How Can I Use Synthetic Urine To Pass A Drug Test? Is It Legal?

Drug testing is one of the most troublesome steps while applying for a job or participating as an athlete in a big sports event.

With drug use (and sometimes abuse) becoming common these days, the trend of synthetic urine and its use to pass a drug test is becoming increasingly common.

The laboratory-made urine was produced initially just to prove that organic compounds can be produced in a lab.

This successful creation demonstrated how urine could be composed artificially in a lab.

This was followed by a massive shift of the public towards using synthetic urine for passing their drug tests easily.

Even though so much uproar, the market is still flooded with companies selling synthetic urine.

So, a big question that comes to mind is, “Is synthetic urine legal?

Will you face a lawsuit if your employer finds out that you cheated on your drug test?

Let us discuss it in more detail in this article.


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How Does Synthetic Urine Work?            

Human urine is composed of certain constituents. Synthetic urine simply mimics the construction of organic urine and can easily be used to pass a drug test.

Duplication of human urine is quite easy, and it aids the user in passing his test by covering all the required specifications.

This means that the synthetic urine is composed in a way that it passes through a drug test triumphantly. 

Just like original urine, the fake one is also made of 95% of water and 5% urea alongside enough creatinine.

Along with these, there is a small quantity, around 5%, of ammonia, chloride, and sulfates present in it.

According to this research, as the pH of the synthetic urine is between 5 and 10, which is precisely like the real human urine, therefore, it is easy for you to pass the drug test.

However, one thing that sets fake urine apart from the real one is that it comes in a powdered form. You need to turn it into the liquid format, which is done by diluting it a bit.

Before handing it over to the practitioner, you need to heat it a little. It is done to ensure that its temperature is equivalent to the warmth of urine that comes out of the human body.

Finally, the synthetic urine also imitates the original one when it comes to color and odor.

With the exact same hue and smell, the fake urine tends to appear and feel exactly like the one that comes out of the human body.

Thus, passing the drug test using synthetic urine gets effortless and stress-free.

The fact that a lot of people can do so proves that this method does not usually lead anyone to any kind of trouble whatsoever.

Ethics and The Synthetic Urine Drug Test

One major question that surrounds the phenomenon of using fake urine to pass a drug test is ethics.

Is it ethical to get through the test by using a counterfeit urine sample?

For that, let us briefly look at how drug tests started.

The phenomenon of opting for a drug test was made mandatory in the era of President Reagan in 1986.

The anti-drug abuse act led to an overflow of the sale of synthetic urine.

At that time, it was a racist act, owing to the difference in jail times for whites and blacks. This theory makes the usage of fake urine to pass a drug test not as unethical as it sounds.

Along with this, as most of the job applications require one to take a drug test, using the counterfeit option may not be a bad option.

This is because a drug test can not protect against heavy drug users.

But, for casual drug consumers, it may affect their career a lot.

Therefore, people who may have used a minor drug casually before their job interview can take help from a fake urine test to secure a job.

It can be justified here as they are not really drug addicts but consumed the drug socially.

Best Synthetic Urines

You can find many brands selling synthetic urine in the market.

Clear Choice Sub Solution

The clear choice is an authentic brand that takes every detail seriously. The company has a dedicated team that makes sure to regularly check various parameters like pH of the synthetic urine and concentration of chemical compounds like urea and creatinine.

The Sub Solution will cost you $80, which is slightly higher than the average synthetic urine in the market. However, the results are a lot better than the rest.

You don’t want to save a few dollars and risk failing your drug test. Do you?

Monkey Whizz

Monkey Whizz promises authenticity through regular lab testing.

Yes, it was Monkey Whizz that the reporter from Washington Post mentioned while talking about the legality of synthetic urine.

It costs you around $60, which is cheaper than Sub Solution, but that doesn’t mean inferior quality.

Monkey Whizz is known to produce excellent results. However, you will need to make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions religiously to get your desired results.

Legalities and Workplace Importance of Synthetic Urine

Just like the use of drugs has different rules in different countries, the concept of legality also varies amongst countries.

According to a news article published in Washington Post, the manufacturing of synthetic urine is banned by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) in 18 US states.

They also ensure that such products are not sold to anyone. The rest of the states have their own sets of rules concerning the sale of counterfeit human urine.

That one strategy that is used by companies producing fake urine is that they claim that they don’t sell it to drug addicts.

They categorically assert that neither do they sell the product to the drug addicts, nor do they help them in any manner. 

Through this strategy, they tend to avail the opportunity of getting a licensed synthetic urine making factory. The name Monkey Whiz is used by these companies to sell off these products.

Another factor that has led to a lot of companies overseeing the legitimacy of a drug test that as people would want to stay out of jail, they opt for a fake drug test.

These companies also do not want to lose out on the right talent.

Final Words

Detecting the urine being fake is not a probability most of the time. However, if the laboratory goes for an adulteration test, you may get caught.

Adding extra elements to it may also lead to this problem. If you are really looking forward to faking a drug test, it is better to consider the viability of the natural alternatives and opt for them.

With time, the concept of its legality is also changing, and companies are overseeing the requirement of this drug test.

How did you get to know about synthetic urine?

Have you or one of your friends used it lately? Let us know in the comments.



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