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Botanical Remedies LLC

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Mitragyna Speciosa, commonly known as Kratom, is a herb that is not only used in the treatment of diseases, but Kratom leaves are also famous as a recreational drug. Kratom is famous in various countries due to its incredible health benefits.

Botanical Remedies is a new place where you can get fine Kratom. Based on the following factors, let’s have a review of this brand and checkout whether it fulfills our standards or not.

About Botanical Remedies

Botanical Remedies has been providing premium organic Kratom to all the parts of the world. They are supplying Kratom in the form of capsules, powder, and extracts.

Their team has been searching for natural solutions to various problems throughout the agricultural community, and after the detailed research and giving trials to a variety of products, they decided to source their Kratom.

They are now harvesting only mature Kratom leaves, during summers, in their farms, and providing the best quality Kratom for their users.

Is Botanical Remedies AKA GMP Qualified?

Botanical Remedies has not been approved by American Kratom Association yet, but they have recently sent paperwork to AKA, so they come under pending participant.

The purpose of the American Kratom Association is to protect and secure Kratom by fighting against anti-Kratom legislation throughout the US by financial assistance provided by various Kratom vendors.

According to AKA, the Kratom is a natural soothing plant that gives relief from pain, anxiety, and depression, so they aim at securing Kratom from getting a ban in all the possible ways.

To become AKA GMP certified, the Kratom vendors have to complete an independent third-party audit to ensure their assistance with their program.

It is a quite lengthy process that can take up to several months to undergo paperwork, and currently, Botanical Remedies is under this process and comes under the category of pending participants.

Lab Test Report of Botanical Remedies

Botanical Remedies lab tested their Kratom by the third-party to ensure the premium quality of their Kratom extracts, capsules, and powder. Botanical Remedies has performed three different tests in wonderland labs which includes:

  • A full panel test is a test that measures the ID or percentages. After passing this test, the product is called entirely pure.
  • The biological contamination test is for checking the presence of pathogens such as E Coli and Salmonella.
  • Test performed to check out the presence of heavy metals.

FDA needs this Full Panel for any material that it approves, so everyone feels safe to consume. Although the lab test reports are not available on their official website, so you can get these reports by sending emails on [email protected]

What is the Shipping and Payment method of Botanical Remedies?

They are offering fast delivery, and they ship orders by using USPS first class, USPS Express Mails, and USPS Priority. If you are placing your order before 1 pm EST Monday to Friday, you will get your order shipped on the same day, and if you order your package after 1 pm EST, then you will get it shipped the very next business day.

The orders place after 1 pm Friday is delivered on the coming Monday. You get your order on the same day through Express Mail, and it will take 1-3 days through USPS Priority Mail.

Their payment methods include:

  • Zelle is a simple way of sending money through your phone to anyone by having a bank account.
  • Venmo is a way to send money through your debit card. You have to install the Venmo app on your phone and connect it to your bank account.
  • CashApp is another way of sending or requesting money to anyone through CashApp account without having any social features.
  • Credit cards and money orders are for sending money by just pressing the ‘pay now’ button.
  • GreenPay eCheck is an eCheck payment method that lets you pay through your checking account securely.    

Are they active on social media?

Botanical Remedies is active on social media, including Facebook and Instagram, from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. They are available all the time on their official website and reply within 10 minutes so you can get answers to your questions.

They also respond to the mails, which requires a few hours. If you need any sort of assistance or information regarding their products, you can contact them on social media.

What is the return policy of Botanical Remedies?

Like most of the kratom brands, Botanical Remedies is also offering a 30-days money-back guarantee. In case if anyone does not like the product can send it back in the original packaging to the company within the 30 days of purchase.

Botanical Remedies does not accept the product used more than 40%, and they don’t take any responsibility regarding the return shipping cost. Customers are responsible for paying this cost. They require receipt or proof of the purchase with the package.

Is Botanical Remedies making false medical claims on their product description?

No! There is no such issue. Botanical Remedies has mentioned on their official website that all their products available online are not inclined to treat, cure, prevent, or alleviate any illness or disease.

They have made no such claims as they are following the regulations of the FDA. According to the FDA, the intake of Kratom is not safe, and its over-dosage can lead to death.

FDA doesn’t allow any brand to make positive medical claims regarding Kratom on their websites. Botanical remedies are following FDA guidelines.

Are Botanical Remedies selling their products with false names? 

No! They are not selling Kratom products with false names, as the names are correctly mentioned with the category of Kratom. According to customer’s feedback, no one faced a problem like that, and everyone got their right products. Some of their products include:

  • White Thai kratom powder
  • Full-spectrum 50X kratom tincture
  • White Maeng da kratom capsules and powder
  • Hippie dip kratom powder and capsules
  • White horned leafed kratom powder
  • Space dust kratom powder
  • White bentuangie kratom capsules
  • White Hulu kratom capsules

What are the key products Botanical Remedies selling? 

There is a variety of Kratom products available in the form of extracts, capsules, and powder. According to its official website, the FDA has not approved any product for both human and animal use. Some of their key products include

1. Kratom powder sample pack

This sample pack is composed of various Kratom strains including

  • Red Bali (1oz)
  • Superior Red Dragon (1oz)
  • Green Malay (1oz)
  • White Horned Leaf (1oz)
  • Green Maeng Da (1oz)

Price: $31.99

2. Thai Red Veined Kratom Powder

This Kratom powder is one of the most famous strains in the botanical community. This red Thai strain also packs a punch due to its alkaloid content.

It is highly versatile in the fact that it’s a quite slow and milder strain. Botanical remedies have extracted this strain from organic Kratom leaves, ensuring its high quality. You can get this strain online through their website.

Price: $7.99

Is this brand cheaper than other kratom brands?

The Botanical Remedies is offering various Kratom products at affordable prices. Their prices are also cheaper when compared to their competitors, so here comes a reason to buy Kratom from Botanical Remedies.

What are the feedbacks of the customers on their products?

Some of the customer’s reviews include:

1.  The shipping is super-fast, and this company is lovable because of its excellent conduct with the customers.

2. The relaxing strain of botanical remedies I. E. Red Borneo, which works best by giving relaxation and relief from stress and anxiety.

3. This company is reliable when it comes to buying Kratom strains either in small amounts or wholesale. 4. Red Thai is successful at relieving anxiety and providing soothing sensation.

4. Red Thai is successful at relieving anxiety and providing soothing sensation.




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