Top 10 Cannabis Beverages on the Market Right Now

For a while now, we have noticed a growing trend of Cannabis beverages in different parts of the world. People love to take drinks that give them spontaneous energy as well as a feeling of well-being. We have seen marijuana beverages on different countertops across the US; the various flavors and types are intriguing to us.

The ever-growing business of these beverages is said to reach greater than $8 billion by the year 2027. As people find the beverage industry of Cannabis more appealing, we’d like to look into why it is so? The health impact of the cannabis beverages vs. smoking weed, cannabis drinks vs. Alcohol, and the top 10 cannabis beverages on the market right now will be discussed here.

What are Cannabis beverages, and how to take them?

Cannabis beverages are drinks that contain THC or CBD, or both. They are also called Cannabis-infused beverages, drinkables, or liquid edibles. If the drink is just infused with CBD, you will have more relaxation effects without any intoxication. However, drinks that have some percentage of THC have psychoactive properties.

It’s important to take these marijuana beverages with care, understanding that if you aren’t used to them, you should go slow initially. Start by taking the beverage in low amounts, gradually increasing your intake to achieve the desired effects. If you drink a lot, you might start feeling sick. This may not apply to beverages that are just infused with CBD.

Cannabis liquid edibles vs. Cannabis smoking/vaping

If you have ever smoked weed or vaped marijuana, you would know that it is one of the quickest ways to deliver the effects of Cannabis. With liquid edibles, aka marijuana beverages, this is not the primary aim. The drink is consumed to have slow and gradual effects that build up with time and last longer. These beverages deliver slow effects because they tend to pass through the digestive system and the liver, after which the active components are released into the bloodstream. The effects start appearing 30 to 90 minutes after ingestion and last for two to four hours. With smoking or vaping, the effects appear immediately and last for a very short duration.

Cannabis beverages vs. Alcohol

According to many users, when the Corona pandemic hit, they started boozing on Alcohol and found it very difficult to quit. Those Cannabis beverage users who found that these beverages infused with marijuana helped them with alcohol weaning started taking CBD drinks instead of Alcohol. The best part of these marijuana beverages is that you don’t get a hangover the next day.

At the same time, while Alcohol aggravates anxiety and depression, these Cannabis-infused beverages help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and improve sleep. Also, the accurate ratio of CBD and THC in these beverages balances the effects so that you cannot overdose on the drink. At the same time, alcohol intoxication and overdosing are very common.

Why is the Cannabis beverages industry growing at a faster rate than the Cannabis smoking industry?

While it may seem confusing, the marijuana beverage industry is slowly picking up steam. And this is because it is way easier to have a drink instead of smoke. Drinking cannabis beverages is more socially acceptable in public spaces, restaurants as compared to smoking them. Although the onset of effects is not as quick as smoking weed, people are turning towards Cannabis-infused drinks. Compared to THC and CBD edibles, cannabis beverages show quicker effects, making them even more trendy.

How to shop for the best marijuana-infused beverages?

Before you go to a dispensary to buy a cannabis drink, do your research. Check out which dispensaries and marts around you sell Cannabis-infused beverages, the different types, and their prices. Next, google the reviews of these products. If they have a good rating, check the drink’s contents, the percentage of CBD and THC in it, and the drink’s shelf life, as some people might go for micro-dosing.

You may also want to check reviews related to the taste of the drink, as you don’t want to spend money on something that tastes bad. You can also contact the different companies selling these liquid cannabis edibles to get the desired information.

What are the top 10 Cannabis-infused beverages on the market right now?

1. Cann


This is one of the simplest and most famous Cannabis beverages. It contains Californian cannabis extract in low amounts and carbonated water, essential oils, and agave juice. It contains around 2mg THC and 4mg CBD that gives very controlled effects which are lighter than other Cannabis drinks. It is available in many dispensaries and can be bought online too.

2. Artet’s Cannabis-infused drink

Artets Cannabis infused drink

It is a non-alcoholic drink that incorporates cannabis sociability and cocktail culture together in one bottle. It has several flavors, and each one is an amazing balance of herbal, floral, and dry notes. The entire bottle contains around 37.5mg THC, with fifteen shots of 2.5mg THC each. It is the perfect Cannabis beverage for newcomers.

3. Nectr

Nectr is Cannabis infused sparkling water that is sugar-free, vegan and is a zero-calorie drink. It has around 10mg THC in it, so you will likely get more effects with this drink.

4. Recess CBD Sparkling Water

Recess CBD Sparkling Water 1

It is a bottle of pure contentment. It contains sparkling water, adaptogenic herbs, and hemp extract. The six flavors of recess CBD sparkling water include; Coconut Lime, Blackberry Chai, Black Cherry, Pomegranate Hibiscus, Peach Ginger, and Blood Orange. This drink provides you with calming effects, and that makes you more focused and creative. It has 25 calories per bottle.

5. Iced Tea Lemonade

Uncle Arnies iced tea lemonade

Uncle Arnie’s iced tea lemonade is the Cannabis infused beverage you have been looking for if you want some potent effects of Cannabis. This Marijuana drink contains a whopping amount of 100 mg THC and less than 2mg CBD. This iced tea is enough to stone you for an entire afternoon if you drink the entire bottle. Beware, for beginners; we do not recommend this cannabis beverage.

6. CBD Energy Drink by Joy Organics

CBD Energy Drink by Joy Organics

It is a premium CBD energy drink that enhances your focus and boosts your energy levels. It helps you with physically demanding work and a project that requires the promotion of concentration and attention span. It contains 12.5mg CBD per packet and is THC-free. So, if you are looking for a Marijuana beverage that doesn’t produce intoxication, this is the right drink for you.

7. Awake CBD shot with caffeine by NUX

Awake CBD shot with caffeine by NUX

This is a mango-flavored CBD shot that also contains caffeine. This blend of 30mg full-spectrum CBD and 150mg caffeine is the perfect drink to start your day. It gives you the appropriate boost in the morning and is ideal when you need some extra dose of energy. If you are a coffee lover, we recommend that you try this CBD shot; you’d love it!

8. Giant


It’s an energy drink that contains an even proportion of CBD and THC along with ashwagandha, indica, and chamomile. It comes in four flavors, and all of these flavors contain natural organic compounds. This herbal drink provides long-lasting focus and improves your social interaction by boosting your energy levels. If you are looking for a drink that provides sustained energy for a longer duration, then Giant is the choice of Cannabis-infused beverage for you.

9. Tomato Jane

Tomato Jane

The tangy taste of this drink is what appeals to many. It contains 10mg of THC. Tomato Jane by Van Doran is wildly sold in different parts of the US and is said to be one of the most liked Cannabis-infused beverages.

10. Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops

Lagunitas Hi Fi Hops

It is a fresh energy drink that is infused with Cannabis. It contains THC that is extracted from fresh Cannabis. The beverage comes in three bottles known as Unplugged, Reverb, and Tuner. The Unplugged bottle contains an 18:1 THC to CBD ratio, while the Reverb edition contains only 10mg THC and no CBD. The Tuner version contains an even proportion of THC and CBD, i.e., 5:5. This sparkling beverage gives a stimulating and mood-boosting experience.

Why should you invest in Marijuana-infused drinks?

Cannabis beverages are becoming popular by the day, and the reason is simple. It is more socially acceptable. You cannot smoke on a crowded train, but you can drink a bottle of Cannabis beverage easily without being judged or even spotted in the first place.

The dosing with Cannabis beverages is easier. You know it is very unlikely to overdose on it as both the quantities of THC and CBD are limited. They are enough to produce the desired buzz, and that is what we want!

They are more potent and easily digestible than other Cannabis edibles. The reason being they are quickly absorbed through the intestines. So, if you find Cannabis-infused drinks appealing, do your research today and enjoy the experience.

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