5 Best CBD Salves For Dry Skin

CBD salve is a topical ointment that contains the essential cannabinoids of the hemp plant, along with Cannabidiol (CBD). These salves are different from other topical solutions with CBD as they focus on healing the skin.

Skincare and anti-aging cosmetics have always been popular products for adults all over the world. Imagine a natural substance that can help rejuvenate the skin and improve quality without any side effects-CBD was welcomed with applause due to an excellent impact on skin and without the help of laboratory-made cosmetics.

As research on CBD continues to increase, many CBD products and brands have taken over the market. Aesthetics and cosmetic products like CBD salves have become a favorite for people who seek natural and effective ways to improve their skin.

CBD salves are topical creams that replenish the skin. This topical use of CBD is as useful as ingesting as it penetrates skin layers and works on the damaged skin cells. CBD salves are not only effective but a short way towards glowing, healthy skin.

CBD, Cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Manufacturers pick the best hemp plants for processing and producing quality CBD products to create skin products that are taking the cosmetic industry up for a challenge!

The green, natural, and fresh hemp plants from all-natural farms in Colorado and other central states are turned into products that help users improve skin quality without any chemicals.

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How do CBD Topical Salve works?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in abundance in the hemp plant, you know this already, and we have said it before! However, did you know that CBD works for skin in many magical ways?

You can rely on a CBD topical cream to heal your skin layers so that it is healthy and youthful from within. All skin problems are related to our health.

Dry, colorless skin can be due to stress, lack of sleep, and a bad diet. Similarly, too much nicotine, caffeine, and unhealthy eating habits can cause acne, scars, and dark patches.

When you apply CBD creams or lotions, the skin is healed from the deepest layer. The CBD in the cream improves organ function making your skin, fresh and radiant.

We all know that CBD is an excellent natural alternative of medicine for pain relief, migraines, inflammation, and other health issues. Skin is also a body organ, and when CBD improves its function, you can see the effects in the mirror! If you didn’t, then read on, and you will be enlightened!

CBD has numerous health benefits, and people of all ages can rely on this organic substance. Here are some benefits of CBD for your skin.

Cannabis entered the beauty market when the states decided to legalize cannabis due to its numerous benefits. From pain relief to better skin, the cannabinoids work well for individuals who seek natural alternatives to creams and salves made in the laboratory!

Regardless of what causes dry skin, it is not easy to manage dryness. If you also have dry skin, these benefits will make you want to try out CBD today!

  • CBD Topical salve helps reduce itchiness and toughness.
  • Cannabinoid helps soothe agitated skin cells, regulating the oil balance in the skin.
  • CBD does not moisturize the skin. In fact, it corrects dryness from within. 
  • Combination skin evens out with CBD creams and lotions.
  • CBD salves can help in reducing dry patches by evening out the skin. 

CBD Salves: The best in the market

If you want blemish-free skin, make sure you buy an excellent CBD salve that can be a part of your skin routine every day! Here are a few products that you will love:

1. Sisters of the Valley – CBD Salve

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Every cream containing CBD is the right choice as it works on the skin tissue to give you an improved look every day! CBD Salve provided by Sisters of the valley is a wonder cream for all those who have no time to follow mundane, extended skin routines!

Just pat the cream on your face and neck and sleep. You will see a glowing complexion and healthy skin without any dry patches. CBD improves skin from within, reducing signs of fatigue and aging.

2. 1937 Wellness CBD Comfort Cream

1937 Wellness CBD Comfort Cream

There are many ways to use CBD, but if you are looking for skin conditioning and skin benefits, topical creams and lotions are the way to go! Wellness CBD Comfort cream has 1,000 milligrams of CBD in the 8-ounce jar.

Once you open the vacuum-packed, sealed jar, you can start using this CBD cream enriched with jojoba oil, peppermint oil, and camphor oil. The cooling effect on the skin is soothing, while CBD corrects your skin imbalances and makes it soft and supple. 

If you want to avoid THC, here is an excellent choice for you as Wellness CBD Comfort does not contain any THC, which is associated with the ‘high’ feeling.

3. Cannuka CBD Skin Balm

Cannuka CBD Skin Balm

For all people with dry skin, the low-CBD balm is refreshing and very useful. Many users have shared their experience with Cannuka as ‘one of the most effective balms for dry skin,’ You will agree! You can use it at night so that CBD works on skin cells all night long, healing and improving it significantly. 

4. Kiskanu Hemp Face Oil

Kiskanu Hemp Face Oil

After elaborate third-party testing and enriched with CBD’s goodness, Kiskanu oil is an excellent way to rest your skin and give it the ‘vacation’ it needs! When stress takes you down, apply this oil, and massage it in to make your skin recover from the cruelties of the sun and atmospheric impurities. You will see your skin better than ever with continuous use of the Kiskanu Hemp Oil for face and neck. 

5. Taylor & Tess – The nightcap facial moisturizer

Taylor & Tess - The nightcap facial moisturizer

Enriched with antioxidants and Vitamin C, the nightcap moisturizer is your best bet if you are a senior. The big boost of vitamins and CBD’s healing impact makes this moisturizer a perfect pick for dry skin people.

You will feel the skin tissue tightening, and consequently, your face will glow. People with dry skin know what it is like when your skin does not shine or when it hurts to smile because you cannot endure the pain of stretching your skin!

Taylor & Tess is an ideal product for dry skin of all ages! Try it out!

How to choose the right CBD Salves?

The right CBD salve is the one that contains the best quality CBD from healthy and natural hemp plants. There are hemp farms in Colorado and other states in the United States, where expert farmers cultivate healthy plants without using fertilizers and pesticides.

The best hemp plants are used for CBD extraction through the most efficient CO2 Extraction method. When you buy a CBD salve, make sure that the manufacturer specifies the source of hemp.

Any good CBD salve will have the following qualities:

• Healthy hemp plant as a source of CBD.

• CO2 Extraction method: This method ensures that all the cannabinoids are received from the plant so that the end product is potent and has the ability to improve health conditions. CO2 extracted hemp oils are full-spectrum, which means that the number of cannabinoids in the oil is more significant, each giving the oil added benefits.

• Organic ingredients and additives such as collagen, argan oil, vitamin C, and essential oils with CBD are a beneficial mix. If you find a product that suggests CBD products with inorganic substances or chemicals that can be harmful to the skin in the long run. CBD products must be of quality, and you must be able to recognize that! 

When you buy CBD, it is in a carrier oil, which can be any essential oil. Make sure that the carrier oil is also worthy of the price you are paying!

• Is the product Full-Spectrum, Isolate, or Broad-Spectrum? As we mentioned earlier, Full-spectrum is best as it has a full range of essential components. 

• CBD, THC, and terpenes: If your CBD product is from whole-hemp, it contains a full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. These components are not just right for the body but can do wonders for your skin! 

• Packaging of all CBD products must be GMP compliant, ensuring freshness and potency of the creams or salves. 

Is CBD legal?

CBD has created huge waves in the United States as people have discovered its benefits backed by scientific research.

In 2020, CBD is legal all over the United States, except for a few states that do not allow recreational use of hemp oil or cannabis. However, CBD products for medicinal purposes are acknowledged all over the country.

Like hemp oil containing Cannabidiol, it also contains Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, which has a sedative or euphoric impact. The FDA restricts THC use, and it is declared that the CBD product must have 0.3% THC to avoid any sedation.

On a federal level, CBD is allowed all over the country, but every state may have its laws. Cannabis laws are always shifting in the states, but even so, medical use of CBD is allowed. 

In the past, hemp oil, cannabis, and CBD extracts were restricted during the last two decades. Previously, hemp was grown and used by early Americans.

Industrial hemp was not only sold for recreational purposes of getting high but was recognized for its medicinal properties also. Then in 1937, it was criminalized, and this status remained for almost seven decades!

In 2014, Congress passed the Farm Bill, allowing cultivation of hemp, and from there on, we have seen the legalization of this organic substance that has helped many people improve their lifestyle.

In 2020, CBD is legal all over the United States, but the THC limit of 0.3% applies to all quality products. However, recreational use is restricted in many states. 

Side effects of CBD?

When users say CBD, they usually refer to the hemp plant extract that includes THC as well. The cannabinoid CBD does not have any adverse effects on users. However, if you talk about hemp oil with THC, it may have a slight impact on users as it causes a ‘high’ feeling that many people want to avoid.

All quality CBD products contain only 0.3% THC, which does not cause any euphoria or sedation. Therefore, it may be safe to say that you will not experience any unwanted side effects when buying a good quality CBD product. 

Last Thoughts

CBD products entered the beauty industry with a loud bang. These products are a great way to improve skin quality and get rid of dryness from the basal level! Without over-moisturizing the skin, you can attain a supple and fresh look with CBD salves. We ranked five best CBD salves for dry skin so users can purchase the best from the market!

Before you start using CBD, learn a little about its status in your locality. CBD products are legal and available at numerous shops, so choose one that has the best quality! You can have the skin you always dreamed of, with nature’s goodness without any side effects!



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