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What Is Borneo Kratom? Why Is It The Top-Selling Variety Of Kratom?

Borneo is known to be one of the three largest islands of the world and is the largest island in Asia alone. It is a high altitude island located north of Java, east of Sumatra and west of Sulawesi.

The Kratom leaves obtained from this island are rich in unique alkaloids, commonly known as Borneo Kratom.

Due to the vast area covered by this island, it is exposed to different types of weather. This leads to the diversity in the Borneo Kratom strains obtained from the wild trees of this island.

Kratom benefits may have recently gotten recognition in the west, but it has been used for medicinal purposes in Borneo for thousands of years now.

Borneo Kratom is known to be the top-selling variety of Kratom due to its medicinally potent properties compared to the other strains.

Borneo Kratom comes in four different forms depending on the color of the veins present on the leaves. These forms include the following;

1) Red Vein Borneo

  • This Kratom strain is famous for its strong pain-relieving properties along with mild sedative effects.
  • Red Borneo is recommended by a significant number of users to relieve chronic pain.
  • It is also known to have mood-enhancing features and is suitable for the relaxation of mind and body.
  • Its effects are long-lasting.

2) White Vein Borneo

  • This strain is known to have positive effects on the mood.
  • It is said to be an ”instant antidepressant”.
  • It is ideal for people who constantly struggle with stress and anxiety.
  • It has a mild sedative effect.

3) Green Vein Borneo

  • Green Vein Borneo has both pain-relieving effects as well as anti-anxiety and relaxation properties.
  • A major advantage of this strain is that it lacks side effects even in increased dosage.

4) Yellow Vein Borneo

  • It is a rare and new strain of Borneo Kratom.
  • This type is also known for its pain-relieving properties along with its positive mood-enhancing effects.
  • It is known to cause alertness with a boost of energy under its influence.

Where To Buy Borneo Powder Online?

In this era of the internet, where half of the business is done online as it is more convenient and accessible; we found some of the places online where Borneo Kratom powder can be bought online. They are as follows:

1) White Vein Borneo, $11.95 for 28 Grams At Supernatural Botanicals

White Vein Borneo SNB
Image Credit: SNB

Supernatural Botanicals is an online store that sells Kratom. A wide range of different types of high-quality Kratom strains along with Borneo Kratom is available on this website to be bought online.

Here, it is available in powdered forms for consumption as tea and in the form of capsules as well. Kratom is sold here online at reasonable prices. Extensive details of each product is provided on the website.

Example: White Vein Borneo Kratom Powder is available at Supernatural Botanicals for $11.95 for every 28-gram bag.

2) Green Vein Borneo, $11.99 for 28 Grams At Kratora

Green Borneo Kratora
Image Credit: Kratora

Kratora is another online store where you can buy Kratom with ease. Genuine, high-quality Kratom powders and extracts are available on Kratora along with Kratom alternatives.

Kratom sold here is fresh and completely natural packed with all the significant alkaloids. Different varieties of Borneo Kratom, according to the color of the veins present on the leaves, are also available here.

Example: Wild-crafted and harvested, Green Vein Borneo Kratom powder is ready for grabs at Kratora for $11.99 for each bag weighing 28 grams.

3) Red Vein Boneo, $10.00 for 50 Grams At Kratom Wave

Red Borneo Kratom Wave
Image Credit: Kratom Wave

Kratom Wave offers Borneo capsules for sale online. They claim that their capsules relieve pain along with a couple of other benefits e.g. significantly reduced anxiety and boost of energy, in a time period as short as sixty minutes with a money-back guarantee.

They have also provided with all relevant information about Kratom on their website.

You can buy Borneo (red, white, green) Kratom capsules at $34.97 with each bottle containing 50 capsules.

4) Green Vein Borneo Capsules, $17.99 for 50 Capsules Bottle At PurKratom

Green Borneo Capsules PurKratom
Image Credit: PurKratom

PurKratom is a trusted online store where Kratom is available in different forms, assorted according to the color of the veins. Extensive information about each of their products is provided in detail on the website.

Example: Yellow Vein Borneo Kratom powder can be bought from PurKratom online at the price of $15.99 for every 1-oz bag.

5) Yellow Vein Borneo, $9.09 for 28 Grams At Authentic Kratom

Yellow Borneo Authrntic Kratom
Image Credit: Authentic Kratom

As the name suggests, pure premium strains of Kratom powder are available at Authentic Kratom according to the origin of those strains, as well as the color of the veins of Kratom leaves.

You can choose the ideal strain for you according to your situation with the help of the description provided.

Example: All four strains of Borneo Kratom are available for online purchases at Authentic Kratom at the price of $11.99 for every 1-oz bag.

Where To Buy Borneo Kratom Powder Offline?

If you are looking to buy pure Kratom powder that provides maximum benefits, it is generally advised to consider purchasing the powder online from authentic Kratom stores.

However, this option may not be suitable if you are in a hurry and require Kratom powder instantly.

In that case, you can buy these from the following types of local stores that you can find near you.

1) Smoke Shops

You can find a decent range of Kratom products at some local smoke shops. Some of the smoke shops are known to provide some of the finest strains of Kratom products.

But this is rare and might not be available at most smoke shops. The downside of buying Kratom here is that there might be no proper guarantee of the authenticity of the product.

2) Head Shops

Head shops are somewhat similar to smoke shops where you can find good varieties of Kratom strains. But Kratom might not be available at every head shop.

Purchasing Kratom powder from such shops can be risky as there is a good chance that the Kratom available there may not be genuine.

3) Gas Station Stores

Some gas station stores also stock up on Kratom powders and capsules of different strains. If you are looking for Kratom offline, this is another good option to consider.

However, at gas station stores, you might find Kratom products of varying qualities.

4) Stores Selling Cannabis or CBD Products

A wide range of good quality Kratom powders, including most strains of Borneo Kratom, can be found at the stores that are usually selling cannabis and CBD products.

CBD products and Kratom products are a lot alike. This is why it is easier to find most varieties of Kratom at such stores.

5) Kava Bars and Hotel Bars

Borneo Kratom drinks or just powder may also be available at any of the Kava bars you can find near you. You can also check at bars present inside any of the hotels.

These bars don’t just serve alcoholic drinks. They also serve herbal drinks including Kratom tea etc.

6) Vape Shops

You can also find Kratom products at vape shops that usually sell e-cigarettes and its flavors.

However, this may not be the ideal place to buy Kratom products due to legal issues and questionable purity of the products.

Dos and Don’ts of Buying Borneo Kratom Online

The Dos and Don’ts of buying Borneo Kratom online are as follows:

Do Your Research

It is essential to do your research about the vendors and the Kratom strains you require before you stick to one particular vendor that suits you the best in every aspect.

Finding reviews and opinions of the people who have used Kratom products from the same vendor may also help you.

Avoid purchasing Kratom products from online stores that don’t have good reviews or reviews at all.

Do Check Prices

You should compare prices of different types of Borneo Kratom strains available at various online Kratom stores.

However, prices at some of the most trusted Kratom vendors are more or less the same.

But this step is important before you make your final decision to purchase the product so you don’t get ripped off or end up buying a bad-quality cheap product.

Do Check For Certification Of Purity

Trusted Kratom sellers get proper lab testing conducted to check the purity of their product in order to be certified.

This is done by an official third party that has no connection with the vendors and hence, can be trusted.

This step will save you from the chances of buying adulterated forms of Borneo Kratom.

Do Consider Online Stores That Offer Easy Shipping, Return Policies and Guarantee Programs

There are several trusted Kratom vendors out there, including the ones mentioned above, who offer these perks.

Some of them provide smooth and even free shipping to people living in individual states and areas.

They also offer guarantee programs to customer satisfaction. They have a set time-limit for the return of the product if the customer is not satisfied with it.

Do Ask Around

You can ask around about any vendors you are considering, on online communities and forums.

Reddit is a good example. You might find people who have bought Kratom from the same vendors before. They can tell you about their experiences.

Don’t Buy Kratom From Unreliable Websites

Do not consider buying your Kratom products from websites you are not sure about.

These can be the ones with no genuine customer reviews, no proper information about the product on the site, confusing navigation, poorly managed website, etc. The products sold there might not be genuine.

Don’t Go For Cheaper Rates

Some unreliable websites can lure people into buying unlicensed, impure products for less money. They may offer you attractive deals as well.

But you need to keep in mind that Kratom products made with pure and genuine strains are going to be slightly costly. So, don’t be fooled.

Dos and Don’ts Of Buying Borneo Kratom Offline

The dos and don’ts of buying Kratom offline are as follows:

Do Check If It’s Legal

Before going on a hunt for Kratom products in your area, you need to find out if it is legal and safe for consumption in your state or not.

If Kratom is banned in your area, you might not be able to find it anywhere near you.

Do Look For Shops That Have A Decent Range Of Kratom Products Available

Different Kratom strains have various benefits. As we discussed earlier, Borneo Kratom has four different types based on the color of the veins.

All these types have different alkaloid combinations that provide different benefits.

So, if you are looking for a specific kind of Kratom, you may find it at a store that sells different varieties of it.

Do Ask Questions About The Product In The Store

When buying Kratom products from a local store, you should inquire about the products you purchase to ensure authenticity and safety.

You can ask about the license and purity certificate, batch number, and the manufacturer’s information.

Don’t Buy Kratom From Stores That Have A Doubtful Reputation

It’s not wise to buy your Kratom products from any local store that does not have a good reputation.

You should avoid stores that seem shady as there is a risk of you buying products that are not licensed and may be adulterated.

Don’t Waste Time Looking For Kratom In Big Store i.e Walmart, Target, etc

You won’t be able to find Kratom products at such stores due to its controversial nature at the moment.

The FDA and DEA have still not yet approved Kratom products, and it is still being researched. You will have to find it in particular stores only.

What To Consider Before Buying Borneo Kratom

Borneo Kratom has been a magical herb for people who deal with chronic pain and anxiety.

Mainly, due to its wide variety and a unique combination of alkaloids present in each of them, it provides a bunch of benefits.

However, there are several things one needs to keep in mind before buying any Kratom products.

  • Location

Kratom requires a particular climate to be grown in which is usually found toward the south of Asia.

It is grown in parts of Malaysia and Indonesia i.e., the Indonesian Borneo Island, from where Borneo Kratom is harvested.

The Kratom leaves obtained from different places have different alkaloids, which provide a variety of effects.

You should know what part of the world your specific Kratom product is harvested from, so it provides the benefits accordingly.

In addition to that, Kratom harvested from one specific place like Borneo Island can still vary.

This depends on the color of the veins present in the leaves. It comes in four different types, and all those types differ in composition and benefits.

This is why it is crucial to choose Kratom from the right location for you, so it has beneficial effects on your specific condition.

  • Lab Testing

Lab testing ensures the purity and safety of the product that you may want to consume for any reason.

Some places tend to sell Kratom products illegally with no purity certification present, at a low price to attract customers.

Such products may be adulterated with impurities and may not provide the actual Kratom benefits.

A vendor needs to get these products tested in a lab for purity by a third-party that has no relation with the vendor.

After proper testing, a certificate is issued, which confirms purity as well as the safety of these products.

Before making a purchase, check for this certificate to make sure you are buying an authentic and genuine Kratom product.

  • Good Packaging

Always go for Kratom products that have excellent and protective packaging. It is not wise to buy open Borneo Kratom tea powders as they can have a very doubtful nature.

Good packaging has all the essential information about that specific strain of Kratom along with manufacturing and expiry dates.

The information about the manufacturer may also be present on the packaging of your product.

The packaging must have the certification of purity on it. Well-known vendors pay attention to this part. So, it is advised to find such vendors to buy Kratom products.

  • Bright Color

When buying Kratom powder, pay attention to the color of the powder. For example; Green Borneo Kratom powder should have a bright green color.

This is a sign of purity of the product as well as it’s freshness. Give priority to buying recently-harvested and packaged products to make sure it is fresh and provides a maximum number of benefits.


Borneo Kratom is considered one of the most potent types of Kratom that provides instant relief and s number of benefits with it.

Because of this, Borneo Kratom has become a go-to option for the people who generally use Kratom products. It completely natural and pure and does not have any side effects.

Due to the high demand of Borneo Kratom, it is now being sold at several places, including online and local stores.

All kinds of qualities of its products are available in the market. This is why it is essential to have proper information about the specific Kratom product you want to buy and its vendors so that you can get your hands on only the best quality product and excellent customer service.


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