Golden Monk Kratom

About The Brand

Golden Monk Kratom despite being a somewhat new Kratom vendor has been successful in earning a socially recognized status in a very short span of time whether it is due to the positive reviews or the negative, well mostly the negatives.

Here is our review of Golden Monk Kratom.

History of Golden Monk Kratom

It was started in the year 2016 in Canada with one aim in mind to provide the consumers with supreme quality Mitraygna Speciosa along with exceptional consumer service. Their webpage contains a fantastic informational library consisting of the uses, effects as well as everything else there is to know about Kratom and its benefits.

Golden Monk Kratom believes in total transparency, and they have proudly provided details concerning how their Kratom is processed before and after the testing.

Golden Monk Kratom has been originated out of Nevada, and it provides free of cost priority-based shipping to all the articles that are above $49.99. This may be a tempting shipping deal for the Kratom users who usually buy their Kratom products in bulk.

Golden Monk Kratom has various other spurs here as well, such as regular savings and discounts.

The most exciting thing about Golden Monk Kratom is their article catalogue, plus they also refresh their Horned Leaf Kratom stock regularly, which is not readily available online.

You can also purchase Kratom capsules from them, which is a great product choice for the users that have just started using Kratom, as with capsules they can avoid fussing around looking for a scale or a spoon for the purpose of measuring their Kratom powder dose.

Golden Monk Kratom Strains

Golden Monk Kratom claims to obtain its strains from the farmers that are located in Indonesia as well as the other respectable wholesalers that meet with strict standards of product quality. They do not offer freebies. However, some of their Kratom users in their reviews have said that they are profiteers, importing the cheapest, bulk leaf from Indonesia by the TON.

Testing and Quality of Kratom

On their webpage, they have talked about the use of a climate-controlled clean room for packaging and handling of all their Kratom articles. This step directly impacts their product integrity, and it is said to maintain it by reducing the number of microorganisms or airborne particles from contaminating the product during the packaging step.

Speaking of their lab-testing, they claim to conduct around six lab tests per 1000 kg. They are also an active participant in the American Kratom Associations GMP Participant program. All their Kratom products are packaged in a facility that meets adequately with required GMP standards.

However, sadly even after claiming to supply good quality kratom many of the users have received infected kratom products that have been caught with dirty Salmonella while others have complained about suffering from nausea and vomiting after just one dose.

Price of Golden Monk Kratom

The price rates of the Golden Monk Kratom products are higher in comparison with the other wholesale Kratom selling companies. But their lab-tested powders of the Golden Monk Kratom are usually marked on sale for $19.99, and they can be priced up to $396.99 when they are purchased in bulk, which is less than $400 for 5 grams of powder.

The new users also get a chance to avail of a 10% discount while the second-time users can avail a 5% off discount for coming back. You can also become a part of their rewards program to secure significant savings as a loyal and regular customer.

Social Media Presence

Golden Monk Kratom has their webpage, and they are found to be active on Instagram and Facebook. You may follow them on these pages to check the reviews posted by other customers. Many of the customers over there in the reviews have complained about their awful customer service and that they take too long even to reply.


On their website, they have mentioned free of cost priority tagged shipping which is available for orders above $49.99. They also do same day shipping for the orders that are placed before 2.00 PM. Their consumers are provided with a tracking number to ensure the safe, secure, and timely arrival of their parcel. Still, many of the customers have complained about never receiving their package even after making the complete payment.


Their articles are privately packaged, and the Kratom and its associated words are not listed on the outside of the packaging. Their packaging is also double durable to prevent any damage that the products may come across during shipping. However, even after claiming to have a such as protective packaging, many of the users have received tempered products and some of the reviews even mention about receiving empty packages.


Golden Monk Kratom despite their claim of having flexible payment options on their website many of the customers have tagged their payment procedure as unreliable.


On their website, it says that after requesting for a refund, you will be contacted by their service representative with a confirmation. After which you will be asked to return the products for which the service representative will email you with a return paid postage label for you to drop the product at the post office.

I am sure that sounded very easy and convenient, but unfortunately, the many reviews about their refund say otherwise. Many of the users have complained that even after following the entire refund process, they were still not refunded their money. While some of them complained about their calls getting ignored, this clearly says a lot about their company’s integrity.

Final Verdict

Golden Monk Kratom is that one vendor of Kratom where you can easily come across both negative and positive customer reviews when looking online. It is not as old as other Kratom vendors. This makes it a bit difficult to give a final verdict about this product.

Many of the customers after their bad experience with golden monk kratom has cancelled the vendor while others still purchase from here and are satisfied with the service. We believe that in the end, it is the choice of the buyer, and one should do a thorough research when it is about the matter of your health.



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