Yoga and CBD: Benefits And Best Products For Yogis

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that has several health benefits. We know that in our fast-paced society, anxiety and depression are causing distress. As a solution, Yoga is a preference of a vast majority of people. It is no surprise that CBD has positive effects on the general well-being of people.

The CBD also directly influences the Endocannabinoid system (ECS), which acts on Yoga’s regulatory systems. Therefore, yogi’s have used CBD as a supplement to their yoga practices for a long time. The use of CBD oil before doing Yoga helps put the mind into calm, which is crucial for meditation, an integral part of yoga practices.

Historical symbiotic relationship of Yoga and CBD

The use of CBD in Yoga is not new at all. It is an ancient ritual that our ancestors practiced. The Hindu holy text, the Vedas, is one of the earliest texts to mention cannabis. Moreover, the Hindu god Shiva, who is regarded as the god of Yoga, is considered the one who gifted cannabis to humanity.

The historical texts record him regularly consuming the plant to gain spiritual insights.

Ancient civilizations grew the cannabis plant, but scientific methods have shown the physical evidence that they also consumed cannabis even 2000 years ago. The cultivation of hemp also dates back to about 4000 BC. Throughout humanity’s historical records, cannabis and hemp have been used for spiritual enlightenment, purification, and cleanse.

The connection between CBD and energized Yoga

CBD and yoga practices have a deep connection. This connection lies in how CBD influences the regulatory systems responsible for the yoga movements. CBD is known for reducing stress and producing a calming effect. Both of these qualities are important for Yoga.

Therefore, CBD-infused Yoga provides a heightened and more energized experience as compared to normal Yoga. It helps with the yoga postures and aids in recovering the strained muscles after the class. CBD products also help to calm racing thoughts and creating tranquillity. A clear mind is crucial for Yoga and meditation, and CBD helps with that.

How do the two affect cannabinoid receptors?

The Endocannabinoid System of the human body responds to meditation the same way it responds to CBD. That is why the calm we feel after Yoga is similar to the one experienced after consuming CBD.

Many of us are familiar with the “post-workout high” one experiences after exercise. It is believed that this is caused by the release of endorphins in the body. However, recent studies indicate that the blood examined before and after workouts show an increased percentage of an endocannabinoid called “anandamide.”

Therefore, it is an intriguing notion that maybe the post-workout high results from our endocannabinoid system.

This system regulates our entire body. Cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the body and are abundant in the brain, helping immune responses. Cannabinoids help regulate our body by increasing cognitive functioning and preventing inflammation. Hence, the effects of Yoga and CBD reinforce each other.

CBD yoga classes – a buzzword in town

With the legalization of hemp in several states, CBD yoga classes are becoming a new hype. These yoga classes offer exclusive CBD-infused yoga classes to people. CBD yoga classes have quickly gained popularity because of the positive effects CBD has during yoga.

People have reported being calmer with a quiet mind and experiencing an enhanced yoga practice effect. The catch is the CBD does not make you high as it contains only traces of THC, the chemical responsible for the high. Due to all these reasons, CBD yoga classes are slowly becoming the talk of the town everywhere.

CBD benefits to yogis

CBD is a crucial product for yogis for its beneficial effects during yoga.

Strengthen the link of body and mind

Since CBD receptors are found in both the body and the brain, therefore it synchronously affects both. During yoga, CBD helps to calm the mind and aids with creating a connection between yoga’s physical movements and the mental response to them. CBD increases sensitivity towards how the body responds to the stimuli during yoga.

Keeps inflammation at bay

Endocannabinoids are known for having anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Similarly, CBD used during yoga also helps with reducing strain and inflammation caused during yoga. It helps to soothe the body muscles and reduces pain and discomfort.

Elevates focus

CBD helps to calm down the mind, reducing anxious racing of thoughts and aids in the focus crucial during yoga. Therefore, yogis use CBD in their yoga practices to increase their focus and maximize the activity’s positive effects.

Increase mental awareness

During yoga, attentiveness and wakefulness are essential to reap maximum benefits. CBD is associated with increasing the wakeful state of mind, assisting in creating mental awareness during yoga.

Aids the looking inwards

Yoga aims to achieve peace through introspection. This introspection requires a quiet and peaceful mind. CBD helps in calming the nerves and stops outward distractions. This makes the inward contemplation easier and much more effective during yoga.

Helps with mental illness

The calming effects of CBD have been shown to have a positive impact on anxiety and depression. The yogis may use CBD to reduce stress during yoga. Some evidence also suggests that CBD may reduce the effects of ADHD that cause racing thoughts.

Way to bring CBD onto the mat

CBD can be used in many forms during yoga. The most popular ones are in the form of tincture, oil, and soft gel.


CBD tincture is different from oil as the word brew suggests the presence of alcohol. In tincture form, CBD is suspended in about 60-70% alcohol. The CBD is extracted in liquid form and then missed with distilled alcohol, glycerin, or cinnamon oil.

The tincture has a longer shelf life but contains a low potency of CBD. the mixture also contains water, herbs, vitamins, melatonin, sweeteners, and other essential oils.

CBD oil

CBD oil is directly extracted from the flowers, seeds, and stalks of the hemp plant. CBD oil is the most potent form of CBD and, therefore, the most expensive.

The CBD oil is diluted to help the body absorb it better. The dilution is done using a combination of carrier oils. The carrier oils are usually coconut oil, hemp seed oil, MCT oil, vegetable glycerin base.

Soft gel

CBD gels are also called capsules. These capsules are ingested and have no side effects. The potency of CBD varies depending on the type of capsule. The capsules contain CBD oil obtained from the hem plant. It also includes other beneficial chemicals like MCT, turmeric, cannabinoids, etc. the cover of the capsule is made of a famous pharma material called bovine gelatine.

5 Best CBD products to use by yogis

Yogis can use CBD in any form during yoga. The most popular form is CBD oil. The high potency of the oil dissolves into the bloodstream faster, and its effects are experienced quickly.

CBD-infused pillows are also used. These pillows contain microcapsules of CBD embedded in them. They break and release CBD due to friction. Moreover, CBD capsules and tinctures can both be used during yoga practices to enhance the experience.

1. CBD Chocolate By FiveCBD

Variety of flavors – all the goodness of CBD and cocoa in four exciting flavors

Two chocolate types – perfect for users that like milk or dark chocolate

Perfect hemp ratio – 5:1 extract ratio for an effective kick during stressful times

For all chocolate lovers and CBD enthusiasts who want to try out innovative CBD products, FIVECBD has something exquisite in its pocket. With the fantastic combination of chocolaty goodness, creaminess of milk, and calming effect of CBD, Five is here with CBD chocolates.

The company specializes in producing quality CBD extracts that are used in several of its products. CBD chocolate is a product that is one of a kind and is relatively new on the market. Soon it has become widely popular with CBD enthusiasts who are leaving some fantastic reviews on the products. If you haven’t tried this heaven crossover, then it should be on your list of products to try. Teeming with richness, the chocolate is available in four unique flavors.

Moreover, it caters to the likeness and taste of both milk chocolate lovers and dark chocolate. The product pouches are manufactured in both forms, and dark chocolate packing also contains mineral-y seas salt in its ingredients. Made from 100% natural and organic extract, this hemp product tops many as a favorite. It carries a perfect ratio of CBD to other extracts like THC.

At 50 mg, it is a minimal dose for consumption, even for the newbie users. For the daily kick of calmness and anxiety-free work breaks, the company recommends consuming one square at a time. The perfect choco-CBD combo also makes an ideal gift for your loved ones that enjoy CBD. For yogis, CBD chocolates are the perfect stretch and workout partner.

2. Maha CBD Calm Gummies

The blend of CBD and THC – contain a perfect and potent combination of both CBD and THC.

Lab reports attached – content ratio is verified with reports attached along with each potency.

Two fruity flavors – comes in exciting flavors of watermelon and fruity fusion

The world of CBD products also has something to remind you of the softness of gummies for your childhood. Maha CBD, a US-based company specializing in the making of CBD containing products, also has goodie gummies for all CBD crazies and enthusiasts.

Unlike several other similar products on the market, these gummies are the unique and quality product of Maha CBD that is widely liked and enjoyed. They are much like vitamin gummies, but instead of vitamins, they contain CBD isolate and THC. If the stress is killing your positive vibe or needing to sleep better, these chewables are just perfect for you.

Fruity taste goes perfectly with the jellies; the company recognizes this vital aspect. These gummies are available in refreshing watermelon, and fusion fruit tastes for the holistic experience and fruity and flavor bites.

The flavors’ fruit will leave you to taste buds tantalizing, and CBD will give you a need kick to the systems. If you are a fitness freak and want to try on the ancient hemp and yoga combo, then these gummies can get you started.

The blend of two fitness workers will boost energy levels and make you more agile and fit. In addition to that, it also helps with stiff joints and acts as a pain reliever. Yoga amplifies its working and multiple positive results.

Another reason why the company is one of the widely trusted CBD brands is their dosage is consumable for first-time users. Moreover, cannabinoid content analysis reports are accessible to the general public. It means that you will know precisely what you are consuming and in what amounts.

3. Peppermint CBD tincture by Calm By Wellness

Variation in strengths – oil-based CBD tincture that comes in three distinct hemp strengths

Stevia extract – carries the sweetness of stevia, a plant-based extract.

Full-spectrum extract – contains all the goodness of full-spectrum hemp CBD and THC.

Are you struggling to sleep and want to relax, but no remedy has worked out for you so far? Do you want to manage the symptoms of your depression that can help keep the anxiety at bay? Calm by wellness brings you just the remedy you need. Containing the freshness of peppermint and a subtle blend of hemp containing CBD rich oil-based extract, CBD peppermint oil is something that benefits you in several ways.

It is a perfectly healthy booster for you that calms down the nerves and keeps the anxiety at bay. Moreover, it is organic and contains all-natural extract. Availability in three potencies will help you select the dosage that is just right for you and gives you a perfect balance.

Made for oral consumption, it tastes great and makes you feel great. If you are looking for the oil that gives you a fast boost during the yoga practice, this subtle blend might be the product for you.

Moreover, it is a full spectrum extract, which means the all-natural goodness of the hemp is preserved and extracted as the whole, not in the form of isolates. In that way, it has a greater bio-availability and absorbs and efficiently assimilates into the body.

The lemony aroma and exquisite freshness that comes with the essential oils make it tolerable and likable. Moreover, its sweetness is not derived from sucrose, making your diabetes erratic (if you suffer from it). The sweetness comes from stevia, which is a plant-based sweetener.

4. CBD Capsules by Birch and Fog

Top-quality ingredients – upgrade from the previously designed batch and contains quality ingredients.

Non-psychoactive – calm and balm with no side effects or psychoactive characteristics

MCT oil based – uses the goodness of MCT extracted from coconut oil as a based

Birch and Fog’s newly upgraded CBD capsules are manufactured with special care. These capsules are an upgrade from a previously designed batch and contain high-quality non-psychoactive ingredients.

If you are new to CBD products, then these capsules are for you. Containing a minimum amount of 25 mg CBD per capsule, this product provides a small dose of calm and quiet to your mind. The capsules consist of high-quality CBD, naturally extracted coconut oil, glycerin, and water.

The quality ingredients give these capsules long shelf life of about one year. So, you don’t have to worry about your capsules going bad after a month or so. This product has received countless reviews from happy and satisfied customers; therefore, there is no doubt about its beneficial effects.

In our modern world, there is no time for us to take care of ourselves. Everyone is crushing themselves in the daily grind of work-sleep-repeat. A lucky few who get some time off are plagued by the awful and tense state of our world. This has significantly increased the symptoms of anxiety and depression in many people.

Moreover, some people suffer from social anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These conditions make everyday tasks a little more challenging. The CBD capsules manufactured by Birch and Fog are a perfect solution for dealing with such disorders and reducing their symptoms.

The capsules have produced promising results in individuals with stress and anxiety disorders by lowering their stress levels and treating anxiety-related insomnia. Moreover, the CBD itself has anti-inflammatory effects on the body, which aids the cells’ longevity.

5. Receptra Targeted topical cream

Pain-relieving – contains a fantastic ingredient that reduces irritation and provides relief.

Pore-opening mechanism – all-natural scents that open pores for better penetration

All skin type friendly – for sensitive & acne-prone skin, the cream works and does not irritate.

Receptra’s targeted topical cream is an all-in-one solution for your pain relief and inflammations. Available in 400 and 800 mg options, this cream is carefully crafted to target the problematic areas of your body. It contains soothing natural organic ingredients that help in the quick recovery and provide pain relief.

The hemp CBD in the cream has anti-inflammatory effects. When combined with its other natural ingredients like arnica and jojoba, it reduces swelling and inflammation on any part of your body. The cream contains jasmine, camphor, and ylang-ylang. These natural ingredients have a soothing and pleasant scent, which aids in opening the skin pore and further accelerates muscle recovery. The cream is perfect for everyday bruises, wrinkles, and dry spots.

Body pain sprained ankles, and dry skin is part of everyone’s life, no matter what age. Over the years, a wide range of over-the-counter creams and gels have tried to relieve the symptoms of these problems; however, none have come close to the speed and efficiency of this hemp CBD-infused-topical cream.

The cream has long-lasting beneficial effects. The positive impact of this product can be seen when reading the countless excellent reviews on the website. Not only that, but the CBD insider has rated this CBD product at number one and appreciated its smooth texture, efficiency, and soothing natural scent. If you have sensitive skin and are prone to rashes and bruises or if you want relief from any muscle pain, then Receptra’s CBD infused topical cream is a perfectly suitable option.

Caution corner

We have detailed all the positive effects of using CBD during yoga. However, not all yoga instructors or yogis feel the same way about CBD. According to some yogis, the use of CBD alters the state of mind during yoga, which defeats yoga’s purpose in the first place. They believe that using CBD or any external aid during yoga prevents the effects from fully manifest.

In addition to that, some side-effects of CBD include nausea, fatigue, and mood swings. CBD is also observed to increase the levels of certain chemicals in the blood. Moreover, the FDA does not regulate CBD production; therefore, we do not know what ingredients are used in the CBD products. Hence, caution must be taken while consuming any such products.


CBD products are making waves for all the right reasons. The products mentioned above have the potential to boost your performance during yoga. Make sure you pick the one that best suits your preference and taste.



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