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Mitragyna speciosa has gained a lot of recognition in the past few years in the West. To make authentic and powerful Kratom tree products available in the market, several sellers have come up to provide Kratom supplements to people with ease. MitraSpec LLC is also one of these Kratom sellers.

MitraSpec came into existence in 2015. It is a manufacturer of products made with Kratom leaves. They obtain Kratom from farms in South East Asia, where lush Kratom trees are found.

They get this Kratom checked for its intensity and purity and then move on to package it with respect to their packaging protocols for delivery.

They have also started selling other items on their websites like CBD products, herbal and non-botanical supplements, clothing and accessories.

Key Features Of MitraSpec LLC

There are several characteristics of this brand that attract customers and make their products worthwhile in the market. They are given below.

  • High-Quality

This brand claims to work diligently to attain the right quality material for their consumers. Powdered Kratom leaves and capsules are both made available for sale on their website after going through substantial quality control procedures to maintain consistency and strength, which ensures good quality. They pack their products in protective packaging for delivery to the consumers.

  • Variety

MitraSpec has a considerable range of Mitragyna speciosa available according to its types and the color of the leaf veins. It comes in dust form as well as capsules according to the consumer’s choice. Along with this, they also provide other things like herbal and non-herbal supplements and CBD products in their store.

They provide Kratom sample packs to recent users of Kratom. These sample packs can be custom-made with respect to preference. In addition to this, they have introduced clothing and accessories on their website as well.

  • Authentic Products

Before becoming accessible to consumers, their Kratom leaf products are checked by a third-party organization in labs to analyze the purity and strength of this material. The outcome and required certification is issued after the testing is finished as proof that the material they are selling is pure. The packing of their goods possesses information about this testing.

  • Contests

MitraSpec occasionally holds monthly contests on their website where customers can participate. Winners of their contest win free products from their stock. Rules of the competition, hints, prize information and winner names are all displayed on their website.

  • Well-maintained website

MitraSpec is an online vendor of Kratom products. This seller ensures easy and convenient online shopping of their products with a well-functioning website. They have products displayed on their website according to sizes, color of the veins, strains etc.

They have provided relevant details about each product displayed on their website for purchase. There is a separate review section for customer reviews as well.

Lab Testing

According to MitraSpec, each of their products is tested in labs for purity on arrival from the farms. A third party does this testing. The lot of information present on each package provides details about the testing of the product. The name of the lab given on their website is Wonderland Labs, CA. They examine for aerobic plate count, yeast, mold, coliforms, E. Coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus. They issue a seal of authenticity after the product is proven fit for the market.

Transparency and Credibility of MitraSpec

Transparency with their buyers holds the utmost importance for MitraSpec. For that purpose, they provide lot information on the top left or right side of their products’ label. This lot number leads to information about the testing of the product, the name of the lab the product was tested in, origins or the product, start and end dates, the name of the third party that tested the product, and the results.

Key Products of MitraSpec

Along with their regular Kratom goods, MitraSpec also offers some special strains and blends. They have also introduced CBD goods and other supplements for sale in their stores.

1) Capsules

MitraSpec sells a great range of Kratom leaf capsules according to their types. They fill these capsules on their own at their store instead of buying pre-filled capsules. They manufacture small sets of batches for better quality.

Example: 30 capsules of Super Elephant are available for purchase for $21.00.

2) Powder

Powdered Kratom leaves of a great variety of strains can also be found at MitraSpec. They sell powdered Kratom according to the weight of the package.

Example: 250 grams of Gold Bali Kratom Powder available at MitraSpec for $47.00.

3) Special Strains

Their special strains include Super Maeng Da, Super Elephant, Super Green Malay, and Gold Bali. The specialized drying process, unique alkaloid combination, and being hybrid makes these strains so unique. Super Elephant is the most potent strain they have, and Super Green Malay lasts very long. All these are available at MitraSpec for purchase.

4) Blends

Blends of different types of Kratom leaves are also available for a unique effect. These blends are available in capsules as well as powder forms.

Example: Ballistic Blend is a mixture of White Maeng Da and Yellow Thai. This combination provides additional energy compared to Yellow Thai alone. In addition to that, it enhances mood and causes euphoria. 30 capsules of Ballistic Blend Kratom are available for $21.00.

Packaging and Price

MitraSpec uses protective zip-lock bags for their Kratom goods. These bags are of mylar type and heat resistant. They provide increased protection to the product from moisture, spoilage, and contamination. They are handy and do not cost much.

Compared to the competitors, the price of products at MitraSpec are more or less the same with slight differences. This brand can be considered affordable. However, some of their special blends and strains may be a bit pricey.

Warnings and False Claims

MitraSpec has not made any false medical claims on their website or social media. They have mentioned relevant warnings and other details in the “terms” section on their website. Buyers must go through this section before purchasing their products.

Social Media Activity

MitraSpec has been very active on social media. Interested people can find out more about their brand and products and reach them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They can also email them for queries or feedback. They also have a YouTube channel, but it hasn’t been active and has no significant subscribers or videos available.

Customer Service

MitraSpec is known to provide good customer service before, during, and after the sale, according to their present customers. They offer a money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with their product. They cater to customer issues effectively. They are available on social media to provide any additional help and information about their products and services.

Anything Negative

The algorithm for pricing at MitraSpec makes little sense. Small quantities of Kratom products are very pricey at MitraSpec. However, prices reduce dramatically when purchasing greater amounts. For example, 50 grams of Red Army Kratom powder is for $20.00, while 100 grams of the same kind of Kratom is available for $25.00 at MitraSpec.

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