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Canopy Botanicals is a quite famous vendor in the Kratom market. This vendor is based in North Carolina and is renowned for its low prices mainly.

While having to pay less money for Kratom is undoubtedly an advantage, this should not distract a diligent customer from asking several important questions.

In this article, we will be focusing on answering many questions, like; Are the products of high-quality? Are the products lab-tested? What are the shortcomings of this brand?

Key Features Of Canopy Botanicals

1) Are The Products Provided Lab-Tested and Is There GMP Compliance?

This is an essential factor to consider for many reasons. It shows the commitment of the vendor to not only satisfy customers but also to promote safe products. It ensures that the customer will be secure in buying from the brand.

However, this cannot be applied to Canopy Botanicals, for the simple reason that no indication has been made on the website that there were any lab-tests.

Even if there are not any lab tests, some sort of safety would have been ensured by complying with the GMP standards. But even in this aspect, Canopy Botanicals has made no indication that they have met these standards.

2) Different Forms Of Kratom Offered

Kratom is offered in only one form, which is powder. There are many strains offered, like; Maeng Da Kratom, Gold Vein, Red Vein, Malay, Thai, White Vein, etc. When it comes to quantity, customers can choose from the following options; 25, 125, 250 grams, and 1 Kilo.

3) Quality Of The Products Offered

Research and reviews indicate that the quality of the products is excellent. Another factor that reinforces this is the positive reputation that Canopy Botanicals has in the Kratom market. However, this can be questioned considering that no lab tests have been provided and no indication has been made as to compliance with GMP standards.

4) Packaging

The packaging is quite attractive; it has pretty designs, appealing colors, and is simple at the same time. For Kratom specifically, simple plastic is used for packaging. The way it is packed makes it easier for the customers to open and store it. For other products, like soap, handwoven bags are used.

5) Shipping

On their website, Canopy Botanicals has promised quick processing of orders and timely shipping. The vendor only ships in the United States.

However, there are some states that they will not ship to, like; Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin.

USPS is used to ship products. First Class Mail, unfortunately, is only available for orders weighing over 13 oz. The other option is USPS Priority Mail, which costs around 8 USD, and takes 2 – 3 days. It is important to note that on the website, they don’t guarantee delivery on the specified date.

However, should any customer encounter any problems, they can get in touch with the representatives. Reviews suggest that their customer service is available during weekdays, and is quite impeccable.

6) Payment Options

There are many methods allowed for payment; CoinPayments.net (includes Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies), ZellePay, Purchase order, Mail (check or money order). It may be disappointing to hear that Canopy Botanicals does not accept credit cards as a mode of payment. Many prefer this option because it is quick and straightforward.

7) Kratom Alternatives Offered By Canopy Botanicals

There are so many products offered by Canopy Botanicals, like; Handmade Soaps, Teas, Spices and Seasonings, and Apparel.
In the category of Teas, you will find products like; Earl Gray Tea, Ambrosia Tea, and Chamomile Flowers, etc.

The prices, in this category, range between 1 USD – 10 USD. For quantity, customers don’t have many options; the only options are 2 and 8 ounces.

In the category of Spices and Seasonings, there are many products available, like; Turmeric Powder, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, and Cayenne Powder, etc.

Again, there aren’t any options for quantity; 2 and 8 ounces the only options being available. The range of prices is 2 USD – 8 USD.

For the category of Handmade Soaps, you will find products like; Brown Super Fig, Honey Almond, and Lavender Oil, etc. The prices, in this category, range between 4 USD – 5 USD. The weight of the soaps is 4.73 oz.

In the category of Apparel, products like Aluminium Water Bottle and Snapback Hats are available. The prices, in this category, range between 10 USD – 22 USD.

Most Popular Products Offered By Canopy Botanicals

Reviews indicate that the most popular product is Gold Bali Kratom. This product helps with relieving anxiety. By using this product, users will find their mental cognitive abilities have improved, and the energy levels will also increase. It also helps with pain relief.

Another highly-rated product is the Maeng Da Kratom strain. This product not only helps with headaches and pain relief, but it also helps with anxiety and stress. Aside from assisting the user in boosting awareness, it also helps the user achieve better sleep.

Prices Charged By Canopy Botanicals In Comparison With Competing Brands

The costs for every strain are the same. However, for every quantity, there are different charges. For the amount of 25 grams, customers are charged 3.80 USD. For the quantity of 125 grams, the price is 15 USD. The price for the 250 grams’ quantity is 25 USD. And lastly, for 1 Kilo, the charges are 79 USD.

Now, let’s compare these prices with a competitor. Customers are charged 3.80 USD for the product of Green Maeng Da Kratom (25 grams) by Canopy Botanicals. Bio Kratom charges the same product, in the same quantity, around 9 USD.

As can be seen, there is a significant difference in the prices charged. So, customers who are looking for cheap Kratom products, Canopy Botanicals is the perfect vendor for them.

Those who are looking for further reductions or still find the regular prices high have the chance of getting discounts. These discounts can be achieved by adopting specific payment methods. If a customer pays through CoinPayments.net, they will get a 10% discount. Or if customers choose to pay through ZellePay, they get a discount of 8%,

Social Media Presence Of Canopy Botanicals

Canopy Botanicals is part of only one social media platform, which is Facebook. This aspect is disappointing, considering they could have used the many advantages social media offers and grow their business. What makes this worse is the fact that they are not even active on Facebook (their last post was in 2016).

However, the fact that they allow their customers to subscribe to the newsletter may overcome this setback. This feature will allow them to update their customers and remain in touch with them.

Does Canopy Botanicals Make Any False Medical Claims?

There may be a concern that Canopy Botanicals may make false medical claims. However, nothing on the website highlights that.

They have not even included simply product descriptions, let alone benefits or claims, that might result in them being accused of the said offense.

Furthermore, they have also mentioned in every products’ page that the FDA has not evaluated the site. They have also highlighted the fact that the products are not sold for consumption and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any ailment.

The fact that they require their customers to be above 18 shows that they are engaging in ethical business practices.

Negative Points Of Canopy Botanicals

A significant concern is that no lab tests have been provided by Canopy Botanicals that would guarantee to the customers that the products are safe.

One way they could have overcome this shortcoming was to at least comply with the GMP standards, but they probably have not done that either. This factor is very concerning, especially considering the reservations laid down by the FDA with regards to Kratom being contaminated. There is a risk of Salmonella and heavy metal poisoning. Having positive lab tests quashes such doubts.

The concern of bad-quality products is further reinforced by the fact that the prices are very low. Low prices are usually celebrated, but extreme low prices immediately arouse suspicion. And this wariness is generally towards the quality.

Another concern is that Canopy Botanicals only offers products in the powder form. Hence, it may not be the ideal vendor for those who prefer capsules over powder.

There may be many reasons why some customers may not like the powder form; it may be the taste or the smell. If Canopy Botanicals does start selling capsules, there is a good chance that the business might grow. This is because many people desire capsules for reasons, like; it is easier to consume and carry around, etc.

For shipping, customers are mainly left with only one option. So those customers, who want fast shipment, may not be satisfied with this option. As a result, they might prefer other vendors, who do provide the choice of next-day shipping.

Our Verdict

Canopy Botanicals is, indeed, a good brand. Their low prices and availability of different strains make them the ideal vendor.

However, one can’t ignore the shortcomings of the brand. These may be the lack of lab tests, the strict return policy, and the lack of different forms offered.

Hence, when buying from Canopy Botanicals, one should be careful and conduct proper research.

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