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The ‘golden standard’ kratom extract, the Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) kratom, is much loved by the users because of its strong potency. It offers a host of benefits and usually falls in line with your needs.

Nevertheless, kratom has been a magical herb for many people to deal with their opiate addiction.

It has been a ‘life-changing plant’ according to many users, enabling them to have positive thoughts and stabilized their energy levels.

However, UEI has served the users at another level. You should be watchful that not every vendor offers the real UEI kratom.

Even though they label it as 100% UEI but the actual product they are selling is the regular kratom.

In this article, we’ve got you covered with the 5 best Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom vendors. But first, let’s understand what Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom is and why is it the top-selling variety.

We will also then, talk about where you can buy UEI kratom online and offline as well as the dos and don’ts of buying kratom. Lastly, you will find the points to consider before buying UEI kratom.

What Is Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom?

Why Is It The Top-Selling Variety Of Kratom?

Native to Indonesia, UEI kratom is said to have remarkable medicinal properties. It has been used by the locals to treat chronic pain, anxiety, diarrhea etc. for centuries.

The UEI is dark in color and is a mixture of all three of kratom’s signature series; the red-, white- and green-vein types and has an extra punch of kratom alkaloids added on top.

The processing technique of UEI is different than regular kratom. For UEI, a specialized technique is followed that adds or preserves more alkaloid content inside.

It is the premium quality kratom because its leaves are hand-harvested from the deep forest, out of which the best quality ones are picked and added to water in copious amounts.

These are then boiled to achieve dense and concentrated resins. The resulting resins are grinded and added in the regular kratom powder.

This harvesting and processing technique makes UEI far richer in its alkaloid content than the standard kratom.

Due to its high alkaloid content, UEI requires very little dosage for a powerful effect that also lasts longer. It is said to have 1500 mg of pure alkaloids, more than the regular strains.

Its full spectrum of effects and an excellent duration of action among other reasons, make it a top-selling variety of kratom.

In addition, UEI also exhibits painkilling properties. At low doses, it provides some extra boost of energy for you during the day, whereas at higher doses, it provides strong sedation.

Besides that, it also helps users relieve anxiety and feel good. It is further known as a great mood lifter.

The results you want from UEI entirely depend upon the alkaloid content in the powder. The higher the level of alkaloids in a strain, the higher would be its therapeutic potential.

Having known this, you should also know that high alkaloid level inside any kratom strain is based on:

  • High altitude areas
  • Deep forests
  • Young juicy leaves
  • Leaves processed at low heat
  • Leaves used with stems and veins

This implies that young juicy leaves picked from the deep forest in high altitude areas that are processed at low heat along with their stems and leaves will produce the top-notch UEI having a high alkaloid level.

So, select a vendor that sources the Kratom from high altitude areas and deep forests, a vendor that sources Kratom from farmers who are expert in harvesting young juicy leaves and a vendor who is able to process the leaves in a state of the art facility.

Where To Buy UEI Kratom Powder Online?

1) Ultra Enhanced Indo, $29.95 for 28 Grams At Supernatural Botanicals

Ultra Enhanced Kratom SNB
Image Credit: SNB

Supernatural Botanicals believes in providing the highest quality kratom. It’s been a long time that they are in the market so they are experts when it comes to kratom.

Located in Torrance CA, Supernatural Botanicals goes at length to satisfy their customers in the best possible way. They guarantee value addition and quality control to ensure customer satisfaction.

Supernatural Botanicals deals with all the strains of premium quality kratom but Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom is the excellent choice for someone who wants the full-spectrum range of its effects.

They provide fresh UEI kratom at discounted prices online, starting from as low as $30 for 10g.

The products are shipped directly to you if kratom is legal in your state. They also offer free shipping for orders above $50.

Customers reaffirm their products’ efficacy and report the delivered products to be exactly as they were advertised on the website.


2) Ultra Enhanced Indo, $45.99 for 5 Grams At Kratora

Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratora
Image Credit: Kratora

Kratora also offers a wide variety of organic kratom from reliable growers. They have been supplying kratom for over six years now.

Additionally, they offer free shipping for orders of $50 or more with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This implies that they will fully refund your amount within 30 days if you are not satisfied with what you got.

Known for its high-quality kratom products, Kratora supplies freshly packaged and finely ground plain-leaf kratom powder which is fairly priced too.

They remain fully stocked the whole year round and also provide the atypical strains of kratom like UEI.

Experienced users can stock up on UEI kratom and cut down their cost because of its intensified effects.

Kratora’s rates for UEI start from $46 for 5 grams (18oz). They also reward you with points per purchase which you can redeem later.


3) Ultra Enhanced Indo, $49.99 for 28 Grams At Pur Kratom

Ultra Enhaned Indo PurKratom
Image Credit: PurKratom

PurKratom holds pride in being recognized by American Kratom Association for being a vendor compliant with GMP standard program.

It prioritizes customer satisfaction, providing free as well as same-day shipping for orders placed till 3 pm from Monday to Friday.

PurKratom offers a wide range of kratom products to choose from with 30-day money-back guarantee. They also deal with the UEI kratom with a starting price of $50.

Providing one of the best quality kratom, they are committed to meeting your needs.

Customers have reviewed their products to have good results and are dedicated to buying kratom again from them.


4) Red Devil 10x Ultra Enhanced, $22.95 for 28 Grams At Ketum Superior Kratom

ketum 28g red devil
Image Credit: Ketum Superior

At Ketum Store, the management is amused to have specialized in high-quality kratom extracted from the jungles of Southeast Asia.

They also provide free shipping as well as shipping on the same day for orders placed till 2 pm except the weekends.

They supply Ultra Enhanced Kratom by the name Red Devil 10x and Ultra Red 50x at fair prices. Each large sized capsule contains approximately 750mg of Red Devil 10x Enhanced with a starting price of $23.

They also offer a wide range of kratom products to choose from with money-back guarantee for unopened pouches. Ketum Store has been rated more than 9 out of 10, based on the user reviews.


5) Ultra Enhanced Indo, $10 for 50 Grams At Kratom Wave

Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Wave
Image Credit: Kratom Wave

If you want a guaranteed, fresh and premium quality kratom, Kratom Wave is also a good choice. Your product will be at your doorstep the same day if you place the order by 2 pm.

Located in Texas, they offer more than 20 different varieties of kratom.

Also, they run massive discount offers, promotions as well as free shipping to help you save a few bucks and make kratom shopping a pleasant experience for you.

They further have the option of scheduling your shipment for the next day from Monday to Thursday.

Kratom Wave contains more than 3000 certified reviews from verified customers.

Most of the customers are long term shoppers, buying kratom from them for years. Many customers are super impressed with the quality of their products at great prices.

Brands like Legalherbalshop.com and kratomlounge.com also supply high-quality natural, organic kratom products you can have a look at.

They also provide kratom as pre-formed capsules along with powder-form, crushed leaves, and tablets.


Where To Buy UEI Kratom Powder Offline?

Unless you reside in a region highly popular for having premium quality kratom, it is difficult to find a reliable local source for buying kratom.

Here are a few places where you can find kratom in various forms in the local market.

  • Head shops
  • Vape stores
  • Shops at gas stations
  • Bars in hotels
  • Kava bars

What essential here, is to ensure that you are aware of the product you are getting.

However, this is not completely possible in the offline world. This is the reason why buying kratom online is far better an option.

Online is where you can acquire all the details about the products, how it is processed, stored, etc.

Hundreds and thousands of reviews from long term customers and their experiences are also at hand, at the vendors’ websites.

Shopping kratom online is also quite easy and overwhelming. You can buy the product of your choice at your desired quantity, just with a few clicks in the comforts of your home.

Nevertheless, the reality is that anyone can create his website and fake the product he is selling.

With the growing popularity and demand for kratom, a lot of unreliable vendors have also popped up.

It is hence, difficult to figure out which website is legitimate and will deliver the exact product you are paying for. This is especially critical when you are buying items like kratom that affect your health.

Whether you choose to buy kratom online or offline, is totally up to your preference.

There are, however, some dos and don’ts that you should consider. Here’s a reflection upon them.

Buying UEI Kratom Online (Dos and Don’ts)

Dos For Buying Kratom Online

  • Buy From Websites Or Vendors Who Are Reliable And Well-Known

As I said earlier, making new websites is very easy, as of today. New and inexperienced sellers can start dealing with sensitive products like kratom.

They either have a lack of awareness about kratom or just go off to unrealistic advertisements, just to make money.

So you should be very cautious of such vendors and make sure the one you choose has ‘been there and done that’.

  • Take Part In Conversations With Experienced Users

Forums like Reddit, have quite a lot of threads where users talk about various issues regarding kratom.

You should be an activist on such forums, keeping an eye on the latest developments and news.

Ask the experienced users about trustworthy sellers whose products are real and pure.

  • Prefer Websites That Have Easy Shipping And Return Policy

Choose websites that have same-day shipping policy or the ones who ship the next day at most, excluding weekends and public holidays.

This includes the ones who offer free shipping and no questions asked return policy if you are not satisfied.

  • Always Select Vendors Who Have A Detailed Description Of Their Products

Vendors like Supernatural Botanicals, describe their products at length to make shopping easier for their customers. Always go for such vendors.

As for me, I would never go for sellers who have not included a comprehensive description of their products to avoid the post-shipping hassle.

  • Choose Websites Who Have Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

It is important to ensure that your vendor offers a satisfaction guarantee for you. This will help you know that you are given the right to ask for a refund in case you are not happy with what you get.

Just as the world’s largest retailer, Amazon, offers the guarantee program to ensure full customer satisfaction.

The Don’ts For Buying Kratom Online

  • Don’t Buy From Websites That Lack Customer Reviews

Almost all of the esteemed online sellers have verified customer reviews.

Users share their experiences with the vendors and their products to enable newcomers to evaluate their service and get an idea of the quality of their products.

Online vendors who focus on providing quality products mostly get very good reviews from customers who also pledge to buy again from them.

Don’t shop from vendors who lack this feature of verified customer reviews.

  • Don’t Buy From Websites That Seem Doubtful

Websites which contain a host of popping up ads on your screen is a definite red flag that you should be careful about.

Although they might be legit, it is generally unwise to shop from sites that don’t have a good web design.

This includes pages that look erroneous, having inappropriate grammar, incorrect sentence structure and difficult navigation.

There might be a few exceptions to this but this goes as a general rule.

  • Don’t Buy Kratom From Auction Sites

Having a bargain from your online vendor is vulnerable. It is though, not a good idea for products like kratom, which directly impact your health and are constantly under controversy.

This is because vendors on auction sites might offer a huge bargain to attract customers for their misrepresented articles. As a newbie, you should never fall prey to such predators.

What To Consider Before Buying Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom?

1) Location

Although kratom can be grown anywhere and some suppliers do deal with the home-grown kratom products, these are not always ideal.

Good quality Kratom needs a humid environment along with rich soil with a lot of nutrients. These conditions are crucial for kratom’s efficacy it is demanded for.

Having said so, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and some parts of Southeast Asia are the actual grounds for growing kratom.

These areas are known to have the most suitable tropical and sub-tropical environment that best quality kratom requires.

It is, therefore, imperative to know the region where your supplier is getting the kratom strain from, to get your desired efficacious product.

The more specific a location or region mentioned by the online vendor, the better.

2) Lab Testing

Before settling for a kratom strain from a vendor, make sure that his products are 3rd party tested.

This means the products are verified by a neutral third party, which confirms whether the supplier’s claims of providing the pure and uncontaminated kratom are true.

The third-party lists all the constituents of the particular kratom product tested by them ensuring its genuineness. Thus, you should always buy from a supplier who ensures 3rd party testing.

3) Good Packaging With Dates

Most of the respected vendors have their products properly packaged with the processing details and packaging dates mentioned on the bag.

Make sure to check for the dates to avoid landing on a stale article. The nearer the packaging date from your buying date the better.

Kratom stays fresh for one to three months after being packaged immediately after processing. Thus, it is best to use your strain within this time period for optimum results.

4) Bright Green Color

The color of the kratom powder reflects its state of freshness. The fresh strain has a deep and bright green color. A shade of brown reflects a sign of oxidation.

Also, the bright green color is reflective of the correct harvest time. You can assess the freshness of your product by sprinkling some powder on a piece of white paper.

5) Legal Status

Before buying kratom from a vendor, first, reaffirm its legal status in the state you live in.

Although kratom is legal in most states, there are some states where it is banned or regulated for use.

That said, you should have awareness about its status in your region to keep safe from any untoward action against you.

The Final Verdict

Since the picture related to UEI kratom and its legitimate vendors is now clear, hopefully so, you will find it easier to pick and choose the best vendor for you.

You can then expect a good return on investment and rest assured to have spent your money on quality products.

You can buy your first batch of kratom at Supernatural Botanicals, for which the customers have claimed to be worth given a try.

If you put the knowledge in this article to use, it will not only make your kratom journey a pleasant experience but will also enable you to make your story a success.

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