hemp seeds for weight loss

Shedding those extra pounds is going to drive you crazy. Apart from the workout, walk and keeping track of your carbs; you have to make sure that you don’t starve your body from essential proteins and fatty acids.

Do you know what you need? An ingredient that is high in protein and low on carbs.

Hailed as a SuperFood by many health experts, hemp seeds are ideal for shedding weight. They have a multitude of benefits with the most perfect blend of protein, omega 3 fatty acid, iron, fiber, zinc and Magnesium.

Hemp Seeds – Nature’s Superfood

The long list of benefits is what makes hemp seeds – Superfood. Hemp seeds come from Cannabis Sativa plant, also known as industrial hemp. Unlike marijuana, industrial hemp contains non-existent THC traces that won’t get you high. Yes, you heard that right!

Here is a shocker: much fussed and hyped chia or flex seeds are dethroned by Hemp seeds when it comes to providing a complete package of nutrients.

The unique ratio of protein, omega 3 fatty acids, iron, Magnesium is what makes it a powerhouse of nutrition.

This is one of the reasons why hemp seeds are growing in popularity day by day.

Hemp Hearts vs. Hemp Seeds- All You Need To Know!

People usually opt for hemp heart over hemp seeds. I mean essentially both the seeds are same species that is Hemp.

So What Is Different Then?

Well, obviously, the difference here is between the exterior and the texture. The hemp hearts are also known as hulled/shelled hemp seed because the crunchy outer hull is removed in hemp hearts. You get a soft chewy and nutty inner only and that is why it is mostly preferred.

You can easily induce hemp hearts in your daily eatables because it has a mild nutty flavor and a soft texture that will complement any meal.

Whole hemp seeds have their hard, crunchy exterior shell intact. They are more like sunflower seeds, and when you crack them open, a soft, chewy inside is revealed. If you like munching on snacks, hemp seeds are a great option. Toast them with a bit of salt, and your crunchy, healthy side snacks are ready.

Because of their hard, crunchy exterior, most people are often reluctant to add them to their recipes.

It is noteworthy to mention, that whole hemp seeds are a great source of fiber and minerals. Of course, when you remove the hull, a rare source of fiber is being discarded and keep in mind, this sort of fiber is non-existent in today’s diet.

Hull of the hemp seeds can help with the detoxification of your intestinal tract and clean up your colon.

So, if you want to include fiber-rich food in your daily diet, then you will not find anything better then whole hemp seeds. Your only other option for such a complete source of fiber is sand, but we are no worms, remember?

How Exactly Hemp Seeds Support Weight Loss?

1) Rich In Omega-Three Fatty Acids

Hemp seeds are rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in a perfect ratio (1:3) according to the nutritional needs of a human body. Most American are deprived of omega 3 fatty acids because our food contains omega 6 in high quality. This imbalance proportion is the root cause of inflammation, various joint and muscle problems, and heart diseases.

Now, How Exactly Omega 3 Fatty Acids Can Aid In Weight Loss?

Omega 3 fatty acids are helpful for the increase in metabolism, so the more food id burned by your body, the more weight you lose. It’s simple, really.

When you have your omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in perfect ratio, you will notice a few cravings and your appetite will be full. Speaking from personal experience, Getting rids of cravings is a successful step to your lighter self.

Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp seeds help boost your physical performance while working out, hence aiding you to lose more weight effectively.

2) Loaded With Complete Protein

Hemp seeds are nature’s rarest superfood loaded with a complete protein with all 20 amino acids and 9 essential amino acids.

Did you know, essential amino acids are critical for your body, but your body is not able to make them on its own?

The protein helps the weight loss journey by keeping your blood sugar level in check and your energy level stable enough, so you don’t crave for high-calorie, fattening food.

A 3 tablespoon serving of hemp seeds will provide you with 10gms of protein and also some amount of iron, magnesium, and zinc.

For muscle growth and recovery, amino acids are pretty critical. Hemp seeds contain the most crucial L Arginine amino acid, which changes into nitric oxide in your body that helps the blood vessel relax, which consequently boost up the body blood circulation.

3) Great Source Of Fiber

Whole hemp seeds contain a significant amount of fiber, both soluble and insoluble. Remember, hemp hearts are deprived of this great fiber source and most of the micronutrients.

Food with high fiber features many benefits – it helps get rid of toxins, cleanse your colon, and keep your gut health on point.

And when we talk about weight loss, a research by the University of Massachusetts indicates that high fiber diet can help with the weight reduction.

Studies suggest that low sugar and high fiber ratio will prevent your body from blood sugar spikes so you will not crave sweet food- an ultimate weight gain culprit.

4) Contains GLA That Helps In Weight Loss

Hemp seeds or hemp oil contains a high amount of GLA (gamma-linoleic acid). According to University of California research, GLA helps in reducing weight and especially prevent the weight gain that is a common drawback after major weight loss.

In this study, the researcher gave one group of previously obese people evening primrose oil and another group olive oil for one year. It was then observed that those taking GLA supplement have gained less weight compared to those who haven’t.

(More information here)

Adding hemp seeds to your diet will make sure that you do not regain those extra pounds that you have worked so hard to lose.

Basically, GLA is a fatty acid found in omega 6 that is not only vital for hormones health, controlling inflammation, and high blood pressure, but also aids in weight loss.

Here’s how:

GLA boost your metabolism and provokes the adipose tissue (brown fat) to burn calories to provide you with energy. In case you are overweight, brown fat is less likely to be active. So GLA activates this brown fat, and consequently, your body will burn off white fat that is a commonly visible sign of obesity.

In a nutshell, hemp seeds contain unsaturated fatty acid profile that has “good” fat necessary to burn off the “bad” fat.

Moreover, GLA rich food help suppress your appetite as it raises the serotonin levels in your body. Less appetite= less eating and boom- you lose weight!

5) Stamps Out The Food Craving

The ever great hemp seeds are delicious and addictive so you can munch on them whenever you crave some snacks. The insoluble fiber is not easily digested by the body, and so you feel satiated for a longer period of time.

Good fatty acids and complete protein profile- both are slowly digesting ingredients so your energy level will be up for many hours. And you won’t have the urge to have junk food.

When your body is nourished, you are feeling energized, and your gut health is up to the mark; you won’t think about food for hours. Your brain is performing proficiently, thanks to omega 3 fatty acids.

The combination of protein, healthy fat and fiber will keep your body as well as your brain in healthy shape, and thus losing weight will become easier for you.

Full Nutritional Value Of Hemp Seeds

1 serving of hemp seeds (3 tbsp.) includes:

3000 mg omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid in a perfect ratio of 1:3.
10 mg complete protein that has all the 9 essential amino acids,
Iron, Magnesium, and phosphorus.

Did You Know?

Hemp seeds are the only plant-based protein that contains all the amino acids, and it is digested easier than animal protein such as eggs, milk, meat, and cheese.

People Who Actually Lost Weight By Using Hemp Seeds

All the information above is actually based on research and there are many people who have lost weight drastically by the help of hemp seeds.

One such inspirational figure is  MIKE FATA, co-founder of Manitoba Harvest Hemp seeds Company Canada. Mike became a “hemp-preneur” because of a life-changing incident in 1994 when he was 18 and weighed over 300 pounds. He tried magic diets and starved his body of fats but that made him even sicker.

Until one day, he was introduced to hemp seeds– a great source of fatty acids and proteins- by a friend. He began researching nutrition and came to know that some essential fatty acids are needed by our body.

By exercising regularly and including hemp seeds in his diet- Mark lost about 100 pounds and his weight came down to 200 pounds.

Mark is a big advocate of hemp food and nutrition and has appeared on TV, radio and newspaper since.

This life-changing journey inspired mike to initiate a business to inspire people to choose a healthy lifestyle and healthy food. Thus he founded Manitoba Harvest hemp seeds Company in 1998.

Best Ways To Lose Weight With Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are addictively delicious and such a versatile food that can flawlessly blend into any recipe and not only enhances the taste but also help you shed weight while providing all the essential nutrients.

Isn’t That Great?

Check out some of the fun and unique ways to incorporate hemp seed in your daily diet.

  • Hemp hearts are a great way to start your morning. They have a creamy texture which is ideal for smoothies. You can blend them in with berries, bananas or any other fruits for your morning or post-workout smoothies.
  • Add some extra crunch to your salad by sprinkling hemp seeds over it. You can also use hemp oil as your salad dressing. Hemp oil is low on carbs and calories compared to olive oil, and the bonus is that it tastes great too.
  • Hemp milk tastes so much better than soy milk and is a natural source of calcium. Lactose intolerant people can now make their own non-dairy hemp milk and trust me it is way easier than it sounds. Just blend in a cup of hemp seeds and 3 to 4 cups of water together. You can also add salt for extra ting and if you like the flavor, blend in any fruit. Just strain the concoction and refrigerate. Voila! Your own organic and healthiest hemp milk is ready.
  • There are tons of option when it comes to hemp hearts. You can incorporate them in your protein and granola bars; you can make cookies or sprinkle them on top of your chicken bread. You will be amazed to discover how these tiny seeds can blend in together with most of the dishes.

Final Thoughts

Making hemp seeds apart of your daily food intake will benefit you in most incredible ways. You will not only lose weight rapidly, but your brain, heart, and overall body health will improve, and you will start feeling invigorated. This superfood is infused with the unique nutritional profile that is sorely missing in most modern-day food options.

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