How Many Grams of CBD Flower Can I Smoke

The answer to this question is that there is no standard dosage defined. It varies from user to user. Every user has a CBD flower tolerance level. There are two primary considerations. One is physical measures, which include body weight, type, age, CBD tolerance, and anxiety/depression level. And second is the type and quality of flowers.

There are three types of CBD flowers available, which are Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. Sativa is good for the cognitive system, Indica soothes physiological system, and hybrid is a balance between these two.

Before going to find the right dosage for yourself must read this guide to know the primary considerations.

A Glimpse About CBD

Cannabidiol is a natural chemical compound. Can be used in different forms for different purposes. When it is taken by any means, it interacts with a biological system called endocannabinoid. Its interaction triggers specific cognitive and physiological processes.

What happens in actual? Specific chemical reactions start a physiological process in the body that relaxes muscles by decreasing pain and fatigue. It also reduces depression and helps in sleep. Another side of hemp is its effect on the cognitive system. It refreshes the mind and helps in concentration.

Medical science also proves it beneficial for many diseases, including seizures, epilepsy, pain, and mood disorders.

It has a little amount of THC in its formula. So it does not make its users feel high or addicted to it. CBD flower is available in the market in many forms and can be used through dry herb vape and cigarette. 

Why Do People Intake CBD Flower? 

It is proven that it has many beneficial effects on the body. It works as the best pain reliever, muscle relaxant, reduces anxiety, equilibrates the cognitive system. And its intake does not harm the body by any means.

There are two hemp flowers which are known best for pain relief. One is ‘Special Sauce CBD Hemp flower.’ This flower contains the highest amount of CBD in it. That is why it is called the best pain reliever.

Second, the best-known hemp flower for chronic pain is ‘Lifter Plus CBD Hemp Flower.’ This flower has a sweet flavor and contains a higher amount of CBD in it.

To express the level of pain, these words are used like chronic pain, severe pain, or mild pain. There is no scale defined, which helps in measuring pain or anxiety level. That is why the amount of CBD in grams is challenging to scale according to pain. But you can take help from the following.

Methods of CBD Flower Intake

There are two different methods of CBD flower intake. The most popular one is a vape pen. 

Dry herb vaporizer is used for this purpose. Some pieces of the flower are added into a vape. And burned through heat. This method produces smoke and can be inhaled like cigarettes. 

It is the best way of inhalation. It is effective as a cigarette, and it has less harmful effects to the lungs and throat. 

The second method of intake is a cigarette, a newly introduced idea by cigarette manufacturers. It can be used as a substitute to vape, but still, it can not replace CBD flower vape.

As you know, usually, hemp flower is inhaled to reduce pain and anxiety. Its quantity differs from person to person. Before learning more about it, you must know your needs. 

Four Important Considerations

Four primary considerations which will help you in making the right decision. The first thing to understand is that the CBD level differs in the hemp plant breed. There are some flowers with the highest amount of Cannabidiol level in their chemical bonding, and there are some hemp flowers with the lowest amount of Cannabidiol in their bonding.

Every hemp flower packing contains a laboratory report on its cover, which can help in finding the right flower for you.

A second important consideration is body weight. Different body weights require different amounts of CBD flower amount. Flower weight is directly proportional to body weight. People with heavier weight generally require more CBD.

And the third important factor is pain or anxiety level. People with severe depression or chronic pain may require a higher level of Cannabidiol, and people with a mild feeling of pain may require a low level of Cannabidiol.

The fourth important factor is the tolerance level. With the passage of time user’s tolerance level to CBD develops. Due to this, after a particular period, the user enhances hemp dosage. 

Your Body Weight Matters

Human weight, age, body type, and tolerance level are the key factors that help in deciding the right amount. Most important is body weight. Experts categorized body weight into three scales, including light, medium, and heavier. The following table is based on the body weight scale for CBD.

Weight LowerMediumHigher
Low (< 150 lb) 15 to 30mg 31mg to 74mg 75mg to 90mg
Medium(150 lb to 230 lb) 23mg to 46mg 47mg to 114mg 115mg to 138mg
Heavy(>230 lb) 24mg to 48mg 49mg to 119mg 120mg to 162mg

A person who belongs to any of the categories mentioned above can decide the right amount for himself to take. For a beginner, a smaller amount is a recommendation. After a certain period, when a smaller amount seems effect less, then the medium dosage can be tried and lately higher amount of hemp.

How to Take Right Amount of CBD?

The user puts some pieces of flowers in a vape for inhalation. Although this method is more popular and liked; still, one cannot determine the amount of CBD in grams.

A proposed solution for this problem is the CBD flower cigarette. Here you will be able to know well known CBD flower ciggies with the exact amount of CBD mentioned on them.

People with body weight less than 150 pounds and new to hemp should go for cigarettes which contain less than 30mg hemp flower in it. The best product for this category is ‘Wild Hemp.’ A cigarette brand with the lowest amount of Cannabidiol in it almost 10mg in each cigarette.

‘Wild Hemp’ is an American brand. It contains high-quality hemp flowers in it. This product is 100 percent organic, and it is widely available. It contains zero percent THC in it.

Each pack of ‘Wild Hemp’ contains 20 hempettes in it. The best thing to experience for a beginner.

Next thing for a person weighing less than 150 pounds and taking hemp for a while can switch to ‘Cloud N9ne’. It contains 14.5mg of Cannabidiol in one roll, and it also has a little amount of THC in it. This roll has a unique taste. It is cherry wine flavored. The best treat for cherry and hemp lovers.

If your weight is more than 150 pounds and less than 230, then you belong to the medium range weight category. The majority of users weigh between this range.

The recommendation for this weight group lies between 23 to 146mg of CBD. You will find a wide range of hemp cigs containing a similar scale.

It is always recommended that if you are new to hemp, start with a small dosage like taking one or two puffs. It will help you in understanding your requirements.

‘Plain Jane’ is the best-known hemp cig nowadays. It contains an ideal amount in it, approximately 72mg in one cig. It has amazingly similar taste as standard cig contains, so one cannot quickly identify differences. It has zero THC in it.  

‘Fatty’ contains 100mg of hemp in one roll. With the surety of zero THC in it. Its specialty is full of herbal flavor smoke. It has four different flavors, including Purple Haze, Gorilla OG, Sour Diesel, and Regular.

‘Solstice’ is a popular product in states where a certain amount of marijuana is allowed for medical reasons. It contains 75mg of hemp and a higher level of THC in it.

If your weight is more than 230 pounds, then you are from the heavyweight category. You can consume a higher amount of CBD as per your body requirement. But again, if you are a beginner, then go for a smaller amount first. Gradually increase it by adjusting to your needs.

Are you looking for the best quality highly saturated hemp flower cigarettes with a maximum value of Cannabidiol in it? Try  ‘Floravive Hemp’ cigarettes. 

What Happens if You Overdose on CBD? 

It is medically proven that it has very few side effects. If someone has overdosed with it, then nothing threatening will happen. Recent research says that overdosing of CBD is medically impossible.

Overdosing the hemp routine will enhance the tolerance level of the body, which results in higher dosage requirements. Research on it is still ongoing. Till today no harmful or threatening effect is explored.

There are very few side effects of CBD which may occur diarrhea, tiredness, nausea, mouth dryness, or low blood pressure. If any of these happen to you, stop using CBD and must consult a doctor for advice.

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