Can Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil?

With all the lunacy surrounding Covid-19 in the world, the job of truck driving is not for the faint of heart. However, the long workdays spent unaccompanied on the highways, away from home, gives drivers a certain sense of freedom on the open way.

Choose wisely, Choose CBD, rather than diverting yourself towards unhealthy means of relaxation like alcohol and drugs. CBD is the right product for all your stress and ailments. 

Can a CMV Driver Keep On Trucking With CBD Oil?

CBD is federally legal in many states of the US and is deemed to be a therapeutic agent. So yes, A CMV driver can use CBD oil and its infused products to reduce stress, aches, and pains and improve sleep patterns during hauling cargo throughout the country

 despite using unhealthy mechanisms, including alcohol and THC drugs. However, because those who used them got their jobs in trouble, a truck driver must know the restrictions varying in various US states while using CBD.

Trucking is a difficult job, and many truck drivers find CBD products for wholesome comfort and leisure during long hauls. Therefore, choosing the CBD right products and use them in the right way is imperative does not put the truck drivers in any trouble.

CBD does not give you high sensation, bring redness to the eyes or make you anxious. It is obtained from the hemp plant of cannabis Sativa and contains less amount of THC. According to World Health Organization, CBD does not have negative effects. In comparison, marijuana is a high THC variant extracted from the cannabis plant.

THC is the main psychoactive ingredient found with CBD and Marijuana. But the effectiveness of CBD does not change where it is derived from hemp or cannabis. The legally approved and recommended level of THC for consumption is less than 0.3 %.

This non-intoxicating CBD is the perfect companion for truck drivers on long roads. In addition, it helps to make your nights more peaceful.

What is CBD, And How It helps?

CBD is an herbal supplement for many health symptoms. Taking CBD is safe. It is chiefly beneficial and produces an entourage effect when combined with other compounds like THC (less than 0.3%), terpenes, and flavanoid.  Mostly, CBD products are made from broad-spectrum CBD that contains zero THC. Therefore, it’s better to read the label before use.

Benefits For Truck Drivers

CBD is getting momentum in wellness trends for its impressive health benefits. It binds with our body’s endocannabinoid system and helps us to maintain a state of physical and mental balance.

Although many people use them for recreational purposes, CBD is federally legal and does not produce any unwanted side effects.  Thus, truckers may not worry about their performance or getting high while driving across various states.

Can Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil?

Truck drivers may face many complex health problems due to their long hectic driving jobs. CBD oil helps to manage the entire ailment of CMV drivers. It is available in various forms, concentrations and can be taken according to needs.

Certainly, many well-known brands offered CBD in the form of oil or tinctures. These are mixed with some carrier oils such as MCT oil for better absorption and metabolism. You can take it orally by putting it underneath your tongue.

Other Forms Of CBD Oil Are Uniquely Beneficial For Truck Drivers

  • Truck drivers can change the taste of the mouth with refreshing flavors of CBD gummies and capsules.  They take time to produce an effect as they will absorb in your body through the digestive system.
  • Through smoking CBD, the truck drivers get the fastest incorporation of CBD in their bodies. It is also known as Vape oil, and you can inhale it, which goes directly to the lungs and produces instant relieving effects.
  • Some brands of CBD also introduced pain-relieving CBD creams as well for the specific area of the body. These products available at affordable

3 Reasons WHY Truck Drivers Must Use CBD Oil

For Alleviating Chronic Pains And Aches

Many drivers have to deal with aches and soreness due to their busy schedules. Despite age and physical health, many people may experience the driving pain more acutely. Sitting for an extended period makes it uncomfortable and creates muscle tension. Hence, they can get CBD’s pain-relieving benefits but with careful dosing.  

Getting Some Restful Sleep

People may find CBD effective in sorting out sleeping disorders. Fortunately, this is great news for truck drivers. Who may stumble on with good nights’ sleep at busy and noisy rest stops? Sleep deficiencies may lead truck drivers to more difficulty in focusing while driving. It is dangerous. You can use CBD oil to induce sleep and improve the sleep-wake cycle.

On-The-Road Calmness And Relaxation 

The anecdotal pieces of evidence we get from many people prove that CBD has a positive and significant impact on balancing your mood. It eliminates stress and gives you a feeling of calmness. So, it seems vital for truck drivers running on elongated roads to relax in their job.

Can I get Pulled Over?

Even though CBD oil is legal in the US, many states have different regulations, such as some may allow over-the-counter CBD and particularly low THC products.

Truck drivers specifically keep regulations in mind and careful while driving through these three states: South Dakota, Idaho, and Iowa. But if you get pulled over in a state where CBD is legal to use, don’t panic.

Few things you need to make sure of in this case:

  1. Your CBD product is purely hemp-based.
  2. Choose the CBD brand that tests its products from third-party labs.
  3. Those lab tests must be accessible on the company’s website.
  4. Your CBD product must be properly labeled and include a QR code.
  5. The lab test must confirm the approved level of THC that is 0.3 % or less in the CBD product.

Will Using CBD Oil Affect My CDL?

CBD and marijuana are two different components with dissimilar properties. Unlike marijuana, CBD in oil or other forms is legal and does not result in any disqualification. A truck driver using CBD is equally certified to drive.

Despite this fact, you cannot use CBD on every DOT level in all US states. Specifically through South Dakota, Idaho, and Nebraska. If you do, you will surely get into trouble with the police or DOT officers because hemp-based products are also banned in these states. 

Can I Use CBD Oil While Driving?

Whether it is isolate, full-spectrum, or broad-spectrum, CBD is safe and does not have intoxicating effects. Among these, only full-spectrum CBD contains a low quantity of THC, but it is also harmless. 

Some people might experience slight side effects after taking CBD in high dosages, such as drowsiness, fatigue, and nausea. If you have experienced any of these, then avoid driving any vehicle. Instead, it’s better to consult a doctor for the right dose for you.

What Is The Reason For Debating On CBD’s legality?

In the United States, the laws regarding the use of CBD products may differ and are frequently evolving.  According to DEA and FDA, CBD is classified as a Schedule I drug. Therefore, it can only be obtained over-the-counter if prescribed by a licensed physician.

Mostly, US states allow CBD and low THC products are they are banned in particular states. Here you can face legal penalties if you possess any of the CBD products.

 So, it’s better to know the state’s laws if you buy a CBD product. Most importantly, a non-prescribed CBD product is not approved, and it can be inaccurately labeled.

Does CBD Show On DOT Drug Screen

Many truck drivers face problematic situations during DOT drug tests. However, it is for THC presence, not CBD. By law, there should be less than 0.3% THC in CBD products.

THC and CBD may accumulate in the body’s fat and can be detected in your bloodstream even after several days of use.

Under specific conditions, your drug test can result positive:

  • Firstly, if you are taking CBD more often or in unreasonable quantity, then the chances of failing a drug test may increases. Because the more you take, the more traces of THC stays longer in your body.
  • Some CBD products may contain THC, despite the fact they are certified zero-THC products, such as isolate CBS products. Similarly, some products may contain more than the advertised level of THC. Thus, it is essential to use only those reputable Company’s CBD products whose lab tests are available on the company’s website certifying the accurate approved level of THC.

How long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

Topical CBD products like shampoos, creams, gels, serums, lotions, and other cosmetics claim to be infused with CBD. However, it does not significantly impact a drug test because it will not enter the body’s bloodstream.

But CBD, through ingesting oils, gummies and capsules, enter into the bloodstream. If you are consuming full-spectrum CBD more often than the presence of THC can be determined in a urine test within 15 days of use. THC metabolites made by your body with THC can be shown for up to 7 days. Whereas CBD has a propensity to stay for 2 to 5 days in your body, and in case you are using it for a long time, it can reside for up to 30 days or more.



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