EZ Kratom Review – Powder, Leaf, and Capsules

Every year, more and more people are discovering the benefits of Kratom. The popularity of Kratom is also adding up to its high demand. But it can be challenging to search the best Kratom seller online.

Finding a high-quality Kratom vendor to buy Kratom online on an affordable price is difficult and requires a lot of effort and time. There are many shady websites that sell low-grade Kratom. It is hard to judge a seller this way, except when someone refers a top quality Kratom seller.

All these online Kratom discussion forums suggest many trusted Kratom sellers along with sharing user reviews. This review of EZ Kratom will explain the best about this new Kratom seller and why should anyone trust it. Before that, lets quickly check the things that make a Kratom vendor reliable.

What to look for in a Kratom vendor?

When it comes to hard earned money, everyone wants to spend it wisely on something that provides some real benefits and contentment. All Kratom users want high-quality Kratom products.

The bottom line here is that not all top Kratom sellers are the cheapest. Usually, all those people who spend a good amount on importing best Kratom strains sell it on a moderate price.

However poor quality strains are available at a very low price with a misleading product description. Do not let this confuse you. Before buying Kratom from any online source, remember the following things.

  • Kratom doesn’t grow anywhere in the world except Southeast Asia.
  • It is not always available in purest forms.
  • Kratom capsules are more expensive than powders.
  • Kratom is not legal in all parts of the world.

There is no way to evaluate Kratom without using it, which is why it is necessary to buy it from a reputed source. The low-grade Kratom will also have some effects, but those effects are not the as good as those of high-quality Kratom strains.

Only by adding some effort and spending more than what sounds “cheap” for Kratom, anyone can buy a high-quality product from a top Kratom seller online.

An overview of EZ Kratom

EZ Kratom is a US-based Kratom seller that was founded a couple of years ago. It is located in Holiday, Florida and mainly deals with wholesale Kratom purchase. Despite being in business for a few years, many people are not aware of it.

Most of its buyers are the old customers that are now a frequent purchaser of EZ Kratom products. Only after the online Kratom forums became popular, people are talking about their satisfactory experience with EZ Kratom. That is how it is now becoming popular among people.

This article will take a look at the company and what it sells to the customers. The assessment will be fair and neutral to make it easy for the readers to judge its credibility.

The basic about EZ Kratom

Typing EZ Kratom on Google will help you to access the company’s webpage. The website is easy to explore with all the information you may need. As per their website, the company was founded by two men who wanted a fair price Kratom to be available for Kratom community. It makes sense because the company is based in the US and the Kratom that it sells is imported from Southeast Asian ports.

Without importing it from these natural areas, there is no way to buy the best Kratom leaf powder at a reasonable price. Also, this online selling shop is a big facility since it is easy for most people to access Kratom this way. Following is the address of EZ Kratom’s US head office. You may track it if you live nearby.

E-Z Distribution
6235 Massachusetts Ave
Unit #2
New Port Richey, FL.

What does it sell?

A glance at the web-store tells that it sells Kratom powder, capsules, and extracts. The tagline of the site says, “No Fillers. No Additives. 100% Kratom.” The very first option on the homepage is Shop Kratom, and it further gives you three categories.

  • Kratom powder at Wholesale
  • Wholesale ultra enhanced Kratom powder
  • Wholesale Kratom extracts

It is easy to understand especially since they have categorized their products in three sub-groups so that a user may click his required product. It is simple, to the point, and easy, assuring the visitors that the company is giving them all options in Kratom.

What is best about EZ Kratom?

Following are a few things that add points for EZ Kratom to be a reputed online Kratom seller.

1) A variety of products

When it comes to variety, it has a wide range of options, which is a plus point. Right now the website has no less than eighteen Kratom products in stock that includes White Horn, Red Maeng Da, Kratom capsules, Yellow Maeng Da and Ultra Enhanced varieties.

2) The Kratom sample pack

For the new Kratom users, they offer a sample pack of 4 strains for $39.95. At first, the price looks a little high, but it saves time to try all Kratom strains to find one suitable product. In this pack, there are four best-selling Kratom strains, each one of which is in a 28g pack. Every customer has a choice to select the four strains by himself.

3) Price affordability

Most of the Kratom powders at EZ Kratom start from $45.00, which is a reasonable price for the superior quality Kratom strains. Note that this initial price is for 250grams of Kratom, which is a big amount for this price.

Most of the Kratom seller offers tiny packing, i.e., 28 grams on low price but do not let it fool you. The price of ultra enhanced Kratom strains starts from $77.60. The Gold Full Spectrum Kratom Powder Extract here starts its price at $106.80.

EZ Kratom is not the cheapest Kratom seller, but it has the best Kratom products to offer.

4) Facilitates big orders

Ordering from EZ Kratom gives you an option to buy as low as 250g and as high as 10 kg (10,000 grams) in one go. This is probably the highest that you can order from any Kratom seller.

5) Priority shipment

The first time customers of EZ Kratom will get their order in the around five days after their payment is preceded. Shipment is free with USPS, and the package will not say “Kratom” anywhere on it. If someone misses receiving the order, contact the nearest FedEx office for pickup.

6) Cash on delivery service

One of the unique features of EZ Kratom is that it offers cash on delivery service subject to full payment and ID verification. Before you checkout from the site, select the preferred shopping method to be COD before placing the order. The order will be shipped through FedEx/USPS/UPS, and you have to pay them for your ordered package.

In addition, it also accepts Cashier’s check and Money Order payable to business name (EZ Distributor). All COD orders are shipped the same day.

** The COD has no shipment charges through USPS (United States Postal Service) within the USA.

7) Customer care line

The company welcomes questions and queries regarding their working and the products that they sell. To get in touch with them, send an email at [email protected] [email protected].

For general queries, you may call them at +1 (727) 389-7121. For details on pick-up, call at +1 (727) 505-7097. Additionally, their webpage has an online form to submit questions. Their working hours are

Monday to Friday, 10.00 AM– 8 PM ET
Saturday, 10 AM – 2 PM ET

They can also be accessed at

8) EZ Kratom coupon system

EZ Kratom accepts coupon codes that are readily available online. Anyone who finds these coupons may enter the codes mentioned on the coupons to get a price reduction on total price.

What are people saying about it?

Most of the people on online forums are calling EZ Kratom one of the best Kratom sellers. A Reddit user declared EZ Kratom to be his new favorite Kratom distributor. The reason is quality and freshness of Kratom products. Although people on a short or limited budget may sometime criticize EZ Kratom to be overpriced, it is far better than paying for a substandard green powder labeled as Kratom at shady websites.

Another Reddit user shares his experience with his first purchase from EZ Kratom to be highly satisfactory. He is impressed with the quality and effects of his specific Kratom strain. The notable thing here is that the red Maeng Da bought from EZ Kratom helped him to quit opiates within days.

A frequent buyer from EZ Kratom shares his three years long experience with the company to be great. He said that he is happy with the product quality and service. He also appreciates the quick response to his emails. All these users recommend new and existing Kratom users to try EZ Kratom for their next purchase.

Legal status of Kratom

Make sure that you are living in an area that has no regulations on Kratom. Even though Kratom is getting famous as a medicinal herb, it is illegal in many states of the USA and a majority of the parts in the world. Following countries have put a complete ban on Kratom’s sale and purchase.

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Latvia, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Kratom is legal in the US except for a few states. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the local laws before placing an order online at EZ Kratom seller. The company does not deliver to these areas.

Final comments on EZ Kratom

To summarize, EZ Kratom has a lot more to offer than any other Kratom supplier. It is a reputed Kratom selling company that shows its commitment to facilitate all customers.

All the Kratom purchased through EZ Kratom follows secrecy in shipment and 100% secure payment system. There is no harm to consider it for buying next Kratom strains. Give them a try and let us know in the comments what you think of this Kratom vendor.

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