Vietnam Kratom – Guide, Background, Effects & User Reviews

Kratom helps millions of people overcome stress, pain, and numerous other health issues. Users from all over the world choose the type of kratom that suits them most and helps them live a good life.

Vietnam kratom was introduced in the market after the other variations, due to which there was an enigma about it for some time.

The Vietnam kratom is creating waves among users, and we see thousands of people shifting to it!

Where Does Vietnam Kratom Grow?

The plantation of this type of kratom is limited since it is grown only in the An Giang Province and along the banks of the Mekong River. The kratom types have different effects, which is due to the climate and soil where it grows.

Similarly, people consider Vietnam Kratom as unique as it grows in favourable climate and mineral-rich soil.

Why Is It Special?

The different types of Vietnam kratom grow in moist and hot areas. The climate and soil structure of Vietnam enhances the effects that it has on users.

The alkaloid rich Vietnam kratom is known for energizing and lifting the spirits. People who want some motivation to lead a successful life can try this type of kratom to maximize their performance in every field.

Does Vietnam Kratom Sell More Than Other Strains?

In the South East Asian region, this variety of kratom may be more popular due to its significant benefits. However, in the United States and Europe, the Thai and Indonesian varieties of kratom are sold more than Vietnam kratom.

Is This Variety Banned In Its Native Country?

Vietnam is one of the countries where kratom grows, but many people do not use it there. This change must be a modern-day alteration as people have been using it as an opioid for centuries.

It was due to the supplement’s popularity in its land that it became famous all over the world. It is not illegal in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

However, it is treated as an export commodity and exported to foreign vendors. [1]

Types Of Vietnam Kratom

The different colours of the leaf vein determine the colours of the different types of Kratom. For Vietnam Kratom, the different types are red, green, yellow and white.

All these types have a disparate impact on the user, and the green strain is considered the strongest.

1) Green Vietnam Kratom

The green Vietnam Kratom is the most popular due to its energizing and stimulating effect. The kratom type is loved by people as it helps combat several disorders and keeps the user alert and focused.

Pain Relief: One of the prominent reasons that the green Vietnam kratom is famous is that it has the power to relieve pain without being sedative. It is a natural alternative for people who have been relying on medicines for years.

Stimulation: Users felt motivated and stimulated with the use of the green Vietnam kratom, which is a significant change over all kinds of supplements and medication that relieves pain but slows down the user. People often associate pain killers with sedatives, but with green Vietnam kratom pain relief and stimulation are achieved.

Relaxation: Green Vietnam kratom eliminates stress and nervous tension, leaving you fresh and relaxed. People suffering from depression can take this strain to feel positively healthy. Numerous mental ailments can benefit from kratom in a short period.

2) Red Vietnam Kratom

The red vein kratom grown in Vietnam is a special kind as it is euphoric and maintains good moods. It has been correlated to the Red Bali kratom as it has almost the same effects. These include euphoria, stress relief, and relaxation.

3) Yellow Vietnam Kratom

The most distinct kratom strain coming from Vietnam is the yellow strain. It is also called the golden Vietnam kratom.

Many users may feel that it is just another name, but the yellow Vietnam kratom proved to be a beneficial supplement for people suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress.

Pain Relief: The yellow kratom is also a pain killer along with being a source of energized senses.

Energy: Energy and focus is the one thing that makes Vietnam kratom famous. The yellow or gold kratom is an energizing type of kratom that is popular among those who wish to reduce depression and anxiety.

Mood Lifter: When you use the yellow Vietnam kratom, you will feel not just focused but also in a good mood. It is not like the other kratom types that have a sedative effect.

Why Is Yellow Vietnam Kratom Is Considered Different?

Yellow Vietnam Kratom

All the kratom supplements available in the market is from South East Asia. However, it is believed and publicized that the most favorable climate and soil for quality kratom is in Vietnam.

The yellow kratom supplement is the extract of matured leaf due to which it is more potent and has slightly different properties than other types of the herb.

It grows on the river banks and benefits from the mineral-rich soil of the Mekong River delta region. It is treated differently due to the color of the kratom powder. The most common types are the red, green and white kratom; therefore yellow kratom has a distinguishing factor.

Another reason for all of us to consider its uniqueness is that it reduces a user’s dependence on medication. Depression and anxiety are serious problems nowadays. If a person can come out of depression by taking a natural supplement, it will be better than getting addicted to medicines.

Is Yellow Kratom Really From Vietnam?

Some users believe that all the kratom types may be the same! It may be a marketing technique to make different groups of people buy the supplement for their specific needs.

However, many users feel that the yellow Vietnam kratom looks no different than the green one or the Bali yellow kratom. [2]

Is Vietnam Kratom More Potent?

Like any other kratom veins, the Vietnam kratom supplement must be started from a minimum dose and then increased to the most suitable dosage.

The optimum amount that users take is around 2 to 3 grams.
The green Vietnam kratom can be consumed up to 8 grams per day. The yellow Vietnam kratom can also be taken up to the same amount.

The dosage of this type of kratom is not different than the dosage of other kratom varieties.

What Form Is Vietnam Kratom Available In?

Just like other kratom varieties, Vietnam kratom is available in powder form. You may find capsules of the supplement as well. The users all over the world can find several kinds of supplements, but powder form remains the most common.

You can use the same powder to make capsules according to your needs, or you can use the powder in juices, or as tea.

Price: The price of Vietnam kratom is not very high neither is it very different from other kratom supplements. The price bracket for all the Vietnam kratom types is $125 per kilogram. You may find the yellow kratom more expensive than the green Vietnam kratom.


Every online shop and vendor will sell the kratom powder in zip-locked airtight bags. For kratom usage, it is essential that the strain powder remains fresh and free of moisture. Due to this, different suppliers will ensure safe and new packing.

User Reviews

People who suffer from different kinds of health issues and disorders prefer natural and organic methods to reduce their discomfort.

During recent years, a massive shift has occurred from pharmaceutical drugs to natural supplements. While the FDA claims that these supplements are not medicines and cannot help recover from any condition; it is still better to seek relief through natural compounds rather than mixtures prepared in labs.

The users are more than happy with the supplement that can help them feel better.

Vietnam kratom is not as typical as the other but people who use it get hooked. You can see thousands of reviews on social media. People praise the yellow Vietnam kratom, especially the powder from Herbal Salvation, a favorite online store.

People like Vietnam kratom since it helps fight depression. It is the best pick for all those who don’t want to sleep or feel sedated like the effect of Vietnam kratom since it is energizing and refreshing.

Usually, people who take anti-depressants sleep a lot, or their appetite is adversely affected. This kratom supplement does not cause any side effect and also alleviates gloominess.

People all over the United States and Europe love the magical supplement and feel that it has become a part of their daily lives. [3]

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