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Oties Botanicals

Website: https://otiesbotanicals.com/

The Kratom industry has garnered a large amount of attention over the previous years. The demand for the plant substance has increased, which in turn doubled the number of brands selling Mitragyna products.

In such a situation, it is important to know how to distinguish a good vendor from the substandard ones. There are a number of suppliers who catfish customers and sell substandard goods. It is imperative to properly educate yourself regarding a certain vendor before making a purchase. 

Oties Botanicals is a vendor that is gaining popularity by the day. They have a professionally built website for the purpose of the customer’s comfort.

The brand supports ethical consumerism and does not make any medical claims regarding their product. They sell their Kratom in accordance with the guidelines provided by the FDA and make sure their customers do not face any problems when making a purchase. 

Forms of Kratom The Brand Is Selling

Mitragyna Speciosa is one of nature’s treasures. It can be used in several different ways depending upon the customer’s preference and need. Whether the leaves are chewed fresh, dried and crushed, powdered, encapsulated or extracted into tinctures – Kratom is beneficial in all of its forms. 

Oties Botanicals understands the versatility of the plant and have a wide product range available on their website. The forms of Kratom being sold by the brand include powders, capsules, tinctures and extracts. They are selling strains of the three major veins, i.e. Red, White and Green, on their website for extremely reasonable prices.

The vendor is selling blends as well as tinctures of the best quality. Oties Botanicals’ 45% Mitragynine Full Spectrum Liquid Kratom extract is one of the best in the market in regards to both quality and price.

If you prefer to make your own blends or are indecisive between two strains – the brand has its “split a kilo” option available. This option allows you to buy a kilo of three to five strains depending upon your need. 

Lab Testing

This feature is quite decisive when it comes to figuring out the credibility of a vendor. When it comes to plant substances like Mitragyna, the possibility of contamination is very high – especially if dealt without care. If you are buying a kratom product, always go for a vendor who is selling lab-tested products. 

Oties Botanicals test all their products from independent third-party labs to ensure that they are not a health hazard to their customers. The products are tested against salmonella, bacteria, microorganisms as well as heavy metals and pesticides.

Even though the brand tests its produces, it has yet to attain a GMP certification. This certificate is given vendors who follow strict rules listed under the GMP regulations. These rules allow the products of these brand to be trustworthy and safe. 

Is the brand making false medical claims?

Kratom is not yet regulated by the FDA. It has yet to be certified as approved by the authorities. Because of this reason, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has strict regulations in place when it comes to Mitragyna. Some brands have been sent warning letters for making serious health claims on their websites. 

Oties Botanicals prioritize the comfort of their customers. Therefore, no false medical claim is made by them on the website. Their site is to-the-point, professional and easy to operate. Furthermore, the brand has clearly mentioned that their Kratom is not meant for medical purposes. 

What do the customers think?

Kratom is a very vocal industry. There are a number of different forums dedicated to kratom fanatics and fans. If there is a bad vendor out there, they will surely be called out by customers on the internet. It is recommended to go through the customer reviews online before making a purchase regarding a certain vendor. 

Oties Botanicals is a relatively new vendor in the market. Even then, the brand has managed to attain a loyal customer following and a trusted reputation in the Kratom industry. The brand has been admired for its amazing prices, good product range, approachable team and quality Kratom.

If you are wondering whether the Oties is a brand you can trust on – the online reviews of the customers on Kratom forums as well as in the Oties Botanicals Facebook group prove that the brand can be trusted. 

How ethical is the brand?

There are certain regions of the world where the best quality Kratom is grown. These include the Southeast Asian region with countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Although many farmers of the U.S. have tried to replicate the quality of Mitragyna being grown in these countries, they have failed. It is important always to buy Kratom that has been imported from reputable farmers of these countries.

Oties Botanicals is selling 100% organic kratom that has been imported from the richest soils in Southeast Asia. These farmers use the best cultivation practices to ensure the maximum amount of alkaloids in their Kratom.

The vendor ensures that only the best Kratom reaches your doorstep. In terms of quality, quantity, pricing, sourcing and manufacturing – Oties Botanicals has top tier Mitragyna with quality guarantee. From sourcing to shipment – your satisfaction is the vendor’s guarantee. 

Discounts and offers

There is a saturation of Kratom vendors in the market. Because of this, it is important to have perks that attract customers towards your brand. Oties Botanicals realize this and have a ton of offers and discounts available on their site.

The brand also has a loyalty policy in place, which allows you to gather points in your account for every purchase you make. These points can then be used to buy free stuff and sample packs.

Moreover, there are coupon codes and sales on the website every few days. This lets you get the best quality of kratom while making sure that it is not too heavy on your pocket.

Social media presence

In the age of technology, having an active social media presence is very important. Every booming business needs to have their social media account in order to properly interact with the customers. This feature increases the customer pool of the brand because it interacts with people on different forums.

Oties Botanicals is active on Facebook but lacks platforms on other social media forums. This shortcoming needs to be bettered in order to have a stronger following. Having a proper social media presence makes a vendor a well-rounded brand that takes care of everything. 


Cooperative Team

The team of the brand is extremely cooperative and approachable. They are learned in their fields and are willing to answer any and all queries that a customer may have. The brand has its contact information mentioned along with their Facebook page.

The team of this brand remains increasingly active to assist customers in anything that they might need. This feature of the vendor has been mentioned in reviews online. 

Reasonable Prices

The kratom powders of Oties Botanicals are priced very reasonably. They start as low as 8$ and are of great quality. The reasonable pricing and great Mitragyna quality make the vendor one of the best. 

Payment Methods

The brand has customers from every walk of life. They need to have payment methods that cater to the diversity of their customers properly. For this reason, Oties Botanicals has a number of payment methods on their website. These include s E-check, Zelle, Credit and Debit, and other payment methods. The brand also has certain payment options that allow payment via the major credit/debit cards. 

Discreet Packaging

The vendor completely respects your privacy and makes sure that their packaging is discrete and professional. The packs are also airtight to prevent contamination of the product. Their website shows the sleep packaging of their Kratom products. 

Shipping and delivery

The products need to be delivered promptly depending upon the need of the customer. For this reason, Oties Botanicals has same-day shipping available. They also have urgent shipping and USPS priority shipping available. You hardly need to worry about anything when making a purchase with this vendor. 


No GMP certificate

The AKA GMP certification has been devised by the American Kratom Association (AKA) to ensure that Kratom vendors are following a strict set of guidelines. These guidelines are known as Good Manufacturer Practices and ensure that the Mitragyna products being supplied to the market by a certain brand are up to par with international standards.

Oties Botanicals has yet to attain this certificate. Although, the brand is trying to get it as soon as possible. 

Lack of proper social media presence

Although Oties Botanicals has an active presence on Facebook, they lack this presence on other social media sites. The brand needs to be present on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit etc. These forums are important for gathering new customers. 


Oties Botanicals certainly covers the ground when it comes to being a trustworthy vendor. They have a vast range of products on their range to choose from. The reasonable prices and occasional discounts and deals are also a major attraction from the brand.



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