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On the lookout for good kratom vendors? Finding a vendor is one of the essential pre-requisites when a person is going to buy kratom. There has been a lot of mainstream attention towards kratom.

This attention is because of the various uses that have been associated with it. The plant has been used by the natives of the Southeast Asian region for a long time. The farmers of the area used to chew on the leaves of the plant to stay energized.

When the demand for kratom has increased, several substandard kratom vendors have appeared in the market. It is imperative to avoid such vendors. These brands sell inferior quality kratom to the public and cause plenty of health complications for the users.

For this reason, we have reviewed multiple kratom brands and brought the best ones to you. A kratom brand that has received a lot of attention by the public is MMM Speciosa.

The brand is relatively new in the market and has been operational for a short period. Even in that short time, MMM Speciosa has managed to gain quite a reputation.

They have been mentioned repeatedly in various Mitragyna forums. The brand has a very loyal customer pool that vouches for their products.

MMM Speciosa is wholly focused on Mitragyna. Unlike other brands that try to bring in customers from all ends using various botanical products, this vendor believes in quality over quantity. All their strains are focused on being the best in terms of both freshness and quality.

Key Features Of The Brand

  • Aim Of The Company

Ken, the founder of the brand, believes in providing the best quality kratom to the customers. The brand believes in ethical practices where Mitragyna is concerned.

They import their kratom leaves in crushed form the best and reputed harvesters from Thailand and Malaysia. They make sure that the kratom they are importing is of consistent quality and that there are no issues with the leaves.

The brand’s team is entirely focused on building a trustworthy reputation in the kratom market. They prioritize the satisfaction and comfort of their customers above everything else. The brand aims to lead the kratom market based on its quality products and fantastic customer service.

  • Forms Of Kratom

Mitragyna is one of nature’s extraordinary treasures. It can be used in a variety of different ways, and every customer has their preference. Some customers prefer to mix their kratom in their beverages in powdered forms.

Others lean towards capsules and extracts. MMM Speciosa sells all of its strains in powdered form.

This feature is a slight disadvantage when it comes to customers who prefer other forms of kratom. The brand, however, focuses on the quality of their strain rather than over-complicating what they are selling. All of their strains are available in the form of powders on their website.

  • Strains On Sale

There are a variety of strains of Mitragyna that are sold by different brands. These strains differ in potencies and alkaloid content. Selecting the perfect strain for yourself is a trial and error method.

MMM Speciosa has more than a dozen different strains that you can choose from and select. The brand is selling strains imported from the best harvesters of the Southeast Asian region.

Some of the strains they have on sale include Balik Bali
Bali Indah, Sunrise Bali, White Bali, Red Vein Thai, Green Malaysian, Green Vein Borneo, White Vein Borneo, White Vein Indo, White Vein Maeng Da, Green Vein Maeng.

All of the strains that are being sold by the brand are high quality and have garnered a great deal of positive response from kratom users online.

  • Lab TestingLab testing

Another critical factor that comes into play when deciding on a kratom vendor is lab testing. If a vendor does not have its products adequately tested, there can be significant complications arising from that.

MMM Speciosa does not have any mention of lab tests on their website. Furthermore, they do not have their lab results displayed either. This absence of lab reports raises questions of purity and quality and confuses the customers.

  • Is The Brand Making False Medical Claims?

When it comes to Mitragyna, there are a lot of regulations in place by the FDA. Even though there are myriads of reviews online raving about the benefits of kratom, it is not allowed to make medical claims about the substance. Any brand that makes such claims can be held legally responsible.

MMM Speciosa prioritizes the comfort of their customers. They make no medical claims about their products. Furthermore, they have mentioned that their products do not serve health purposes.

The brand lets their customers speak for the products and have, therefore collected a large number of positive reviews online.

  • What Do The Customers Think?

When it comes to an industry like kratom, the reputation of a company is decided by the customers. There are various forums explicitly meant for the reviews of the plant.

Before choosing a vendor, it is essential to go through the reviews about the vendor that are present online. MMM Speciosa has a positive image online. There are hardly any issues with the quality of their kratom leaves.

Users online have raved about how potent their strains are. Their customer care has also received a lot of praise online. The only thing customers are worried about is the high price tags of MMM Speciosa products.

Many users online believe that the price of the products being sold is not worth the products. Many people online have shifted to alternative vendors because of the sky-high prices of the products from the brand.

  • Shipping and Paymentshipping and delievery

The shipping and payment methods being accepted by a brand can also attract customers. Due to complications between credit card companies and kratom brands, a lot of kratom companies are not accepting credit card payments.

This restriction is highly inconvenient as most customers prefer payment using their credit or debit cards because of their ease and accessibility. MMM Speciosa accepts payment via credit cards. Furthermore, they also accept cashier’s checks, money orders and postal money.

As far as the shipping of the orders is considered, the brand delivers via USPS First Class, Priority Mail and Express Priority Mail. The company also has the option of delivery via FedEx. The orders that are dispatched before 2 p.m. are shipped on the same day.

The same day shipping ensures fast delivery of the orders being sent. Most orders are delivered within 2-3 business days.

In the case of USPS Express Priority Mail, the orders reach your doorstep in 1-2 days. These options in delivery and payment methods show that the brand is concerned with the comfort of its customers.

Many customers have received their orders earlier than they expected. All the orders are professionally packed and labelled.

  • Return PolicyReturn Policy 1

MMM Speciosa surprisingly does not have a return policy in place. The absence of a return policy appears quite shady when you take their quality into account.

However, the brand has explained the reason for the absence of a return policy. The brand does not accept refunds or returns because of the danger of product contamination.

They urge the customers to contact them in case of an unsatisfactory product. They have their contact page open and answer the concerns of the customers. In the case of any issue or problem, the brand promises to try to make it right.

  • Transparency

When it comes to kratom brands, transparency is imperative. Multiple brands in the market do not have proper information displayed. This absence of information makes tracking the companies impossible, and they often scam customers.

MMM Speciosa believes that their customers should be prioritized above everything else. The brand is transparent and accepts all customer queries. They have teams that respond to customer emails within official timings.

All the emails received after official timings are answered the following business day. The brand has nothing to hide and urges customers to contact them in the case of any issue.

They have email as well as their phone number mentioned on their site so that the customers can easily reach the brand.

  • Customer ServiceCustomer Service

The customers have repeatedly praised the brand’s customer service. The brand leaves no stones unturned in making sure that the shopping experience at their website is smooth and easy. They promptly reply to the queries of the customers.

Furthermore, multiple reviews are commending the brand for the gifts that they send in with their orders. There is hardly any negative review regarding the customer services of MMM Speciosa.

In an industry as vocal as Mitragyna, having customers who are happy with the customer services of a brand is a big green signal. The brand is also open to concerns regarding unsatisfactory products.


MMM Speciosa has more than a dozen different strains on sale. Some of their best sellers include the Plantation Maeng Da and the Baik Bali strains. Many customers call the brand’s Plantation MD strain as the best one they have tried till date. Customers rave about the potency of the strain and have also said that it helps them focus. The Baik Bali strain has been associated with fantastic stress and anxiety-relieving properties. Other than these strains, the green Malay is also a fan favorite.

How Does MMM Speciosa Compare With Other Brands?

MMM Speciosa stands out from traditional kratom brand when it comes to the quality and customer service provided by them. The brand is also accepting credit card payments which are a significant plus point when you compare it with other brands.

However, there is a major problem that comes with the products from MMM Speciosa. The prices of the products from the brand are way higher than the rates of standard traditional brands.

Some strains from the brand have been priced at a high 99.99 $ for 250 grams. Users online have complained about this pricing and the brand has lost customers due to it.

Social Media Presence

Another critical factor that comes into play with Mitragyna vendors is their presence on social media platforms. Especially for online vendors, being active on social media is imperative. MMM Speciosa has accounts on both Facebook and Twitter.

However, they have not been active over the past few years at all. The last tweet the brand sent out was in 2017. This inactivity can work to a brand’s disadvantage.

Moreover, for people who browse for vendors on social media platforms, the inactivity of the brand can be a big negative.

  • Free Stuff

This perk is something that takes the sting off of the high prices when it comes to MMM Speciosa strains. The brand offers free stuff with every order. All customers receive 25grams of free kratom with every order that they place.

  • Discounts and Coupons

The brand also has regular sales going on. They have discount coupon codes available at online kratom forums. Furthermore, if you buy the kratom strains in bulk, you also get added discounts.

  • Bulk Availability

For people who prefer to buy kratom in large amounts, MMM Speciosa has the option for bulk buying available. This option is advantageous when compared with a lot of other brands that need to be emailed if a customer wishes to buy bulk kratom.

  • Website Design

For any online store, the website design is critical. The website should not be overly complicated, nor should it be too archaic. Although the site for MMM Speciosa is not that hard to use, it is quite outdated and clunky when it comes to the design. The brand would do well if they updated their website design to look more sleek and developed.

  • Sky High Pricing

This negative point is probably the biggest concern of the people with MMM Speciosa products. The brand prices its products way higher than traditional brands. Many customers have moved on from the brand simply because they have found cheaper alternatives. Because of this reason, the vendor loses a lot of its customers.

  • Absence Of Lab Reports

The brand does not have any lab reports on display, nor have they mentioned lab tests in the descriptions of their strains. This absence of lab reports is extremely disadvantageous because it raises questions about the quality and purity of their products.

Our Verdict

MMM Speciosa does not have any alarming red flags when it comes to the quality of their products. The brand has been repeatedly praised for the fantastic customer service and care that they offer.

Moreover, there are myriads of users that swear by the MMM Speciosa strains. Finding a good and reliable kratom vendor is a challenge these days, and this brand is undoubtedly one worth trying.

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