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The use of CBD based products became legal because of the passing of the Farm Bill 2018. There was an almost alarming increase in the number of CBD brands and products in the market. It became legal to use CBD products as long as they had less than 0.3% THC. Many tobacco farmers shifted to hemp farming overnight because of the promising future of the CBD industry. The general public wanted to know whether or not the CBD products were providing relief, or if they were just a big fad. The demand for CBD products rose exceedingly, and the supply rose with it.

Amid this havoc, a large number of brands came forward that claimed to be selling quality legal CBD products. A lot of these companies were making empty health claims as well. These health claims were immediately shut down by the FDA. The only approved medical benefit for CBD was for epileptic seizures – medically severe applications other than these were declared illegal. In these circumstances, it was a dire need to have brands that were selling quality legal CBD products. Brands that had certified lab tests for their products, and proper cultivation and extraction techniques for their hemp were necessary. Life Patent CBD is one such company that makes no compromise when it comes to quality and customer approval.

Story Of The Brand

Veterans in the CBD industry own life Patent. The scientific team is led by Dr. Jim Kane, who has more than five decades of experience in hemp cultivation and extraction. All the product formulations and experimental methods and principles are applied according to the guidance of Dr. Jim. The company treasures customer satisfaction above everything else. They depict complete transparency when it comes to their formulations and testing.

Life Patent is a company that believes in protecting and raising the standard of life of its customers. Their company believes that nature has provided humanity with a treasure in the form of CBD and hemp. The experienced team at Life Patent CBD aims at delivering all the benefits of that treasure to their customers through their products. They have integrated scientific principles with the traditional practices of hemp farming to concoct some of the best CBD products currently available. Their chief science officer, Dr. Jim Kane, has extensive experience in microbiology and plant genetics. He has used this knowledge to raise the standard of Life Patent CBD products way above those of standard traditional CBD products.

Life Patent CBD Tincture

Out of all of their product range, their CBD oils and tinctures are probably the best-sellers. Life Patent CBD Tinctures are distinct from other tinctures. They are a combination of traditional and modern practices working symbiotically in a balanced manner. The result is a product that is satisfying a vast customer pool. Life Patent CBD chooses only the best quality of hemp. Life Patent CBD strictly monitors everything from the seed sourcing to the formulation while other substandard retailers buy low-quality seeds at a reduced price.

Types of tinctures

There are four types of CBD oils or tinctures available from Life Patent CBD. All four kinds are distinct in their functions and purposes. The classes include:

The daily health CBD oil is a product that can be chosen when the customer is confused as to what they want to go for and what they want to select. It is not extremely strong or too mild. This moderate strength makes it the perfect starting point for beginners who are just venturing into the CBD world. If you want overall wellbeing and a healthier lifestyle, this product is for you.

The medical-grade CBD oil has a significant amount of CBD extract mixed with various cannabinoids and terpenes. These work symbiotically together to provide relief to the users. These oils are formulated in a very distinct manner. They provide a more concentrated effect and increase the benefits provided by CBD extracts.

This line of CBD oil is recommended to be used more during the nighttime. Extracts from Indica strains are predominantly present in these tinctures. Indica strains help relax the body and mind. Many users have reported the oil to induce peaceful sleep. It has also helped with general restlessness according to the reviews of many consumers.

These oils are rich in CBD-A. CBD-A is the precursor to the extracted CBD extract that we usually use in CBD oils. When CBD-A is heated to a specific temperature, it turns to CBD. It has more concentrated effects on the endocannabinoid system of the human body as compared to CBD. This effect is because the element of purity is present in CBD-A. The oils have a blend of CBD and CBD-A that works in perfect synergy and provides the intended relief. However, the slightly bitter aftertaste of the pure CBD oil is something to be wary of while using it.

Highlights of Life Patent CBD tinctures

1) Potency

The serving size or strength of any CBD product is crucial. There is a direct correlation present between the amount of CBD that will be present in the tincture and the relief and benefits that the tincture will provide. More therapeutic effects will be available to the customers if more CBD concentration is present. It is recommended to start at a moderate or low potency if you are a beginner and gradually increase the serving size.

The various Life Patent CBD oils come in a range of different serving potencies. The daily health CBD oil, however, is available in only a single power of 600mg. This strength is neither too much nor too less, making it perfect for novices and daily use. The medical-grade CBD oil is available in three potencies, i.e., 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg. The Black label hemp oil is available in two strengths of 400 an 800 mg. The CBD-A tinctures are available in serving sizes of 500 and 100 mg. This range of possible potencies makes it easier for the customer to choose what he/she desires with precision.

2) Packaging

Another important thing that affects the usefulness of a CBD product is the packaging. The product should be packed in a user-friendly and comprehensive manner. All of the tinctures manufactured by Life Patent CBD are available in the form of bottles with droppers. The droppers are graduated, therefore marking the amount of CBD that is ingested in each dose. The bottles are made of resilient glass. This material makes the CBD oils easier to ship.

3) FlavoringTaste

Many customers are concerned with whether or not a CBD oil is terrible tasting. A good quality CBD oil should not taste offensive or repulsive. The purity of the oil is, however, depicted by the earthy and almost bitter taste of hemp. For this reason, many brands use flavorings to make their CBD oil better tasting. Life Patent uses natural flavors to give all their CBD oils a light lemon taste. This flavoring decreases the bitter taste to a large extent. Although the CBD-A oil range still has a somewhat strong acidic taste because of the pure CBD-A present in it. This purity results in a harsher flavor of the CBD-A oil range.

4) Delivery and return policy

Life Patent CBD prioritizes customer satisfaction above everything else. They use a common carrier to ship their products. The products are delivered within three working days of confirming the order. Furthermore, if the buyers feel dissatisfied with the products that they have received, they can return it within thirty days. You can replace the product for a different one, or you can receive a complete refund from the company by just sending an email. This policy is evidence of the company’s assurance of their products

5) Spectrum

There are three available spectrums when it comes to CBD products. These include full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolates. They differ concerning the cannabinoid contents in them. Knowledge about the product spectrum proves to be extremely useful in narrowing down what you want to buy. All the Life Patent CBD oils are full-spectrum. This term means that they have additional terpenes and cannabinoids along with the CBD. They also have trace amounts of THC present in them (less than 3%). The full-spectrum nature of these oils increases the overall benefits provided by these products.

6) Lab Testing

Life Patent CBD makes sure they are completely genuine with their customers. They follow a strict transparency rule. All of their products are third-party tested. A reputable third-party lab has chemically evaluated all their CBD oils. The lab results of each product are present with that product on the website. This honesty increases the confidence of the consumers on the products that they are buying. The lab results available on the website explicitly show every detail about the product tested. Every batch goes through individual testing as well in order to maintain texture and taste.

Ingredients7) Ingredients of the oils

The carrier oil of any CBD tincture is essential. Life Patent CBD puts high stress on making sure that their products are up to par with the competitive standards. The ingredients used in their CBD oils are entirely natural. The hemp from which the CBD is extracted is organic and grown at farms in Colorado. They use no preservatives or artificial flavorings.

Their oils have varying amounts of CBD/ CBD-A along with terpenes and cannabinoids. The carrier oil used is coconut oil along with natural lemon/citrus flavorings to enhance the taste.

Our Verdict

Life Patent CBD is a company that takes its work seriously. Their team is genuinely concerned with making their customers’ lives better. The wide array of different CBD oils makes it easier to specify what a customer would want. Furthermore, their complete devotion to quality and purity increases the worth of their CBD oils. Customers will surely be satisfied by the top-notch tinctures and oils present at Life Patent CBD.

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