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Address: 191 University Blvd., #226 Denver, CO  80206
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What makes FOCL trustworthy as a vendor is the story of its founder. Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome due to overworking and stress, he was losing hope. Alongside a drastic lifestyle change, medical professionals introduced him to the wonder that is CBD medication.

When the founder started utilizing CBD supplements; however, the market for it was still undeveloped. This meant he had to mix and match various pills with a hope that they might work. Being a costly process this is what motivated him to do something for the rest of society.

Driven by a dreadful personal experience, the founder of FOCL decided to make high-quality health products. FOCL puts quality over anything else and uses the best ingredients to make its products.

Providing high-quality wellness items to their customers is the main goal that they aspire to achieve. Transparency and efficiency come naturally to FOCL’s staff and their manufacturing process.

What Kind of CBD Products does FOCL provide?

When it comes to CBD products, there are three types you can get, all having a different composition to the others. CBD Isolate is the mildest type of CBD, as it only contains 99% pure CBD.

Since it doesn’t contain other alkaloids like THC, you won’t get high from CBD Isolate. The second form of CBD you can acquire is CBD Broad Spectrum.

Broad Spectrum contains high amounts of CBD, some other cannabinoids and terpenes but no THC. This means that the effect of Broad Spectrum will be stronger than Isolate, but it will still not display any psychoactive properties.

Finally, the type of CBD that is available at FOCL and the most potent type is full Spectrum. Full Spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids, including THC. This means that it will display psychoactive properties.

At FOCL, you can get Full Spectrum CBD tinctures in 300mg bottles. It is available in 3 delicious flavors of Cherry, Orange Cream and Mint. Apart from that, you can also get Hemp CBD oil and MCT oil, which are the Broad Spectrum products of FOCL.

Hemp-derived CBD is non-psychoactive and will not get you high, all FOCL products use hemp-derived CBD and contain less than 0.3% THC. Hemp-derived CBD is federally LEGAL. You can test out all 3 of these types and decide which form of CBD best suits your requirements.

What percentage of CBD do their products contain?

The amount of CBD in a tincture varies from the size of the bottle, type of CBD, and the brand’s manufacturing process. This count will explain the potency and strength of a product, which can also help conclude its effectiveness.

The Full Spectrum oil tinctures of FOCL contain 0.945% CBD/Container : 283.5mg and 0.0585 THC/Container : 17.40mg. In total, the amount of cannabinoids in such a tincture is 1.058%. 

Other products like the FOCL Day capsule contains 1.114% CBD/Capsule: 6.84mg and no THC at all. In one bottle, you will get 60 FOCL Day capsules.

On the other hand, the FOCL Night capsules consist of 1.169% CBD/Capsule: 10.13mg. The total amount of cannabinoids in these capsules is 1.205%.

Can you access their CBD lab reports?

Lab testing is perhaps the essential factor to look out for when buying Kratom, Hemp, or CBD products. Firstly your safety is of utmost importance, even more so than accessibility.

Lab tests are carried out to make sure products don’t contain any contaminants or impurities that might damage your health. These contaminants can be coliforms, E.coli, and other poisonous metals that may have found their way inside these products.

Another reason why checking lab tests is important is because of the THC count. You have to remember that unfettered THC use is not legal everywhere. There is a certain amount of THC permissible in a consumable for it to be considered legal.

In most states, that percentage is 0.3, but it differs. Lab tests will tell you just how much THC will you be consuming. This is not only to make sure that you are not bypassing the law but also to ensure that you aren’t taking an unwanted amount of THC, which may cause psychoactive reactions.

One key factor when it comes to checking for lab tests is to see if they are tests coming from a third-party. Authenticity is extremely important for such tests as they are concerned with your safety.

Unbiased third-parties carrying out these tests will only display accurate information. A lot of vendors, surprisingly, do not give consumers access to these test results. FOCL, however, is different.

The test results for all of its products are linked below the product listings. Inside the test, you can see the number of cannabinoids present as well as a list of the contaminants the product is tested for.

How reasonable is FOCL when compared to other vendors?

Naturally, like any other purchase, consumers will be concerned with affordability and price with this one too. In the CBD market, some vendors have hiked up the prices to their CBD tinctures and are selling them at ridiculous prices.

Since a lot of people utilize CBD for medicinal purposes, prolonged use is required. This means that affordability becomes an even more important issue since it is not a one time purchase.

Unlike many other vendors, FOCL is all about customer satisfaction. Its prices are very reasonable when compared to some of the other vendors. You can get a 60 count bottle of FOCL Night and Day capsules for just $55.

As for the oil tinctures, you can get them at $35. What further makes their products reasonable are their promotions. Our Day and Night Stacks use Premium Hemp CBD and are THC-free. If you purchase a FOCL Day and Night Bundle, you can get both bottles for just $99.

At the same time, if you subscribe to FOCL, you can get 10% discounts on FOCL Day and Night Capsule Bottles and their bundles. You can get a 20% discount on CBD Oil tinctures, which is a huge deal considering the prices are already so reasonable.

As far as affordability is concerned, FOCL is right up there as one of the best places to try out for CBD products.



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