Exploring the Potential of Digital Channels to Boost CBD Brand Awareness and Drive Growth

The digital world pervades everything around you. From your mobile device to company emails and influencer’s tweets, you are always exposed to communication via digital channels.

Using these channels to boost the CBD brand is an excellent approach to growing awareness and driving growth.

One of the most effective ways of using digital channels is to adopt the search engine optimization strategy, which will draw attention to the CBD brand. Check out Digital Spotlight AU to learn more about how to promote your brand online.

What is brand awareness and the growth of a brand?

Brand awareness means to make people aware of a product: what it is and what it offers. The aim is to encourage established and potential consumers to become familiar with a product. 

For example, the CBD brand would aim to guide consumers to build a clearer picture of CBD and why it is relevant and can be useful for them.

This will help to develop an interest in the product via a new familiarity with the brand, which will drive the growth of the consumer base and their understanding of CBD.

What does it mean to use digital channels?

The term ‘digital’ refers to anything that uses electronic technology. When building awareness of something like the CBD brand, it means using different strategies that operate via the internet to inform people about the brand.

Why is it so valuable to use digital channels?

Communication via the internet pervades most areas of society. Electronic technology is used to communicate, entertain and inform individuals and in relation to various groups, businesses, or other social areas.

The digital channels allow you to speak to more people at once. You can also use digital channels in a targeted way to speak to specific audiences. 

What digital channels can you use to boost awareness?

There are various channels you can use to communicate with your consumers.

Email Marketing

Email is the way you will undoubtedly use it to send messages to friends, colleagues, and businesses. It is also a quick and easy way to communicate with many people who need to subscribe to your service, so you have their email addresses.

Growing the CBD brand via email means establishing a website or newsletter to which consumers can subscribe. Create interest in the website via other digital channels.

Display Advertising

A display advertisement uses text and images to make people aware of a website that gives information about a brand. The ads feature on third-party websites.

This is the perfect way to draw people’s attention to your website so that they can find out more about the CBD brand – and subscribe to the newsletter.

Pay Per Click

The idea of ‘pay per click’ is a form of advertising where a company advertises on a platform on the internet and pays every time someone clicks on it. This can be a good way of keeping track of the amount of interest shown in the product.

To grow the CDB brand, you can create an advert that takes the consumer to a website about CBD. This means it is about information rather than about selling, which is what you aim to drive growth.

Social Media

Social media are the most pervasive digital channel when taken as a whole. Of course, the different platforms will have other profiles, each attracting their own following. Social media include platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Threads.

To grow the CBD brand, don’t aim at a paid social media advertising campaign; rather, build an organic social media presence. This will allow you to communicate about the brand over several platforms and build awareness rather than targeting specific consumer groups to market the brand.

Influencer Marketing

The term ‘influencer’ refers to anyone who impacts a particular group in society. This can be within a specific industry or relating to a brand. They understand the area and display a degree of knowledge about it and insight into the subject.

You can use an influencer to boost awareness of the CBD brand and grow it further by tapping into their knowledge and interest. Work with them to comment on the brand and offer insights into it. This will encourage their followers to learn more about the CBD brand, and the interest will grow with a larger consumer base.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is known as SEO. It is a strategy where content is written using very specific keywords that will drive the web pages to reflect high in the ranking of the search engines. So, your product will appear at, or near, the top of a search via something like Google or Bing.

To use SEO to boost awareness of the CBD brand, you should use it as the approach to writing on your website. You can also establish a blog about the brand, using SEO, to boost the website’s ranking, which will drive brand growth.

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