Millions of herbal products are manufactured every day. The fact that they are herbal or natural is still uncertain. Finally, when CBD came into being — users could feel a sense of relief as it is free of all those hazardous chemicals.

CBD today has taken the lead over all other commodities be it: skin-related or body-related. In the past few years, CBD industries have shown remarkable progress in every aspect. Similarly, out of those, Dr. Hemp Me being an Irish CBD oil brand is said to manufacture the highest-quality CBD products.

A few recent studies stated that CBD has numerous benefits because of its extraction from the stalk and stems of the industrial Hemp, which is basically Cannabis plants with an infusion of 0.3% or less THC.  

CBD products have multiple uses, some of the leading uses are listed below:

  • An anti-acne agent
  • For blemish control
  • Active fighter against skin diseases such as dermatitis, psoriasis and, rosacea
  • Pain relief against arthritis, backache and body pain
  • Effective to alleviate muscle spasms
  • Powerful enough to relieve symptoms associated with PMS and menopause
  • Efficacious to rule emotional disturbances such as insomnia, depression, anxiety and heart diseases.

It is always beneficial to do a little research about any product before use. It is advisable that one must consistently know about the pros and cons of any new product they are about to use.

Dr. Hemp Me ensures to use full spectrum CBD oil. The product generated encompasses around 100 percent of pure ingredients.

Since Dr. Hemp Me CBD products are completely natural and organic, they have very minute traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This mixture is originated along with cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.

For the raw material to qualify as industrial Hemp, THC should be less than or equal to 3% — only then it will be legally acceptable. Therefore, Dr. Hemp Me CBD products undergo a series of lab tests by Eirlab, industry leader which screen Cannabinoids in EU and Ireland.

Dr. Hemp Me Lab Test Report

The tests have approved its use as legal in Ireland and have demonstrated that the amount of THC present in the compound has no addictive effects though THC does have specific psychoactive properties and can give a sense of that “HIGH” feeling.

The original method by which the company extracts this CBD oil is via using the CO2 process. The cannabis is grown in the smallholdings of the EU under strict quality control to safeguard whether the product released is natural or not.

There are various methods for the route of administration of CBD oils, which include capsules and vapes. The only way which is clinically acceptable is sublingual.

Vapes are taken in through smoking. It is always advisable to take these oils in a smaller proportion initially and gradually increase their amount as per the body needs.

Features: CBD full spectrum oils with least THC strains which is lab tested for surety.
Key products: CBD full spectrum oil, CBD capsules, CBD vape oil, CBD bath bombs.
Price: €11.95- €136.95
Shipping: 1-3 business days and free delivery over €50
Payment method: Visa and MasterCard

Type of CBD and Color

Dr. Hemp Me utilizes full spectrum CBD which refers to all the compounds and mixtures that naturally incorporated in a CBD molecule. That include terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.

The combination of terpenes and cannabinoids encourage the therapeutic effect.

Ever since experts and health advisors have proclaimed that CBD isolates are less active, Dr. Hemp Me now only uses full spectrum CBD oils. 

You might be surprised to know that Dr. Hemp Me oils are also infused with CBDV, CBC, CBDa, CBG, CBN, >0.20% THC, and naturally occurring Terpenoids.

Moving on to the color of the oil, initially the raw form of CBD isolate is white and purely in powdered form. As soon as carrier oil is dissolved, the color fades off.

On the contrary, a full spectrum extract appears to be from darkish green to Brown, the reason it is being dark is because of the presence of naturally occurring cannabinoids, raw materials and, terpenes.

To sum up, if you want to distinguish between a CBD isolate and a CBD full spectrum, the color can surely help you. Broad spectrum or isolate CBD light in color because they undergo a unique process to unfasten THC unlike, full spectrum.

CBD extraction methods also alter the color of the oil. For a better understanding, keep reading the methods enlisted below:

Distilled method: this method has a higher level of cannabinoids, and it separates off the plant’s chlorophyll (greenish hue) and so leaves off behind CBD and THC.

CO2 Extraction: Once the extraction from CO2 completed, the concentrate yielded is amber-like in color. The extraction process leaves the plant’s waxes, fats and cannabinoids, and chlorophyll. The resultant concentrates achieved via CO2 extraction has no harmful solvents and are highly favorable by medical marijuana users.

RSO Method: The method involves preserving the plant’s fats and waxes along with chlorophyll. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) has a very dark color with a potency of over 90%. RSO method normally uses isopropyl, alcohol, butane, ethanol, and some other solvents.

Butane or Hexane: Butane noticeably adds a clear, honey-colored concentrate that preferably increase the levels of THC or CBD. Butane solvent residue is highly recommendable these days due to its higher cannabinoid concentrate ratio.

The Color Determine The Quality of Extracted CBD Oil

White CBD Oil: CBD oils did not exist entirely in white color but nearly equal to clear yellows and gold after undergoing filtration and decarboxylation.

Green CBD oil: The presence of chlorophyll promotes a green color. This kind of CBD oil is considered raw and has never gone through filtration processes.

Brown CBD oil: The decarboxylation process to activate CBD and THC that has not undergone any further filtration appears to be brownish. It consists of plant material and flavonoids.

Gold/Yellow CBD oil: The removal of plant materials and chlorophyll give rise to a color similar to that of honey. This color appears typically in premium filtered CBD oil.

List of CBD Products By Dr. Hemp Me

If you are fond of CBD products and have been using them for a while then keep reading below.

CBD Full Spectrum Oil by Dr. Hemp Me

Dr. Hemp Me full spectrum

Highlights: This CBD oil is purely organic and is lab tested to ensure it is free from all sorts of pesticides and solvents. The oil absorbs rapidly in the body than other oil and is highly efficient for its uses on the skin.

Its extraction from hemp seed oil promotes healing due to the presence of abundant Fatty acids such as Omega 6 and omega 3.

The easiest way to take the oil is pouring it under your tongue for 3-5 minutes and then just gulp it down.

You need not worry about the dosage as even the smaller dosage of the oil is enough to give the desired results.

Patients suffering from depression and anxiety can benefit a lot from these CBD full spectrum Oil by Dr. Hemp Me.

Efficacy: 100mg (10%) = 5mg CBD in every drop
Ingredients: Cannabis oil Extract, organic Hemp seed oil.
Price: €66.95

CBD Vape Oil by Dr. Hemp Me

Dr Hemp Me CBD Vape Oil

This product is manufactured from a Cannabis Sativa plant grown in the EU. Usually, the CBD extracted from the plant uses CO2 and is then turned into vape juice so that it can be used it along with your vaporizer.

Vaping CBD is said to have the fastest means of absorption probably in just a fraction of seconds.

Vapes allow the mind to calm down and release all sorts of anxiety and stresses in one go that to only with just a few puffs.

Shake the bottle thoroughly before opening, pour the vape oil into your vaporizer or CBD pen. Allow at least five minutes for absorption and then begin vaping.

It suits those who have stressful jobs and work day and night.

Efficacy: 300mg
Ingredients: Natural cannabis flavoring and terpenes, vegetable Glycerin 80%, propylene glycol 80%, Cannabis CBD 100mg.
Price: €26.95

CBD Bath Bombs BY Dr. Hemp Me

CBD Bath Bombs BY Dr. Hemp Me

Highlights: Back in the historical era, people used to add peppermints in the bathtubs to ease off their soreness and muscle aches. Keeping this idea in mind, Dr. Hemp Me has introduced these bath bombs infused with eucalyptus and peppermint. It offers a sense of relief to every bit of your body.

Now you can relax and unwind all the stress after coming back from that tiring long day at work.

Females who have recently given birth or are in their menstrual cramps can also relax by just pouring these bath bombs in your Jacuzzi. The mild and pleasant fragrance makes it a more soothing material.

It is straightforward to use them. Run your bathwater to the temperature that suits you, gently dunk in the bath bombs and hop in. The bath bombs dissolve in after fizzing. Your bath water changes its color similar to that of the bath bombs, which is very exciting to see. If you want complete absorption, then you need to stay in for at least 20 minutes.

Efficacy: 50mg of CBD
Ingredients: peppermint and Eucalyptus
Price: €12.95

CBD Capsules by Dr. Hemp Me

CBD Capsules by Dr. Hemp Me

Highlights: After reaching older age, patients are prescribed to intake supplements which are essential for their proper functioning. Teens and adults who mostly suffer from skin problems and hair loss are now at ease by using CBD capsules as a part of their daily routine. It is said that supplements either have a tendency to make the patient dependent on it or it can either lead to resistance. Whereas, these CBD capsules have no such grave effect.

Supplements taste bad as hell! Whereas these CBD capsules are very mild and gentle on the gut as well.

It is better to take it along with normal water. These capsules ensure that a person gets the required amount of energy per day.

Efficacy: 10mg CBD per capsule
Ingredients: water, hemp seed oil, Cannabidiol, sunflower oil, gelatin, glycerol and Cannabis Sativa L extract.
Price: €39.95

Why Choose Dr. Hemp Me CBD Products Over Others?

The prime reason to choose Dr. Hemp Me is because of its pure and organic nature. Unlike other products which were sold in the name of natural but are still incorporated with harmful chemicals, Dr. Hemp Me’s products have shown clear lab tests on their website to show the clarity of their products.

  • It is suitable to folks of all ages and genders and is not confined to a certain age group like how other medical products are.
  • Dr. Hemp Me had made sure to keep their CBD products as reasonable as possible, they are available online just a click away and are not expensive at all.
  • The CBD products are so portable and handy that you can carry them easily anywhere be it for traveling, picnic or even to the gym.
  • Good news for those who have a very sensitive skin. Dr. Hemp Me CBD products are completely free of all those chemicals such as parabens, sulfates and hydroquinone. They are mild and gentle on the skin. Finally a skin friendly product like never before!
  • Your body is designed in such a way that it reacts immediately whenever it comes in contact with any faulty thing. Dr. Hemp Me CBD products are so organic that they are readily acceptable by the body and have shown no signs of reactions after use.
  • You need not run behind any expensive doctors or psychologist for appointments any more. They are sold just as similar as over the counter drugs. You don’t even require prescriptions any more.
  • However, patients with life-threatening diseases such as cancer, tumor, hemorrhages, and cardiac diseases are always supposed to take permission from the physician and surgeon in order to rule out any further damage or loss.


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