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“Nothing is invented, for it’s written in nature first. Originality consists of returning to the origin.” Basing the philosophy of their business of this quote, Sol Botanicals is a vendor that is inspired by nature itself. Everything they do share a deep connection with nature which is why they do their utmost to uphold their authenticity.

Sol Botanicals is an offline and online vendor that promises its customers transparency and accountability. An essential part of any retail business is transparency, as that is what generates a covenant of trust between the consumers and sellers.

For Sol Botanicals, transparency means continuous evaluations and reviews of their products by independent 3rd parties. Transparency is an integral part of their mission which is why it is undoubtedly their utmost priority.

Where is their Kratom sourced from?

When it comes to the Kratom market in the U.S, there are a lot of online and offline vendors who grow the Kratom in the U.S.

Most of the times this can be considered a downside as the quality of Kratom produced within the U.S in the majority of cases pales in comparison to the Kratom grown in Thailand or Indonesia.

Sol Botanicals, however, is not one of those vendors as they source their Kratom directly from the Borneo Island of Indonesia. They share a close relationship with the farmers they acquire Kratom from which leads to them having a consistent source of Kratom.

What kind of products can you find at Sol Botanicals?

One of the defining features of any Kratom vendor is the variety of products that are available. Kratom is available in various forms which are then further divided into strains which are categorized into 3-4 veins.

The veins include red vein kratom, green vein, white vein and yellow vein, which is made by drying red vein Kratom differently. The strains themselves include Maeng Da, Borneo, Bali and many others.

At Sol Botanicals you can find Kratom in the form of capsules and powders. As far as the strains are concerned, you can find several strains that you might be looking for from one of the most popular Green Maeng Da kratom to a slightly less popular White Borneo Kratom.

In totality, three dominant strains can be found at Sol Botanicals; Maeng Da, Borneo and Royal Thai. You can find them in green, red and white veins.

What is the price range at Sol Botanicals?

Affordability matters in whatever purchase one is making. It becomes increasingly essential in instances of medicinal purchases because of the required prolonged use to treat a specific condition.

Kratom can be used to help with psychological issues such as depression and anxiety as well as physical problems such as chronic pain. Naturally, one would want to buy from a vendor who is providing the products at the most reasonable prices. 

At Sol Botanicals, the price range for Kratom capsules is 16.99$ – 19.99$. One drawback for buying from Sol Botanicals is that they sell capsules in only one quantity of a 60 count bottle.

For the more valuable strains like Green Maeng Da, the price for a 60 count bottle is 19.99$ while for strains like the Green Borneo the price is 16.99$. At the same time, the prices of these bottles cannot be overlooked as they are incredibly reasonable.

Usually, a 60 count bottle of Kratom capsules would cost you well over 25$ on an average. This is why, when buying capsules, many people prefer Sol Botanicals.

Similar to capsules, the Kratom powder at Sol Botanicals is also comparatively very reasonable. The prices for powders range from 11.99$ to 14.99$.

Naturally, the more valuable strains like Royal Thai and Maeng Da cost more than strains like Borneo. This doesn’t, however, mean that the quality of the products drops with the prices. Sol Botanicals aspires to provide a consistent quality of products irrespective of how they are priced.

Are their products lab tested?

Lab testing is perhaps the most important thing to look out for when buying Kratom or CBD. Not only is it essential to ensure that the product you are consuming is safe to consume, but it is also crucial to make sure that the alkaloid content it has is legal.

Since the utmost priority of Sol Botanicals is transparency, it isn’t unusual for them to have rigorous testing procedures their products have to go through. Some of the metals their products are tested for include; arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury.

All of these tests for every product can be accessed on their website. All you have to do is enter the product number on the lab tests page of their website. There you will find the tests for heavy metals as well as the alkaloid profile.

What is their shipping and refund policy?

Sol Botanicals tries its best to make its services as accessible as possible. To achieve this perfection, they have added the shipping costs into the prices of the products. Their standard shipping method is USPS Ground.

If you place your order on a business day before 3.PM Eastern Standard Time, your package is expected to arrive the same day you place the order on.

If you have placed a next day shipment order on a Friday, your product would not be delivered till the next business day which is Monday. This hurdle can be avoided if you select Next Day Air via UPS in which case your order will arrive on Saturday.

Their return policy is very generic, with a 30-day time limit. If 30 days have been passed no exchange or return will even be considered.

To ascertain your exchange or return you have to wait for a customer service representative to contact you after filling out a submission form. After this you can return your product will then be inspected. If your return is approved, you will be refunded via your desired method of payment.



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