The Green Solution

1995 Wewatta Street
Denver, CO 80202
[email protected]
+1 303-990-9723
8am – 9:45pm – Monday-Friday
Retail Locations: Glendale, CO, Edgewater, CO, Sheridan, CO, Aurora, CO, Northglenn, CO, Silver Plume, CO, Ft Collins, CO, Pueblo, CO, Trinidad, CO

The Green Solution Overview

You can find several vendors online for cannabis and hemp products the world over. Technology has seeped into this sector, and people switch to virtual shops for their recreational and medical cannabis needs.

If you like to shop weed the conventional way, and you are in Colorado; local dispensaries are the right way to go!

The Green Solutions is the best option in dispensaries and what a fantastic experience it was! We loved the products and the service, which made the shop one of a kind cannabis place.

Just like different measures of standard for online shopping for weed and CBD products, there are few things to consider before looking for a dispensary.

The dispensary has a wide choice of marijuana products and numerous outlets for people to enjoy the goodness of weed in different ways.

The company is based in Denver, Colorado and processes cannabis and hemp products from the plantation in the best conditions, with the best teams of farmers looking after the cultivation of cannabis.

The family-owned business believes in increasing access to cannabis products all over the world.

With several distribution channels, the dispensary provides quality and consistent improvement in health and lifestyle. The safety for consumers and the social impact of cannabis on consumers is what the company focuses on!

A delightful experience: The shops from inside

As soon as you step in any of Green Solutions dispensaries, you will feel soothed and at ease by breathing in the aroma of good quality and fresh weed. The range of products displayed in the most sophisticated way will add to your confusion of what to pick first!

Flowers, edibles, topical creams and concentrates are a treat to watch in the beautiful bottles, and what they contain is excellent for you.

The displays and the classy shop décor is a treat in itself. Glass shelves and lots of ways to consume CBD and cannabis supplements! The sophisticated staff will help you find what you need, and the whole experience will be a pleasant one!

Is there an online shop?

If you are in a hurry and cannot decide what to order, you can always book your parcel online and pick it up when you are in the area. This facility makes it easier to continue consumption and ensure that the path to a happier life is not obstructed because of time. You cannot buy online from the dispensary, but reserving your purchase is not at all a problem.

Online shops can be very convenient since they are discreet and provide an easy way to select and order your favourite items, but dispensaries are a great way to find new products and try them before purchase.

The Green Solutions shops are classy and have a very organized layout. You can find all items displayed according to their classifications and types.

You will love the ambience and the helpful staff that carries on the company’s ideology of serving the best!

You cannot order online, but the reservation option is an excellent way to save time and reduce the time you have to spend away from home or work!

The Green Solution Details

The blog and informative articles

The dispensary wants to prepare all new and old customers for exposure to the most extensive collection of flowers, drinks, rolled joints, topical cannabis, tinctures, transdermal patches, plant clones and merchandise! This endeavour is evident in the articles and educating material available on the website.

You can read about the uses of weed, benefits and best ways to consume so that you can make a choice that suits you and brings about a change in health sooner than expected.

You can find information about the law regarding cannabis, the effects of weed on women, senior citizens and men and you can also read about the reasons CBD and marijuana are not allowed everywhere.

Etiquette regarding cannabis consumption and every individual’s responsibility towards society is also an interesting article for everyone.

The articles on The Green Solutions website were my first window into the science of cannabis. You can also learn about the plant and different ways to use it to become a better and more productive version of yourself!

Log on to the website and read all about culture, lifestyle, various products and cannabis to feel enlightened and better informed to choose products that are meant for you.

Returns and exchanges

Yes allowed! What else can one want from a cannabis shop? The products can be returned or exchanged if they do not impact the way you wanted. Even if you bought a plant and you want to return it, the Denver dispensary will accept it!

This facility is something that you hardly find anywhere, and since you can visit the dispensary, the whole procedure does not take longer than a single day!

You will not have to send emails, neither will you have to wait days for the courier. These are the small joys of shopping from a dispensary that wants to deliver quality!

The guarantee

The Green Solutions offers a 30-day return guarantee to all customers. You need to return the cannabis or CBD product to the same shop from where you bought it.

In case you return to another branch of the Green Solutions dispensary network, the offer becomes void. This strict rule can benefit several users because it ensures the level of quality that the shop maintains.

The shop compensates all returns with a store credit for customers. You can try new products that you haven’t tried, and there is a high chance you will love your new purchase!

The network of shops

The Green Solutions has numerous outlets all over the state. You can find one near you easily and avail the discounts that the friendly staff will inform you of, as soon as you approach the cashier.

There are 17 shops all over the state and you can definitely find one that’s near you.

The Green Solution Product Line

Whenever you decide to visit the shop near you, make sure you have time! You will want to go through every shelf and the glass and wood bud-bar display cart to buy the best cannabis fix for yourself or anyone.

The various products include edibles like truffles, tinctures to consume as oil drops, flowers and other variations that fulfil your daily cannabis needs.

The cannabis flowers are available in dried forms and powders to help you improve lifestyle and health through regular use.

The wide array of flowers at The Green Solution include all kinds of cannabis plants like Indica, Sativa and hybrid. You can are potent, fresh and guaranteed!

It is impossible for me to list every item in the shop, but let’s say you will be amazed! So many flowers, CBD tinctures, edibles that look delicious and rolled joints, creams and so much more!

You need to make sure you are clear about what you want because, in a place like The Green Solutions dispensary, anybody can take hours to decide what the best is!

If you are looking for a euphoric supplement, then buy any of the Indica flowers such as Willie’s Reserve triple Chocolate Chip flower that is sleep-inducing, delicious and reduces stress sooner than other supplements!

Similarly, if you have a lot of work and want a stimulating and motivating supplement to improve focus, try the Player 1 Sativa flower. You can try edible treats such as gummies and truffles with lime, fruits and other exciting flavours.

If you want a plant to grow your daily feed, no problem! There are lots of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid plants that you can buy from the shop and build your weed garden.

The staff will help you identify the health issue for which you want the weed, and to find the right plant for it too. Now, gaining health can be a more comfortable and fun option with The Green Solutions.

Start accessorizing!

The range of accessories at The Green Solutions is another side of the shop. Grinders, hand pipes, glass tumblers and a whole lot of titanium nails and cutters! You have a vast choice of every item and the best part is, all of it is quality merchandise that will go a very long way!

Now you can buy your weed and also the accessories necessary to maximize your experience!

Our favourite pick

We particularly liked the rolled joint with caviar as a recreational dose of the pot, but for the taste buds, you can opt for the Altus Spearmint Sativa Mints. They are invigorating and have good taste.

Another good pick was the butterscotch lozenges; they were smooth and had a pleasant aftertaste.

What we especially liked about them was that they soothed the nerves and made me feel happier in a short time! Apart from the joint and edibles, we recommend the CBD Ginger Ale for a refreshing and stimulating effect!

On your way out, remember to buy a hoodie from the Green Solution shop as they are cool and will keep reminding you of the treats you got from there!


The prices of all the products are reasonable and not, and we think the reason is that there are no delivery and shipping charges included.

The fast effects of every product are worth the trip to the shop, and the price is well worth the experience!

You will find the cost of every item to be almost the same to CBD and cannabis products on online shops.

As you, as you log on the website, you will get a 10% discount, and you can also join the rewards scheme through the program that allows you discounts when you create an account.

You can also get the Green Lifestyle app and get points for every purchase that you can redeem later.

Another surprise is that apart from the 5% discount on every purchase, you get $21 in your birthday month! That is something I wish I had stayed for!

The different deals on bundles and discounts on different types of products are a regular feature at The Green Solutions.

If you are a veteran, senior citizen, a returning customer or a medical cardholder, you will get a flat 15% discount at the shop.

Apart from this, you can get a discount on the various brands available at the shop, and you won’t believe what a huge benefit that can be if you are short on your daily dose and need to replenish the medicine chest!

The overall experience

The Green Solutions is a great way to find innovative ways to consume cannabis. It offers a good experience for all the customers who like to see and try before purchasing.

The network of shops in Colorado are an assurance of the company’s goal to increase access to this supplement and ensure that people turn to nature for alleviating health issues and gaining control of their life!

Go to the dispensary and see how amazing it is to find such a vast variety of products in one place. The product ranges are a treat for the eyes and for your health as well!

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