SoCal Herbal Remedies Review And Guide About Excellent Services

SoCal herbal remedies is a Kratom brand that was launched about three years ago with an aim to provide superior quality Kratom products to the consumers.

They have a website where customers have easy access and can purchase any Kratom product of their own choice.

SoCal herbal remedies is a family owned business in California. They are known for selling good quality natural products at the lowest prices. It is the supply of high-quality organic products that have earned them customers and their daily income is around $ 24.00.

Other than Kratom, SoCal herbal remedies also sell other herbal products, herbal teas, teas, kava, essential oils, handcrafted herbal soaps, and apparels.

The reason for their popularity is the quality of their strains. Their customers are confident that their strains are very effective in pain relief.

SoCal herbal remedies can be rightly said the most affordable Kratom vendor in the market. Customers can get their desired Kratom products at very low prices.

Instead of buying the same product at a high price from other vendors, you can easily that product from them at reasonable prices. Their products are packed in safe polythene bags and glass bottles that prevents the products from getting spoiled and prevents them against any external damage.

You can easily order the products of your own choice from their website which is quite easy to browse. They have properly categorized their offered products in a list. This makes them convenient for customers.

Their website and products are, and they are reliable because they secure all the information of the customers, once they make a purchase.

SoCal herbal remedies can be distinguished from other Kratom vendors in the sense that they hire people that have traditional knowledge about the botanical and natural products. This helps them maintain the freshness and authenticity of their products.

What Are They Striving For?

From the past few years, SoCal herbal remedies is striving to provide affordable and high-quality products, with proper freshness. They are doing this by their efficient fast services. Their efficacy is well appreciated by their regular customers. They sell top quality products.

Their customers claim that they always get the products that they actually pay for. To make sure that their customers get fresh products, SoCal herbal remedies provide a list of the batch date of their so that customers get the idea how new their products are.

How Good Is Their Shipping?

SoCal herbal remedies have an efficient shipping system with same day shipping of the orders that are placed before 3 pm.

All the domestic orders are shipped for $7.50 via FedEx 2 Day Express. You can track your orders as well. Orders shipped to a PO Box are shipped via USPS Priority.

One of the good things about their shipping is that they also offer shipping on Saturday as well with cut off time of 10 am.

For any queries regarding your order, you can contact them via email. If your local post office loses any of your packages, SoCal herbal remedies promise to reship your lost products.

Discounts And Deals

SoCal herbal remedies already have a low range of prices but still, they offer discounts occasionally. Coupon codes are often posted on their website that allows them to save 25% on their all products.

Hot Sellers

SoCal herbal remedies review

SoCal herbal remedies have made purchasing Kratom products easier with their efficient shipping and low prices. Their products also work efficiently as mood enhancers. They have great anti-depressant properties.

Their products are extremely potent and help to relax within minutes of intake. Their products are very effective in pain management and well trusted by the customers. Some of their hot selling products are:

1) Red Maeng Da

This product is known for its energy boosting and pain relieving effects. Its positive effects last up to 6-7 hours. It is also helpful against muscles pain and stiffness. It also helps in the active movement of the body. One of the good things about this product is that it has mood enhancement properties.

2) Chocolate Red Bentuangie

Chocolate Red Bentuangieis the unique product of SoCal herbal remedies that is not offered by other Kratom vendors. This product is ideal for the people who suffer from bipolar disease or who often experience mood swings.

Like all other reds, this strain also has soothing and pain relieving properties. It is also taken as a mood enhancer. The good thing about this particular product is that it does not have side effects like drowsiness.

3) Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom

Green Hulu Kapuas is an ideal product that helps against fatigue and provides pain relief. It is very potent, and its effects last up to three hours.

People consuming it might face some side effects. Depending upon the tolerance level of a person, it causes drowsiness and nausea that might last up to five hours.

4) Green Vietnam Kratom

Green Vietnam Kratom is an effective product against arthritis offered by SoCal herbal remedies. 4 gram of its dosage is effective against pain and arthritis, and its effects last up to four hours. It is a great energy booster and a powerful mood enhancer.

It is an ideal strain for the people with a medical condition as it helps to relive the body pain. It is very easy to consume. You can mix it with drinks.

5) Elephant

People who want to feel fresh and energized, this strain is best for them. It is very effective against migraine. It is highly potent and shows its effects on the person within five minutes of its consumption.

6) White Cambodian

It is not a very strong strain offered by SoCal herbal remedies. It is commonly used as a relaxant and also helps you take sound sleep.

7) Clove Bud Essential Oil- 1 Fluid Oz

Its price is $8.50. This oil from Indonesia is known for its anti-fungal, aphrodisiac, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. It is used for minor health issues including digestion, for skin care treatment and for repelling insects.

8) Moringa Oleifera Extract

These are packed and bottled capsules sold by SoCal herbal remedies. Their price is $15.00. These dietary supplements are effective against different health issues.

What’s Not Llikeable About SoCal Herbal Remedies?

Overall, SoCal herbal remedies is a well reputed Kratom vendor and has earned loyal customers from the past few years. Their products are of high quality, and their services are efficient and reliable which are satisfactory for the customers.

Customers can easily browse through the website as there are no threats. One thing we don’t like about them is that there is no information about the effects and dosage of every product. This earns them negative marketing points as a whole.

Before making an order, customers need to do extra research about every product dosage and effects.

One more thing that we don’tlike about SoCal herbal remedies is that previously they used to post lab results of every product but now they don’t post lab results on their website due to which customers might assume that their products are not up to the mark.

Apart from these two things, they have satisfactory services. With great services and such high-quality Kratom products, how can someone not love SoCal herbal remedies?

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