How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test?

Since the legalization of drug use in several states in the US as well as many other countries, a lot of people have started using drugs regularly.

This kind of usage has led to accidents and increased the number of doubtful employers in various vicinities. Employees now get subjected to different types of drug tests.

But, what is a mouth swab drug test anyway? This type of drug test is meant to collect saliva from the inside of the mouth of the person who has to be tested.

 It is mainly used for the detection of cocaine, marijuana, cannabis (THC), opioids (heroin), PCP, alcohol, amphetamine and methamphetamines.

Testing positive on a drug test can be a big problem. Want to know how you can pass the saliva drug test? Follow through.

What Is The Procedure Of A Mouth Swab Drug Test?

After knowing what actually mouth swab drug test is and why it is done, it’s no wonder you’d be curious about its procedure to be somewhat mentally ready for any future drug testing.

By knowing every aspect of drug testing, it will be easier to tackle the probable situation on hand.

This procedure is done with ease. No technicians or nurses are required for its administration.

Mouth swab drug tests also do not become the reason for privacy invasion. Neither are they pain-inflicting or uncomfortable for you. The samples are even harder to tamper with.

This test is completed through swift, necessary steps:

  • You will be directed not to eat or drink anything before the test.
  • A cotton swab or a stick with the absorbent pad will be used to collect the saliva sample from the mouth specifically from the tongue and the cheek.
  • The sample is analyzed immediately on-site and can yield results in 10 minutes. Some of the samples are also sent to a lab, which may take 24-hours or sometimes less.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Accuracy Of A Mouth Swab Drug Test?

Saliva or oral fluids tests generally show a 98% accuracy rate when they are correctly done by keeping everything in mind.

However, certain factors may or may not affect the accuracy rate of the mouth swab drug test result to some extent.

The following factors, when kept in mind and appropriately handled, help to produce the most accurate results:

Quality of testing device

The quality of the testing device being used is very crucial for getting accurate results. People administering drug tests should ensure that the testing kits are of high quality.

Test type

The type of test also matters a lot for adequate results. Proper testing and expertise in the kind of test being carried out is an absolute necessity.

Drug type

The type of drug meant to be tested is a crucial step. Without knowing which type of drug needs to be tested, the test wouldn’t bring about the desired results.

Drug concentration

Another significant detail to be noted is the concentration of drugs that has to be tested. Its precise monitoring plays a major role in the rate of accuracy of the results.

Detection window

The time period that is required for testing a specific drug is known as the detection window.

It is imperative to note the proper time falling within the detection window for the particular drug to test positive.

The skill of the person

The expertise of the person who is in charge of administering the mouth swab drug test is also amongst the essential factors.

If the test is not done correctly by following the instructed protocols, the results may be jeopardized.

Risks Of Failure

There are a few inevitable risks that come along with this type of drug testing.

Many people test positive for drugs even when they have not consumed them. This happens because of various reasons.

Some of the causes of failure are:

  • Hemp, which is the by-product of marijuana, can make you test positive in the drug test. It includes hemp oil, hemp seeds, hemp seed milk, or hemp containing granola bars.
  • Drugs such as over-the-counter (OTC) medications contain a synthetic amphetamine known as pseudoephedrine. Taking these before an upcoming drug test will make you fail it.
  • Poppy seeds, no matter how good, are infamous for causing a false positive drug result. They are covered with opium, which may contain morphine. It is better to consider staying away from any products with poppy seeds before a possible drug test.
  • Coca tea may also become an important cause for drug test failure because it is derived from the coca plant. This plant is the same that is used for the manufacturing of cocaine.

Consequences Due To Failure

Due to the results coming out against your favor, there are some consequences that you will have to face in your workplace as well, which may be the following:

  • Failure in drug tests without a good enough reason will result in repaying work.
  • You will also have to pay for the cost of the drug test, or it will be excluded from your weekly payments.
  • The first time of failing the test, you will have to agree that you will stop using drugs from now onwards.
  • The second time you fail the test, you will have to pass another drug test within 25 or fewer working days.
  • The third time of failure, your payment will be reduced or stopped in other cases.

Techniques To Pass The Mouth Swab Drug Test

The tips and techniques on passing the drug tests depend on the time frame until the drug test. It may vary from weeks left until the test or even minutes.

Note: Alteration of drug test results using the below-mentioned tactics may be illegal in your state. Make sure to consult the law before proceeding.

Weeks prior to drug test

When there are still weeks left until the drug test, there are plenty of things that can be done.  Among other things, controlling the desire for drug consumption is the first and foremost step that will help you pass the drug test.

Following are the tips on passing the mouth swab drug test, which will ensure a negative result if followed adequately:

  • Taking a much needed week-long break from drugs will undoubtedly save you from testing positive as the drug traces will be washed out after some days, and you will successfully rid yourself of them until you are tested.
  • Holding off smoking a few days before the test will also help a lot in testing negative for drug usage. After all, THC is something that does not stay in the saliva for an extended period of time.
  • Consuming cannabis edibles also helps to decrease the risk of detection in the drug test. However, it is not guaranteed and may work for some and may not for others.
  • Taking special care of oral hygiene is also very necessary. Make sure to brush your teeth and mouth thoroughly without overlooking cheeks and tongue.

24-48 hours prior to drug test

Following are some of the tips that are efficient 24 to 48 hours prior to being tested for drugs:

  • Being extremely hydrated is an essential step for doing well on the drug test. Drinking eight to twelve glasses of water every day up until the test will dilute and remove all traces of drugs from your body.
  • A continuous and thorough swishing of water in the mouth will make sure that the drug metabolites sticking around in different areas of the mouth will wash away.
  • Gargling with water also helps in clearing the saliva.
  • When taking care of oral hygiene, including a mouthwash without alcohol in your routine will help clear drug traces.
  • Brushing teeth twice or four times a day will further decrease any traces or particles of THC in the saliva.
  • Strong detoxing with detox pills or different detox drinks may also help in speeding up your natural body detoxing process.
  • Vigorous chewing on ice not only hydrates but also facilitates the dilution of THC particles. It will bring down the THC content in the saliva to undetectable levels.
  • Intake of completely greasy and fatty foods is also a practical tip. THC absorbs rapidly into lipids as it is a fat-soluble substance. As a result, consuming fatty foods will increase the THC absorption rate and lower its levels in saliva.

Last but not least, keep all kinds of drugs that you use out of your sight and your reach to avoid them with ease.

Sudden drug test without warning

There are some unfortunate times when you might get pulled over by police or are suddenly told that you would be getting tested for drugs. The following are the last-minute tips for these kinds of sudden drug tests.

  • Adulterants are a type of chemicals that interfere with drug tests. Many improved adulterants are now available, which can be used last minute to test negative for drug use. However, they only work for half an hour.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is a type of adulterant that is widely used for passing a drug test.
  • There are also little packets of adulterants inside certain chewing gums for this purpose. They can be used as a way to pass the drug test in a very discreet manner.

Final Words

As drug tests are becoming increasingly common among many industries and companies, so are the methods for tackling them.

 It has now become effortless to pass mouth swab drug tests to a considerable extent.

However, some of the time, you might not be so lucky, and these tests would work against your favor.

There are indeed methods and techniques for outsmarting drug tests, but it is even smarter to research further and to not take these tips as a 100% guarantee for passing the test. It is always better to take a month or more than a month-long break just to be sure for the sake of job security or future employment.


Q. Can I test positive with mouth swab drug test even if I don’t take drugs?

A. Unfortunately, no drug test gives 100% true positive results. There are certain factors that may make you test positive even when you aren’t.

Q. Will using a mouthwash make the test result negative?

A. Mouthwashes are good to improve oral hygiene. They can be good for cleaning any traces of in your oral cavity, but won’t affect the results if you have taken the drug hours before the test.

Q. Is it legal to pass the mouth swab drug test with hydrogen peroxide?

A. Using adulterants may be illegal. Consult your state laws for that purpose.

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