Agmatine Kratom Combination – Different Facts & How You Should Take It

Kratom users have become creative over time. As soon as kratom made its way into the hearts of the individuals around the globe, people started experimenting and playing around with its taste and effects by combining their favorite herb, kratom, with various other herbs, drugs, and alcohols.

Quite a lot of times, the purpose was simply to increase the potency of kratom and enhance its effects and benefits. One such excellent combination is that of agmatine and kratom. The perfect power combination of kratom and agmatine spreads liveliness and energy around the soul of the user.

Discovered in 1910, the use of agmatine does not have a long history like kratom. Nevertheless, the potential benefits have made this combo talk of the town.

Are you interested in knowing more about the Agmatine Kratom combination?

Well, you have landed at the right spot as here we will cover the ins and outs of agmatine and kratom combination, and we will spill out all the details regarding this amazing combo.

Before getting into the details regarding the combination, the appropriate question is, what do you know about agmatine?

Agmatine, also known as guanidine, is a natural metabolite of arginine, an amino acid. It is a neurotransmitter which in layman terms, means a chemical messenger across neurons. It was discovered in 1910 and was not popular until the 2010s when it gradually gained popularity as a health supplement.

As now you know what agmatine is, let us discuss the Agmatine Kratom combination in detail.

How to Take the Combo of Kratom and Agmatine?

For starters, it is recommended to take agmatine at least 20 to 30 minutes before kratom which will allow you to get the most out of the mixture


Agmatine is available in powdered and capsule form. Start by taking your agmatine orally. If taking in the powdered form, you can mix it up with your water or other beverages. Alternately, taking its capsules will help you avoid the bitter taste and smell of sulfur.


Though insufficient research is available with regards to agmatine, it is reasonable to say that a dose of 2.6 grams per day is a safe bet. Nevertheless, it is subjective, and effects may vary depending upon your body weight.


Kratom is available in powdered, liquid, and capsule forms. The powdered form can be taken directly or can be mixed with water and beverages to avoid the bitter taste. Many kratom users got creative and made kratom tea, kratom honey balls, etc.


A miraculous herb like kratom can also have negative effects at high doses. That is why it is highly advisable not to overdose on it. If you are a new user, try 1 to 2 grams of kratom. An average routine user takes 4 to 6 grams of kratom daily for moderate to strong effects. In any case, do not go above 10 grams.

A Word of Advice

If you are trying the combo for the first time, we would recommend you try lower doses first than the ones stated above as the two drugs combined can have strong effects. It is a good practice to start off with a lower dosage and then increase the dose gradually as you become more familiar with the Agmatine Kratom combination.

Facts About Kratom & Agmatine

Agmatine Hinders the Tolerance Development of Kratom

Are you a regular kratom user?

If you are a routine Kratom user, you may be aware of the phenomenon of tolerance. For this purpose, you – including many others – are forced to increase their kratom dosage gradually as the same dose no longer gives you the desired effects. However, overdosing kratom can have negative effects on your body. This is where this combo will be of perfect use.

Agmatine has shown signs of hindering and blocking the development of tolerance. In fact, a couple of users explained how taking agmatine 20-30 minutes before kratom allowed them to taper off their kratom dosage by almost half slowly. It enhances the desirable and amazing effects of kratom, which ultimately results in reducing the risk of tolerance development.

Both Agmatine and Kratom are Good Pain Relievers

Agmatine is famous for pain management purposes. That is why it is used by many athletes. People prefer taking it before exercise or workout to avoid any pain and boost their physical performance. Kratom also possesses amazing pain-relieving and relaxing properties. That is why kratom was used to relieve pain and fatigue by physical labors hundreds of your ago.

You can imagine how amazing will it be if you combine the two miraculous pain-relieving herbs. The combination of two has amazing pain-relieving abilities. In fact, unlike agmatine, kratom also has anti-inflammatory properties making the combo a perfect solution to manage your pain and fatigue.

Agmatine Potentiates the Effects of Kratom

The sole purpose of combining kratom with other drugs, herbs, and supplements is to improve the potency of kratom. Whether you are looking out for harmony, agility, or relaxation, kratom, when combined with agmatine, can produce its effects quickly as compared to taking it standalone.

If you want to make the most out of the combo, first take agmatine on an empty stomach. Then after 20 to 30 minutes, take kratom to obtain the perfect results.

Kratom and Agmatine Both are Natural

Agmatine is derived from the process of decarboxylation by extracting carboxylic acid from arginine. It is an amino acid produced naturally by our bodies. Kratom is also 100% natural.

It comes from the evergreen tree of the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. The leaves are then either chewed or crushed to make kratom powder. In essence, both kratom and agmatine are naturally occurring substances.

Both agmatine and kratom are not psychoactive

Kratom is a herb, while agmatine is created from the amino acid arginine. Both are natural, and in no way any of them is mind-altering. This means that taking the combo will not get you high as they are not psychoactive. Only at higher doses of kratom, you will feel ‘high like feeling’ with a rush of euphoria.

Is it safe to take Kratom & Agmatine together?

We know that this question bothers you a lot. Well, do not worry as the combo is perfectly safe to take. However, there are some risks associated with it, which are discussed below.

Major Risks

1. No proper research

Due to the lack of research, it is not possible to pinpoint the exact negative effects of overdosing on the combo of kratom and agmatine. Even though there is insufficient data, based on past cases and available information, it is safe to say that kratom and agmatine do not have any serious negative effects. That said, abusing the drug and overdosing can have severe negative effects. We would recommend you not to go beyond the dosage discussed earlier in this article.

2. Negative Side Effects

No matter how great the combination is, taking it too frequently or overdosing will make you addicted to it. Overdosing kratom or agmatine can have negative side effects both on your physical and mental health.

Let us look at some of the undesirable side effects you can get from them.

  • Negative effects of Kratom

Overdosing on kratom can lead to some undesirable effects. Short term negative effects of kratom can be nausea, sweating, dry mouth, diarrhea, fatigue, etc. The effects can be as severe as muscle pain, cramps, seizures, and psychosis.

  • Negative effects of Agmatine

Loss of Appetite and Headaches: On larger doses, agmatine can give headaches, which can be severe depending upon person to person. It can even lead to a loss of appetite.

Gastrointestinal Discomfort: The supplement has also been reported to cause gastrointestinal discomforts like nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Low Blood Pressure & Pain Threshold: Overdosing can lead to a decrease in blood pressure and a lower pain threshold.

With all the potential negative side effects of kratom and agmatine, we would highly recommend you avoid overdosing on them. Also, keep a close eye on the above-stated side effects and immediately discontinue or lower your dosage if you feel any of those.

Why should you take Agmatine Kratom Combination?

The combination can have numerous benefits. Kratom and agmatine have great pain-relieving properties. It can relax you and soothe your nerves even on a stormy stressful day. It can help you fight depression, insomnia, anxiety, and diabetes. The combo is quite a lot of times taken recreationally for benefits like enhancing mood, energy, and stamina.

Agmatine, in the Kratom Agmatine combination, especially helps you to reduce your kratom dosage without compromising on the kratom effects. That means it allows you to taper off your kratom dosage, which in essence, blocks the tolerance one can develop by regularly taking kratom.

The combo is also an amazing solution for people trying to manage their addiction and withdrawal symptoms of drugs and substances like nicotine, opioid, alcohol, etc.

To Wrap Up

The popularity of kratom and agmatine is spreading like wildfire. Agmatine works well in combination with kratom. It blocks the process of tolerance development and allows a regular kratom user to cut down on his/her kratom dosage.

The mixture complements and improves the effects of each other. Negative side effects can harm your mental and physical health. Thus, the combo is perfect unless you overdose on it. Feel euphoria, relax, and get a load of other recreational and medicinal benefits by using the Agmatine Kratom Combination.



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