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Kratom reviews are hard to believe since any research does not back them. The health authorities have called kratom harmful many times, and since there is little study, people look forward to recommendations from regular users.

The kratom plant is Southeast Asian that is known for its efficacy as a pain killer and anti-depressant.

The efficacy of this plant is evident by the reaction of giant pharmaceuticals that do not want it to become famous!

It was introduced in the United States many years ago, and since the early 2000s, there have been a lot of adverse reviews about it. Amidst all the negative publicity, where can one find the best kratom suppliers, and what are the ways to understand the quality of kratom?

Reviews come in handy because users are the best source of authentic information about a product. The FDA does not recognize kratom, and this has caused several vendors to rely on paid reviews to authenticate their products and prove their efficacy.

As much as we have experienced, kratom does not need any false reviews as it is a natural substance that provides an easy withdrawal from opiate usage.

Amidst all the fake publicity, potential users must be able to find authentic kratom reviews to find the product that is best for them.

How to know if a review is fake?

The Internet is a great place to find out about any substance or health supplement, but a lot of the material available may be fake. Whenever we buy anything, user reviews contribute significantly to our decision.

We all search for those five stars to feel good about our purchase.

Finding bogus or fake kratom reviews is common; therefore, the potential buyer must be cautious in finding the right review.

It will help us understand the pros and cons of any product, especially when it is as controversial or made to sound notorious like kratom!

Here are a few tips to spot a false Kratom review.

  • Details are not included

The first indicator of a false or bogus review is that it will be all sweet talk and hardly any real information will be present. It is difficult to present facts when there is no experience.

Hence all fake kratom reviews will be about the goodness of the substance and will hardly describe any real event such as color details, packing information, ethical consumerism of the vendor, and many other factors.

  • Personal talk rather than product information

The fake reviews are always more about the poster’s experience rather than the product. For example, a bogus report might start with a personal health problem and then jumping on to trying the particular brand of kratom.

The reviewer always makes it sound as if it was just a problem and then an instant solution, and during all this, the focus unconsciously remains on the person and not the product!

  • Number of stars

A real reviewer will always be moderate. All the one-star and five-star reviews are usually bogus as they have an extremely good or bad first-time experience of kratom.

Kratom is a potent natural substance that acts within a few hours. Some kratom types are slow while others work quick, and users feel stimulated within a few hours of use.

If the false review is written to prove that the kratom was quick and the user instantly felt better, it is wrong!

Usually, the people who try it for the first time don’t give a review immediately. You must look for a person who has used kratom several times.

A kratom review is, of course, more authentic, coming from a regular user as they will not exaggerate their experiences. With time, they lose the excitement that new users possess. Several factors make the overall experience a four, or three-star review!

  • Timing of reviews

Many times you will notice that users post reviews around the same time. That can be a marker for false reports too! Paid reviewers will always post their work on a website at few minutes interval during each review.

This human error can be caught by other potential users who know how the paid reviewers might behave! Never follow an extremely good or bad review as it may be to break the monotony, however, lacks conviction.

  • Short and vague

You can imagine yourself in a situation where you have to describe a product that you haven’t used. What will you say about it? You will, of course, concentrate on the obvious.

For example, if it is a shampoo that you have to talk about, you can mention the bottle, the fantastic results, and why you tried a new product for your hair. However, you might not be able to specify the scent or color or even the effect on your hair! You might not even know if there was shampoo in the same bottle but for a different hair type! This lack of information is due to the reviewer’s exposure to that product.

Similarly, if a user says she or he was in pain and used kratom and felt terrific, you will observe the absence of details such as various types of kratom, color, taste, aroma or even the texture of the powdered plant!

Once you have determined that a review is real, there are a few things to find out. Which kratom type will suit my health condition?

How much kratom is acceptable for the first dose? What kind of effects does each kratom type have?

Tips for finding useful Kratom reviews

Now that we know how to find a bogus or fake review, let’s see what a helpful review must highlight for potential users.

Kratom reviews are already a tricky topic since there is not much research on the organic substance. The reviews of users provide an insight into the plant’s effects on our body and mind.

FDA does not approve kratom usage and has not accepted it as a medicinal substance. This status of kratom resulted in less research and laboratory work, which usually helps users decide whether a drug or pharmaceutical medicine is suitable for them or not.

Kratom reviews are probably more critical since potential users can rely on the experience of regular users to understand which product to use and why.

  • Descriptive and detailed

A review explaining a health condition that compelled the reviewer to use kratom may help new users to understand whether they need to try the kratom products or not.

Similarly, if the review clears the type of kratom that was most suitable, it becomes more helpful. The more detail of the experience is given, the new user will feel more content.

For example, if a review mentions that for chronic pain and lack of sleep she or he bought Red Bali Kratom, which was easy to use; the new user will be able to decide whether this type of kratom is the one for them.

Moreover, if the review clears how much time it took and how the kratom was stimulating or sedating, it will make the reader understand the effects of Red Bali Kratom.

  • About the product and not the reviewer

When you want a friend to know your experience, you will remain focused on the product and not yourself! You will attempt to give all the information out in the most helpful way. This quality is what you look for in an impactful review as well!

Negative reviews are not bad at all Many potential users look for bad kratom reviews of a product as that helps them understand the kratom side effects. These reviews may clarify that dosage and a moderate amount of kratom is best for any new user.

Similarly, a bad review can explain what to do and what to avoid to get the desired effect of kratom.

Find Real Kratom Reviews By GuidancePA Team

We don’t charge anything for writing a review of Kratom brand or their products. We only review brands that send us Kratom strains to taste, and we make sure these are purity tested. We simply don’t write a review of any product that is mixed with other psychoactive substances.

If you are any Kratom vendor and want us to review one of more of your strains, you can reach us through email or contact us page.

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  1. Ok, my review is about me and how the product works for me, but I promise you it is not bogus. I have experienced real pain relief. I know that it is short. I don’t want to lie.

    I want people to know I’ve been taking it for a month and a week. It alleviates my pain. It also helps my chronic fatigue. Part of that is because of the pain relief I’m sure.

    I can only say that I tried Maeng Da Red first and it works, so I haven’t varied. I don’t care about the packaging and look and dosage info. I don’t take too much, and I feel better.

    I’m not taking Ibuprofen Aleve and Tylenol In way to considerable amounts, so that is what I say. If you think it’s a fake review that’s up to you. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I see no reason whatsoever to lie about it.

    Why would I say it works if it doesn’t. I’m not trying to sell it. I’m just giving my story, which is the psychologist who knows so much about fake reviews.

    I guess I’m naive, but I can’t figure out why I wouldn’t give my honest opinion unless I were selling it or trying to help someone sell it. Is that something that people do?


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