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Kratom is nature’s miracle. The plant has several amazing benefits associated with its use. Over the past few years, the plant has garnered a large amount of mainstream attention.

The FDA has strict guidelines when it comes to the use and advertisement of kratom, but these guidelines have only worked to increase the attention the plant was receiving.

Because of this attention, there has been an increase in the number of brands and vendors. All of them are claiming to have the best kratom in the market.

Most of these vendors, however, are benefitting off of gullible customers. Choosing a proper vendor is probably one is the most important steps when buying Mitragyna.

We have made that step easier by going through all the top kratom vendors and providing you an honest and unbiased review. Many factors separate reliable Mitragyna vendors from inferior brands.

Mount Kratom is a vendor that is relatively new when compared with the traditional vendors. They operate only through their online shop and ship their kratom out of Brooklyn, New York.

They have a user-friendly website and even have a blog with various articles about Mitragyna, CBD, and other botanicals.

The brand has separate categories for its red, green, and white-veined kratom. They also have genuine pictures of their products displayed on the website.

Many vendors use artificial coloring to change the colors of their veins. Mount Kratom believes in being honest with its customers and has authentic pictures and information on display.

Key Features Of The Brand

1) Forms Of Kratom

Kratom can be sold in a variety of different forms because of the plant’s versatility. It is beneficial in all of its forms.

Every customer has a preference when it comes to kratom. A good brand should have different kinds of kratom on sale so that the vendor caters to customers of every palate.

Mount Kratom sells its Mitragyna in the form of powders, capsules as well as extracts. This product range is highly favorable because many customers prefer the extracted form of kratom.

Mount Kratom sells the extract, which consists of a blend of various strains that are extracted.

Every bottle has 10ml of the extract and is highly potent. The vendor has made sure that customer satisfaction and comfort is guaranteed by providing their Mitragyna in three of the most accessible and user-friendly forms.

The brand is also selling apple cider vinegar powder. They also have merchandise on sale present for kratom enthusiasts.

All in all, Mount Kratom ensured that they leave no stone unturned in bringing the best to their customers.

2) Strains On Sale

The vendor has a variety of strains on sale. They are selling all three veins of kratom that have been effectively categorized to make the shopping experience easier for the customers.

The white strains include some of the best-sellers i.e., White Maeng Da, White Hulu, White Indo Elephant. The green and red strains being sold by the vendor are customer favorites and have attracted a lot of attention.

These include Red Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Green Borneo, Green Hulu, and Green Maeng Da.

All of the strains on sale have been imported from reliable harvesters belonging to the Southeast Asian region.

The vendor ensures consistent quality of their batches and has complete confidence in all of their products.

3) Lab TestingLab testing

Lab tests and GMP certifications are essential when it comes to kratom or other herbs and botanicals. These substances can be easily contaminated.

If a person uses contaminated products, they are at risk of severe medical complications. Mount Kratom is completely honest with its customers.

They currently do not have their GMP certificate but are trying to get their certification. GMP certification means that the brand lab tests every batch that they import.

It is certified that the vendor uses proper lab techniques while extracting the kratom tinctures and drying their kratom leaves.

Mount Kratom ensures the quality of their products and the authenticity of their strains but lacks the GMP certificate to back up their claims.

4) Is The Brand Making False Medical Claims?

The FDA has strict regulations in place when it comes to Mitragyna. Even though the plant has fantastic benefits that are backed by millions of users, brands are not allowed to make medical claims. Pharmaceutical companies benefit from these regulations.

A vendor needs to follow these regulations, or they can face legal repercussions. Mount Kratom is entirely compliant with the guidelines of the FDA.

They mention that the products on their site are not intended to be used for medical purposes.

Furthermore, the brand states that kratom is not an FDA approved product, and there are risks associated with its use.

5) Shipping and Paymentshipping and delievery

Shipping and payments need to be convenient, especially when online shopping is concerned.

Mount Kratom makes sure that they have the most comfortable shipping services in place.

The brand ships from New York throughout the week except on weekends.

They dispatch their orders on the same day as the order confirmation. The brand delivers via USPS carrier services.

This feature automatically guarantees quick and safe delivery. They do not deliver in the states where kratom is not legal.

The payment options offered by the brand are some of the most accessible ones. They have credit and debit card payments available.

Many kratom brands do not accept credit cards. The reason for this is because of complications between kratom brands and card companies. The brand also accepts payments via Zelle and Venmo.

They also have the e-check method available. All of the payments made to the vendor are encrypted and safe. No user information can get leaked.

All of the confirmed and dispatched orders can be tracked as well. The vendor provides a tracking number to their customers via email when they ship the orders.

This way, the entire ordering and shipping process becomes more accessible and safer.

6) Return PolicyReturn Policy 1

The brand has a distinct return and refund policy in place. They believe in customer satisfaction and comfort.

If you are not satisfied with a product that you receive, the brand encourages you to get in contact with them via email or their phone number.

They will refund or replace the product if it is in the same state that it was when it arrived. Unsealed products cannot be returned.

Furthermore, the customer pays for the return shipping themselves.

Even if the products are unsealed, the brand encourages the customer to reach out with their complaints and concerns.

This openness allows the brand to grow and better itself using the suggestions of the customers.

7) Pricingdollarsign

Many people were dubious about the quality of the Mount Kratom strains when they saw the astoundingly low prices.

The brand has some of the lowest and most economical price ranges in the market. Their kratom strains start from a mere 7.50$.

The brand is selling a kilo of their premium White Maeng Da for just 100$. Not only are these prices amazing, the quality of their strains easily surpasses the small price tag of the products.

Many customers online have raved about the products from Mount Kratom being easy on the pockets.

8) Customer ServiceCustomer Service

For online stores, customer service matters a lot. A good brand is easily approachable and transparent and makes sure that their customers do not have a problem with the shopping process.

Mount Kratom prioritizes customer comfort, and their team makes sure that a customer’s experience with their store is nothing but satisfactory.

They are easily approachable and have their address, email, and their number on display. They encourage customers to reach out and voice their concerns.

The brand is also trying its best to get the GMP certification so that customers feel more secure while buying their products.

These factors prove that the brand is doing its best to ensure that the customers have complete confidence in the vendor.

  • The consistent quality of their kratom batches is a green signal. The brand keeps the quality of their kratom high.
  • The price ranges of the kratom from Mount Kratom is exceptionally economical and a plus point. People are looking for brands that have good products and low prices.
  • The packaging is discreet and safe. The brand has detailed information about the associated uses of the strains available on their website.
  • The website of the brand is very user-friendly. Beginners and novices can find their way around the store quickly. They have categorized their strains to make it easier for the customers to see what they are looking for.
  • Secure shipping and accessible payment options allow customers to purchase the products without any risks and hidden charges.
  • Their products are not GMP certified. The brand is currently working on getting the certification. However, its absence raises questions about the quality and purity of the strains.
  • They do not provide information about the sourcing of their kratom. Nor does the company have information about the brand’s conceiving and mission statement.
  • The brand lacks an active social media presence, which not only decreases the customers but also shows unprofessionalism.
  • They are a new vendor and therefore do not have as many reviews as the traditional kratom companies.

Our Verdict

Even though the brand lacks proper GMP certification and detailed information about the company, Mount Kratom has quality kratom in its store.

They also have some of the best prices available. The discounts and bonuses are a significant plus point with the company. They are worth a try, but customers should buy a small amount from the first to see if it works for them.

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