History Of The Company

Taunton Bay Soap Company was established in 2014 and is based in Sullivan, Maine, USA. It has an excellent reputation in the market. Additionally, the fact that it has survived this long in the Kratom market goes to show that it is successful. This positive reputation needs to be evaluated and looked into further.

A diligent consumer would focus on more critical questions. These questions may be; What is the overall quality of the brand? Does Taunton Bay Soap Company offer any alternatives to Kratom? Whether the products supplied are lab tested or not? Are the prices charged by Taunton Bay Soap Company high or low compared to other Kratom vendors? Below, we will answer these and many more questions.

Key Features Of Taunton Bay Soap Company

1) Different Forms Of Kratom Offered By Taunton Bay Soap Company

Taunton Bay Soap Company offers Kratom in the form of Tea only. Customers are offered a lot of options as there are different blends and strengths to choose from.

This feature reflects positively on the vendor as it shows that they realize that there are people who have different preferences and also increases consumer satisfaction.

In terms of quantity, there are many options available. There are mainly three deals available; customers can opt for the single package, the 2X Split Package, or the 4X Split Package.

In the first option, customers will receive one package only, as the title itself suggest. In the second option, customers will receive two packages only. While in the last option, customers will receive four packages.

2) Are The Products Lab Tested & Is There GMP Compliance?

Taunton Bay Soap Company has not mentioned anything with regards to lab testing of products on their website. They have also not said anything about GMP compliance.

Hence, it is safe to assume that they have not complied with such factors. This aspect can be seriously concerning, as explained below in the shortcomings section.

3) Packaging Quality Of The Products

The packaging of the products is quite simple, and this feature is appealing for customers. The primary material used for packaging is plastic. This material allows the product to be protected and also enables it to be transported and carried around easily.

4) Quality Of The Product Overall

The reviews of the customers indicate that they are pleased with the products. This consumer satisfaction denotes that the products are of high-quality.

Additionally, on their website, Taunton Bay Soap Company, has mentioned that they are committed to providing top-notch quality products.

The reviews on Reddit highlight the positive features of the brand and its products. It shows that the products were successful in achieving their aims and benefits.

However, this can be doubted since there are no lab tests of the products, and there is no GMP Compliance. These features contribute to the safety and quality of products, and the absence of the 2 is a severe problem.

The positive reviews on customer service show the brand’s commitment. They get in touch with their customers quickly. There are many ways customers can contact representatives, like live chat, contact form, and telephone, etc.

The representatives are available from Monday to Saturday, except on Federal Holidays.

5) Shipping

Orders that are placed before 2 PM EST are processed and shipped the same day. There is only one option available for shipping, which is the USPS Priority Mail Shipping, which takes 1 – 3 days to deliver.

If the customers want the product to be shipped earlier than the mentioned time, then the order must be placed and processed before 12 PM EST. Because this option delivers the package so quickly, the prices are high, more specifically around 8 USD.

6) Alternatives To Kratom Offered By Taunton Bay Soap Company

There are many alternatives to Kratom offered by Taunton Bay Soap Company, like Berry Good Elixir Co, Herbs, Incense, Soap and Skincare, Coffee, and Capsules, etc.

In the category of Berry Good Elixir Co, products for migraines and headaches can be found. The products are mainly in the form of tinctures. In terms of quantity, there are two options available; 1 and 2 ounces. The prices in this category range between 18 USD – 56 USD.

In the category of Herbs, customers will find products like California Poppy, Wild Lettuce, and Traditional Kava. For quantity, customers have various options available. The prices in this category range between 4 USD – 35 USD.

In the category of Capsules, the vendor offers capsule machines and veggie capsules. For quantity, customers have the following options; 100, 250, and 500 counts. The prices in this category are around 4 USD – 42 USD.

In the categories of Coffee, there is only one product available, which is French Roast Coffee. There are two options for quantity; 4 and 8 ounces. The prices in this category are around 5 USD – 10 USD.

In the category of Incense, there are many products available and also many options when it comes to quantity. The prices in these categories range between 1 USD – 15 USD.

In the category of Soap and Skincare, there are all kinds of products like shampoos, lotions, and scrubs. The prices are around 4 USD – 12 USD.

There are also teas available in different flavors like Heavenly Hibiscus Loose Leaf Tea, Wild Berry Loose Leaf Tea, etc. The prices range between 2 USD – 13 USD.

The Most Popular Products Of Taunton Bay Soap Company

The Kratom Tea products offered by Taunton Bay Soap Company are famous. This form is a unique way to consume Kratom, and it allows consumers to enjoy all the necessary benefits. Reviews suggest that the products were successful in making the consumers more active and also helped in improving both mental and physical cognition.

Pricing Of Products Charged By Taunton Bay Soap Company

The pricing of the products will be laid down according to the relevant category and quantity. For the Single package, the following are the options available for quantity; 30, 60, 125, and 250 grams.

The prices for this category range between 6 USD – 40 USD. For the 2X Split Package, only one option is available for quantity; 120 grams total (per package 60 grams each). And the costs for this option are around 22 USD.

For the 4X Split Package, the following are the options available for quantity; 240 grams total (per package 60 grams each), 500 grams total (per package 125 grams each), and 100 grams total (per package 250 grams each). The prices for this category range between 42 USD – 98 USD.

The prices are generally attractive, and there are also many discount codes available. A simple google search will suffice for coupon codes. The discount codes can be entered right before check out.

The prices of Taunton Bay Soap Company should now be compared with competitors’. Kraken Kratom offers Thai Kratom Powder for tea (Yellow Vein) for USD 9.99 in the quantity of 30 grams.

On the other hand, Taunton Bay Soap Company offers Kratom Tea for USD 6.98 in the quantity of 30 grams. Keeping these factors in mind, one can conclude that the prices offered by Taunton Bay Soap Company are indeed reasonable and fair.

It provides a greater quantity of products at lower prices. However, to some, this difference in rates is not that big, and that opinion is justified as well.

How Active Is Taunton Bay Soap Company On Social Media Platforms?

Taunton Bay Soap Company claims to have accounts on two major social media platforms, which are Facebook and Twitter. After research, it was discovered that they have an active account on Twitter only.

It is good that they have made an effort to remain active on this platform, as the same cannot be said for other vendors. It would help their reputation and business even more if they made an effort to be part of other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Through these programs, Taunton Bay Soap Company can get in touch with their customers and inform them of new products, deals, and discounts, etc.

Does Taunton Bay Soap Company Indulge In Ethical Business Practices?

On the face of it, yes, Taunton Bay Soap Company indulges in ethical business practices. On their blog, they have highlighted how they have fought for the legalization of Kratom.

This aspect shows that they are committed to the industry and their consumers. It overall reflects very positively on the brand. They have not written any detailed product descriptions that could cross the line of making false medical claims.

Furthermore, they have also dedicated a page on their website to “Product Warnings & Disclaimers.” On this page, they highlight the harmful effects of Kratom and have effectively relieved themselves of all sorts of liability and responsibility.

However, the part where they can make product recommendations can be a little concerning. It could cross the line of making health-related claims.

Though such an activity is a common practice, and almost every consumer asks for guidance in such a manner.

Negative Aspects Of Taunton Bay Soap Company

Taunton Bay Soap Company offers Kratom in only one form. While they make up for this shortcoming by providing various alternatives and quantity options, it still does not allow one to ignore this problem completely. Having multiple forms could have allowed customers to have more options.

Many consumers prefer the capsule form for the reason that they don’t like the taste and smell of the powder form. Taunton Bay Soap Company is not catering to such customers. As a result, consumers will not be satisfied completely and may choose to go to some other vendor.

The website of Taunton Bay Soap Company is pretty hard to follow and function. It may look straightforward, but in reality, that is not the case. There is a lot of misleading information concerning the website in general.

For example, on their website, they have mentioned how they have written product descriptions in detail when, in reality, they have not. Their website looks incomplete, and that seems very unappealing.

It may be the case that some customers are technologically challenged, and once they feel that they can’t operate this site or online shop, they will opt for some other vendor. As a result, Taunton Bay Soap Company may lose out on profits.

The vendor has 2 websites. This factor could prove to be confusing for customers. They would not know which website to rely on. And it may raise questions as to which website is legitimate or fake.

It may be the case that the vendors made both sites, but because there are 2, any reasonable person would have suspicions.

The products are not lab tested, and there is no GMP Compliance. These factors can deter customers from buying products. The reason for this is that is Kratom is generally a very controversial and dangerous product, and the absence of such tests and compliance further adds on to the fear.

It sets a very bad impression overall as the products can prove to be dangerous for the customers. Consumer satisfaction is also affected. These concerns are even more critical considering the warnings of the FDA.

This organization has continuously advocated against the consumption of Kratom. The warnings were with regards to contamination of Kratom with bacteria, Salmonella, and heavy metal poisoning, etc.

If the vendor had complied with either aspect (GMP Compliance OR Lab tests), it would have given customers some measure of assuredness and safety.

But they have complied with neither. The absence of these features also puts into doubt the claim that the brand offers good quality products.

Having collaborations and dealings with big Kratom organizations, like the American Kratom Association, reflects very positively on the vendor.

Unfortunately, Taunton Bay Soap Company has no such collaborations and dealings. However, it should be noted that this is not a major shortcoming as not every vendor deals with such prominent organizations.

And if vendors don’t, it does not necessarily mean that they are not legitimate and do not provide high-quality products.

There is only one option available for shipping. While that option may be the most famous one, it does rob the customers of their choice and more options.

There may be some customers who would want the product to be delivered on the same day. A different customer may want to save money and would want to opt for the least expensive option.

That customer may not mind waiting for the product over a longer period. But, Taunton Bay Soap Company has not allowed its customers the luxury to choose such options.

Nevertheless, this shortcoming is not so damaging, and some would classify the shipping fee as a standard rate.

Our Verdict

There are indeed many positive factors of Taunton Bay Soap Company. However, one cannot ignore the significant shortcomings highlighted above and should be very careful when choosing this brand as their vendor. The prices may be attractive, but quality and safety are of the utmost concern.

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