
  • GMP Qualified or not
  • Social media availability
  • Claims
  • Live chat facility

These are the main features that will be discussed.

Lab Test Report

Authenticity should always be the top most priority in purchasing anything. Kratom is not a thing that can be purchased without having a lab test report.

Zona Kratom tests all their products from the third party’s lab and you can request them for a test of the recent batch by emailing it.

Best Products

Zona Kratom has labeled its best products as “best sellers” on their site. Which are;

  • Red, White and Green Maeng Da
  • Red Bali

Customers have loved these four products and marked as the best ones.

Social Media Availability

The brand has its personal site and besides that, they are also available on Facebook.

They have provided all the relevant information on the site. If someone is not convenient in using that so they can collect information through Facebook also.

Price Comparison

The prices of Zona Kratom are normal as compared to the other sites. For instance, the price of 1 Kilo Gold Maeng Da is $90 at Zona Kratom whereas it is $95 to $120 on other sites.

They usually have sales going on so $90 will be the rate in which you will get the desired Kratom.

Shipping Procedure and Tenure

As we all know that the hassle of market going isn’t a thing of 21st century’s people so they prefer to shop online.

Zona Kratom caters the service of home delivery also for its customers.

It takes 3 to 14 days to get the parcel as it depends on your location and how far you are from Borneo Island.

Live Chat Facility

Live chat is always a plus point for the sellers as the customer wants a prompt reply to their query.

This facility is not available at Zona Kratom yet. But, they have an option of a direct approach to them through email at the site. You can contact there to know more.


They haven’t made any false claims on their site and have clearly mentioned that this is the place to get online Kratom from. Besides that, they have written that the best place to buy Kratom.

This means that they have received an amazing response from the clients, that is why they are claiming it so confidently.

Return Back Guarantee

The return back guarantee is a very promising claim for the customers. Zona Kratom has not mentioned it anywhere on their site whether they have any return policy or not.

If you want to know this then the only way is to email them or message them on Facebook.

GMP Qualified or Not

Good manufacturing practice commonly known as GMP is a system that ensures quality and quantity.

One cannot take any risk in the pharmaceuticals, so this system decreases the chances of any negativity in the product. It is really important to ensure customers about this. But, it is again a missing aspect of their information.

However, the most convenient way to get answers to a query is there at the site. It is the email access, so you can ask them about the qualification there as per your concern.

Customers Review

If you don’t see any reviews on a site, don’t go for it. A brand will only be conscious to upload reviews on their site when they are fake or provide low-quality products.

Zona Kratom possesses a great number of reviews from the customers. Most of them are YouTubers.

We all know how Youtubers and influencers have sorted out our lives by giving unpaid and unbiased reviews.

They also have a section named “Testimony” on their site. It includes more reviews from the clients and it gives a nice impression to the buyers. More reviews are the core strength of Zona Kratom.

Call To Action

.Zona Kratom has been doing great as per the reviews and they also provide a good discount on sales. There are some factors that they need to focus on.

First, there should be a live chat option so the communication will be easier.

Secondly, customers always look for authenticity so there should be a lab report and GMP certificate confirmation on the site.

Last, but not the least, they have not mentioned anything about them on their site so there should be a section for that also. All the information about them is on their Facebook page.

Usually, people don’t have access to Facebook. So, it will be better to have it on the website.

All in all, Zona Kratom is a reasonable site to try out at least once and see if they actually provide quality in such rates and trustworthy claims.



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