Brand Name: SLO Kratom
Key Products: Yellow Vein, Green Vein, White Vein, Red Vein, Rainbow, Sunrise, and Sunset Kratom.

I have been a passionate Kratom user for over ten years now, using it for both chronic pain relief and to combat my insomnia I can say without a doubt that Slo Kratom sells the most potent variety of our beloved plant.

This company is now my go to daily Kratom brand and has honestly changed my life for the better. It has allowed me to live a relatively pain-free life without the need to depend on harmful pharmaceuticals.

Not only does Slo Kratom offer an amazing product, but they are also extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to when questions arise.

Continue reading below for my full review of Slo Kratom where I’ll go over the quality of their product in-depth, their website, pricing, customer service, and payment options.

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Slo Kratom’s Products

There are a lot of things we look at when picking out a great Kratom brand; on top of this list is course quality. Often times Kratom is being used as a natural alternative medicine, so the purity and strength is of great importance. Slo Kratom absolutely tops the charts in all categories.

The first thing you will notice is the surprisingly pleasant taste, compared to the many other brands I have tried Slo’s is relatively mild.

Kratom is not known for its taste, but Slo Kratom goes down smoother than any other vendor I have tried. This is an indication of a very skillful and perfected curing process which brings out the best characteristics of the jungle foraged leaves.

After taking Slo Kratom for a few days, I came to the realization that I was able to cut my typical heavy dose size in half due to the increased potency, making this a great value as your supply should last much longer.

Within 15 minutes, I noticed a very pleasant head change while my typical pain washed away, being replaced with a subtle and clean feeling of euphoria pulsed through my body.

This stuff is truly amazing, and I really can’t say enough good things about the effects. I rate Slo Kratom a solid 10/10; a must-try for any
Kratom user, whether experienced or new you will appreciate this brands product.

Slo Kratom only sells four strains; Yellow Vein, Green Vein, White Vein, and Red Vein. They also offer their own blends known as “SLO BLENDS,” which are simply blends of their staple Kratom.

I actually really like their minimalistic approach as most Kratom companies offer a plethora of “different” strains with fancy names that typically don’t mean anything other than for the sake of marketing which allows them the increase their prices due to customers believing it is a rare strain they can’t get anywhere else.

Below is a list of Slo Kratom’s Blends:

  • Sunrise is an even blend of their White and Yellow to give you a great boost of long-lasting and uplifting energy to tackle your day.
  • Afternoon Delight is a mix of their Green and White Veins. It is a perfect way to relax at the end of a long day.
  • Sunset is an even blend of their Red and Green for a more sedative effect that aids in both getting to sleep faster and deeper sleep!
  • Rainbow is a mix of Yellow/White/Red/Green. One of my favorite “any time” kratom blends!

On top of Slo Kratoms great affects the user can also sleep easy knowing their product is all lab tested for any impurities and potency. The company clearly takes pride in providing its customers with absolutely top-shelf clean kratom.


Slo Kratom offers Same Day Free Shipping on orders over $50! I’ve received multiple orders from them using their FREE shipping, and they all arrived within 2 Days!

If you are an experienced kratom user, you know getting your product is often a slow and sometimes just plain frustrating process.

I assure you with the mix of prompt shipping, easy payment options, and excellent customer service there is no faster way to get top-shelf kratom than Slo Kratom.

How You Can Pay For Your Order

A hurdle all Kratom Vendors face is how they can process payments. Most Credit Card companies and Banks don’t want to deal with Kratom transactions due to the nature of the grey area that it remains.

Slo Kratom has a variety of reputable options for you to pay in an easy manner. These are easy to use and have become commonplace in our daily lives, some of which you may have used already, such as;

Square Cash App, Venmo, Bitcoin, eCheck (ACH Transfer)

Slo Kratom uses a highly reputable and secure merchant payment processing company called Green Money. Green Money processes eChecks where you simply enter in your Routing and Bank Account numbers.

It is no more of a hassle than purchasing via Credit Card. Green Money is a company that has passed the test of time, and in fact, works with many Fortune 500 Companies.


One of my favorite things about Slo Kratom is their website. They did an excellent job of building a simple yet inviting, slick looking site. The site is very user-friendly and straightforward compared to a large majority of the competitions sites.

They have you covered when it comes to any questions you may have. There are pages dedicated to their background, FAQs, Payment Options, and a contact form for any further questions or statements you may have.

Slo KratomCustomer Service

When reading reviews of Slo Kratom, you will often notice people bragging on their high-end level of customer service. Not to mention the high quality of their product and most reviewers saying it is the best Kratom they have ever had!

Long story short, they are amazing! I continually probed them with questions ranging from reasonable to ridiculous and consistently got well informed and well-mannered responses, always within hours! I am impressed with both these brands product and professionalism.

Is This Brand Ethical?

Indeed, our planet is currently facing many problems that are harmful to the environment, so; obviously, we do not want anyone to add up to them.

Therefore, it is very important that we are aware of whether a particular brand that we are supporting is doing its part in protecting the nature of this world or not.

You will be glad to know that SloKratom is very careful in their methods and they have developed their production process over the years in a way that is in no way dangerous to our surroundings.

While some would argue that SloKratom does cause air pollution while extracting Kratom from significant plants, many are in favor of their ways. Why? in comparison to other brands the pollution caused by them is negligible, and they are constantly improving their methods.

They do not destroy the natural habitat of any animal and are dedicated to providing safe and authentic kratom products to their esteemed customers.

After thorough research on this brand, I have arrived at a conclusion that SloKratom does not compromise the safety of the nature of this planet for their own personal gains.

They believe in serving their customers with full transparency while at the same time giving back to the world.

What are their Medical Claims?

The biggest question faced by brands that sell Kratom is whether it is safe to consume or not? Throughout this whole review, I have mentioned how all of its customers appreciate SloKratom for their exceptional quality and reasonable pricing.

These reviews can serve as proof that the Kratom products offered by SloKratom are indeed medically approved. However, if you are still not convinced by what others have to say, then let me enlighten you.

Only the best laboratories can indeed be trusted, especially while testing a product that consists of Kratom extracts.

A minute mishap can prove to fatal for the consumers; therefore, it is important to test such products before putting them for sale on the market.

The executives at SloKratom understands this, and they have hired the services of a very well-developed laboratory to test their items. All of their Kratom products are thoroughly tested by ‘Columbia Food Labs’ that is based in Portland.

Moreover, instead of testing the final product after it is produced, they test it at each and every stage of production to ensure that they deliver on their promise of high-quality products to their customers.

If you do in fact experience any sort of harmful mishap as a result of consuming their products, then rest assured that you will be justly compensated for your setbacks.

You can head over to their website to read more about their lab testing results, which speak for their transparency to their customers. Last time I checked not all brands selling similar items were that honest and open with their potential customers.

SloKratom claims that their kratom products are unique and approved by a well-renowned laboratory. Their products are only meant to prove helpful to the people instead of bringing any unwanted harm to their health.

Hence, I advise you to take a leap of faith after going over all the facts and opinions of previous customers and get to order before they run out of stock.


As a whole, I give Slo Kratom a 10/10. I looked hard for something wrong with them, but instead was left with my new favorite Kratom brand!

There is genuinely nothing bad to say about both their product or service. I urge any readers to try Slo Kratom with confidence, weather for recreational or medical use I know you will not be disappointed!

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