First Choice Kratom Review: Is This The Right Choice?

In 2017, 2.2% of the participants of a global survey said they use kratom. And if you’re one of those people, there are some tough choices you often need to make when buying kratom. Which vendor to trust? Which strain to use? Which form of kratom to buy?

And let’s face it, the toughest of these choices is vendor selection. I mean, who doesn’t want to get the best value out of the money they spend? Keeping in view all these questions, I collected as much information as possible about an online kratom vendor called First Choice Kratom.

This article will hopefully ease your pangs of anxiety when it comes to vendor selection. Let’s get started!

Products at First Choice Kratom

Unlike some other vendors, First Choice Kratom sells kratom only — you’ll not find CBD or ethnobotanical products at the company’s website.

About kratom, the company sells all major strains — green, white, red, and yellow.

In the green category, you’ll find quite some variety. Some of the products available include green Malay, green Bali, green Jong Kong, and green Vietnam. There is a total of 7 different products available in this strain. The white strain also has seven products. Some of these are white Bali, white Sumatra, and White Maeng Da.

In the red strain, however, you’ll find fewer products. Examples include red Bali and red Borneo. And finally, in the yellow category, only two products are available — Super Yellow and yellow Maeng Da.

The company sells kratom in powdered form only. This means that if you prefer taking kratom in the form of tea (using leaves) or through capsules, you’ll have to find another vendor. Also, the company doesn’t sell enhanced kratom extracts and blends. According to its website, companies that sell enhanced kratom often use additives. This makes the kratom contaminated and may cause people to become dependent on it.

Ideally, if you want to try different kratom strains without spending too much, you’d buy a variety pack. Unfortunately, First Choice Kratom also doesn’t offer variety packs. If you want to try different strains, you’ll have to buy them individually or switch to another vendor.

Therefore, you’ll only find kratom in its purest form at First Choice Kratom.  

Is First Choice Kratom safe?

The company claims to follow good manufacturing processes. It bolsters its good and direct relationships with experienced kratom farmers, and this ensures that the farmers produce kratom by following proper harvesting and drying procedures.

The company also claims to lab-test its products. However, I couldn’t find any lab test results on the company’s website. A lot of kratom vendors upload these results on their websites. In the case of First Choice Kratom, you’ll have to take their word for it.

But here’s the awful news. The company is not AKA GMP verified. AKA GMP validated vendors follow proper and standardized kratom manufacturing processes set by the American Kratom Association. So while First Choice Kratom claims to follow good manufacturing processes, we can never be sure of it unless they become AKA GMP verified.

What do customers think about the company?

And here’s the good news. Customer feedback about the company is excellent. It has 121 reviews on Google with a 5-star rating. Now that is something.

Customer reviews about the company praise all aspects of it — from excellent customer service to economical prices to high-quality products. And since these are Google reviews, we can be almost sure that they are authentic.

The company also maintains Facebook and Instagram presence, and if you want to get in touch with some existing customers — to get first-hand feedback — these platforms are a great place to do that.

Therefore, you can expect high-quality products from the company even though it’s not AKA GMP verified.

How are the First Choice Kratom’s products priced?

Customers think First Choice Kratom is cheap, and so do I. For example, you can get 1 oz of red Bali powder for $16.99 at PurKratom. First Choice Kratom sells the same product for less than half the price — at $8!

However, I always say you should compare prices keeping in mind the quality of the products. Does that mean First Choice’s kratom is low-quality? Absolutely not. According to the customer reviews, the company provides great value for the price. Therefore, if you shop at First Choice Kratom, you can expect high-quality kratom at low prices.

What payment and shipping options does the company offer?


Payment options vary according to the state you’re in. There are two basic options — credit card and money order. 

However, when you check out at the website, the only option available to you will be a credit card. You’ll have to email the company if you wish to pay through a money order. And if you’re wondering if your credit card information is secure, it is. The connection between you and the website is 128-bit encrypted, and the site is PCI compliant. 


The company ships through USPS, and since it doesn’t mention any shipping policies regarding outside the US, I’ll assume it only ships within the US.

However, there are certain states/areas the company will not ship to like Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington DC, Wisconsin, the cities of San Diego, or Oceancity in California, the city of Jerseyville in Illinois, the Ontario in Oregon, Sarasota County in Florida, or Union County in Mississippi.

Please keep in mind that local laws keep changing, so it’s always a good idea to check them before ordering from any vendor.

Unfortunately, there is no free shipping, and shipping costs vary according to your order weight. Orders between 1 oz and 4 oz will cost you $5, between 5 oz and 16 oz, $13, and between 17 oz to 1 kg, $20. The company also doesn’t allow you to choose a shipping category, which affects the time it takes your order to reach you. All orders are shipped through USPS Priority Mail. 

Also, there is no option for same-day shipping.

What is the company’s return policy?

There is none. And this is a real bummer. Almost all kratom vendors offer return or exchange offers in case customers don’t like their products. On First Choice Kratom’s website, there is no mention of a return policy. Maybe they are too confident about their products.

However, it is always a good idea to contact the company through email or phone if you don’t like your order. Companies want to retain their customers and might accommodate a return for you even though they don’t have a policy.

What are the company’s best-sellers?

There are four. These are Super Green, Super White, Super Red, and Super Yellow kratom.

Super Green Kratom

Green strains are said to boost energy and provide relief from pain. You can get 1 oz of Super Green kratom for $8 and 1 kg for $130.

Super White Kratom

The Super White Kratom also priced at $8 for an oz and $130 for a kg. White strains are said to be generally less stimulating than other types. If you’re looking for relief from anxiety or a general feeling of calmness, you might want to try out this product.

Super Red Kratom

Then, if you’re fed up with chronic pain, you should try Super Red Kratom. Red strains are said to have the best pain-relieving effects. The price is the same as the other three best-sellers, $8 for an oz, and $130 for a kg.

Super Yellow Kratom

And finally, if you’re looking for an energy boost but don’t want to try the green strain, you can try the yellow one. Super Yellow Kratom is also priced at $8 for an oz and $130 for a kg. Yellow strains are said to induce feelings of energy and euphoria while alleviating anxiety and malaise.


Here’s a quick list of the pros and cons of buying from First Choice Kratom to clarify any confusion that you might have. It’ll hopefully give you a solid foundation to base your buying decisions on.


  • Excellent customer reviews — so you’ll probably receive high-quality kratom
  • Inexpensive
  • Great variety of kratom strains
  • Lab-tested products


  • Not AKA GMP verified
  • No free and same-day shipping
  • No return policy mentioned on the website
  • Only powdered kratom — no capsules, leaves, blends, or extracts
  • No shipping outside the USA

Final Thoughts

I think First Choice Kratom is an excellent option if you’re new to kratom. This is because the company doesn’t offer enhanced versions of kratom — which can induce kratom dependence — and the prices are great.

Plus, the customer reviews are positive, so you’ll get great value for what you pay.

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