Phytoextractum Brand Story

With the ever-increasing popularity of kratom, numerous vendors appear in the market. Many of these brands are the epitome of false advertisement and wrong information. These brands sell sub-standard goods and can cause serious problems.

In these circumstances, there is a dire need of brands that sell standardized and quality controlled kratom infused products. One such provider is Phytoextratum. Although the name is quite intricate, the vendor has made the purchase of quality kratom products quite easy.

Phytoextratum has been in the market for over two years. Throughout this time, they have attracted a loyal customer pool because of their quality kratom. The vendor aims to provide the customers with the best quality kratom and to make their purchase as easy as can be.

The company has grown extensively from selling only a few products to a full-fledged online emporium with an extensive range of products available.

Key Features Of The Company

1) Forms Of Kratom Available

The product range of the company is perhaps one of the widest variety of herbal and botanical products currently available in the market. They sell more than 75 different kratom based products. These include extracts, capsules, and even tea accessories.

They also have their kratom strains classified such as “beginner strains,” “top sellers,” and “new discoveries.” This classification makes it easier for the customer to narrow down the available choices and select what they require.

The company also sells a broad range of other herbal and botanical products. They have more than 60 CBD products on sale at their website. Herbs, teas, oils, incense – all are available on the company’s website.

2) Packaging

The company has extensive methods of extraction and formulation of their products. These products are then packaged carefully to maintain their freshness. The packaging is kept customer friendly and all the products are labelled carefully as well.

3) Pricing

The price range of Phytoextratum products varies from product to product. Their kratom tea accessories start as low as 2$. There is something for customers of all palates and budgets on their website.

4) Shipping and Delivery

The shipping procedure of Phytoextratum is hugely facilitating. There is discreet same day shipping of the products that you order. You can track your order via USPS or UPS, and the company sends you an email as soon as your order is dispatched.

5) Payment Methods

The company offers many different payment methods. Money orders, e-checks, bitcoins, and credit/debit cards as well.There is even cash on delivery payment option available when the order is conducted via UPS. However, only a cashier’s check or money order is accepted in such conditions.

6) Lab Testing

When buying kratom products, it is imperative to keep lab testing in mind. An untested product can result in plenty of medical problems and difficulties. There is no need to worry about such things when Phytoextratum is concerned. An independent third-party lab tests all of their products. These products are tested for heavy metals, toxins, microbes, etc. Rest assured, the products are rigorously tested to make sure that the quality exceeds the expectations of the customers.

7) Is The Company Ethical?

The company sources its kratom from farmers belonging to Southeast Asia. They make sure that the kratom they use is free from any harmful pesticides or fertilizers. They get their kratom leaves from these harvesters and follow extensive and careful extraction methods to formulate their products.

Strains That Gained Our Attention

The brand is an online emporium with a variety of different products and strains. They have an extensive range to choose from. Customers of every palate can find something to satisfy themselves.

The company prioritizes customer satisfaction and comfort above everything else. They make sure that there are no legal complications involved in any of their products. All the merchandise sold is in complete compliance with the FDA guidelines. The vendor does not make any medical claims. They have mentioned that none of their products should be used for medicinal purposes, but the raving positive reviews on their website say enough. Their stress on quality and legality is evidence of their confidence in the products that the company sells.

The company gives free stuff to its customers when their shopping exceeds 200$. The customer can choose what they want from the “free stuff” selection. The selection is updated regularly, and more stuff is added. You can also donate money to various organizations using this feature.

Any unopened and un-tampered product can be returned within 30 days. In the case of live plants or seeds, however, the product needs to be returned within three days. Furthermore, if you are unsatisfied with the product, you are welcome to contact the Phytoextratum team, and they will facilitate you as much as possible.

The only negative about the company would be their website design. The website looks archaic and is not correctly designed. For a vendor offering such a wide range of products, the site could be much better.

Our Verdict

Even with the slightly ancient website design, the kratom offered by Phytoextratum is currently one of the best in the market. From ordering to shipping and delivery, the company makes sure that the customer is facilitated to the maximum. This customer care is another reason why you should acquire your Kratom from Phytoextratum.

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