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Story Of The Brand

With the increase in the demand and supply of kratom, many brands and vendors have appeared in the market. It becomes difficult for the customer to sift the quality vendors from the sub-standard ones. A poor quality kratom product can cause plenty of medical complications for the consumer. It is essential to choose a trust-worthy vendor because of these reasons. PA Botanicals is currently one of the leading kratom brands in the market.

PA Botanicals is a family-owned botanical shop located in Pennsylvania. The company expanded to an online store. The brand strictly controls the quality of the products that they are selling. They make sure that the customer is prioritized above everything else.

Key Features Of The Brand

1) Forms Of Kratom They Are Selling

When kratom is concerned, customer preference varies from customer to customer. Many people prefer to mix kratom powder into their everyday drinks while other users prefer to take kratom capsules.

PA Botanicals make sure that every customer’s preference is catered to. They sell kratom in the form of powders, extracts, tinctures, tablets, and enhanced kratom. This extensive range of kratom options allows the customers to be more definitive about their choice.

shipping and delievery2) Shipping

The vendor offers various shipping options to their customers, depending upon the buyer’s need and urgency. First-class shipping on orders below 149.99$ costs just 3.99$ for 10 oz. of the product.

Above 149.99$, there is free shipping of the products. There is also the option of priority shipping via USPS, which costs the customer 6.99$. If you need your products instantly, there is priority express available which costs $29.99.

Lab testing3) Lab Reports

The brand already follows a rigorous quality control practice that follows three huge steps. Furthermore, the brand makes sure that no compromise is made when it comes to purity and quality. Even the slightest contamination in a kratom product can result in serious difficulties.

The brand believes in utter transparency and has all of its products tested by third-party labs. The results of these tests are regularly updated on the PA Botanicals website and can easily be viewed by the customers. This transparency is evidently, a proof of the company’s confidence in its products.

dollarsign4) Prices

The price range of PA Botanicals products is exceptionally economical. Their kratom powders start from a mere 6.99$ for a quantity of 1 oz.

The rates gradually increase among various strains. Their kratom capsules start from 14.99$. This company has something for you even if you are on a tight budget.

payment methods5) Payment Methods

There are several different payment options available to the customers of PA Botanicals. The buyers can pay for their order using a cashier’s check, a money order, an e-check, and a bank transfers. They also accept credit/debit cards.

6) How Ethical Is The Brand

Their kratom is of the most exceptional quality and is obtained from trusted harvesters belonging to Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is the home of kratom and PA Botanicals makes sure that the leaves that they are collecting for their products are of the best quality. They choose only the best plants that further undergo strict and thorough screening before they are processed.

Top Strains

They have quite a selection of different Kratom strains to choose from. Their high kratom powder strains include Green Malay Kratom Powder and Bali Kratom Powder. Both these strains are best-sellers and have raving positive reviews on the website. Their capsules contain White, red and green Maeng Da Capsules.

The vendor looks out for its customers and facilitates them by providing regular discounts on their product range. They also have a reward program that lets the customers earn points for every order that they make. They also have a military discount for veterans and currently serving officers.

The brand is very active when it comes to social media. They have social media accounts and pages on all the leading social media platforms. These pages are updated continuously. This presence improves the brand’s image and attracts customers towards the brand.

There is a full refund available within 30 days of buying a PA Botanical product is it is unopened or at least 90% unused. If a customer is unsatisfied with the quality of the products, they are encouraged to contact the brand via email and share their concerns and complaints.

A customer can track their order through the website. They are informed periodically via email about the status of their order. The location of the order can be tracked at any time using the order number.

There were a few online reviews on Reddit about PA Botanical products that discussed the inferiority of some of their products and lack of customer attention and care. However, a representative of the company responded to these reviews almost instantly. The complaints were addressed, and the problems of those buyers were dealt with.

There is a 5$ refund fee applicable when a customer asks for a product to be refunded.

Our Verdict

PA Botanicals is one such vendor that has managed to sell budget-friendly kratom products without compromising on the quality. This is the reason why this vendor is currently leading the US kratom market.

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