Verified CBD Review: Good, Bad & My Personal Experience

Brand Name: Verified CBD
Key Products: CBD capsules, CBD Vape Oil, CBD Daily Skin Re-Energizer, CBD Anti-Aging Cream
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Trying to find the right solution to multiple daily life issues is quite difficult. From insomnia to joint pains, anxiety and to find calmness -these problems have always driven the medicine industry. Today we see the widespread of CBD infused products that claim to provide relief.

The sudden outburst has led to the question whether CBD can provide a solution. Through lab tests has proven that it is indeed a magic drug, the golden ingredients can help solve several health problems without any side effects.

The sudden fame also led to multiple companies opening and selling the CBD oil. Amongst the plethora of companies, Verified CBD is one that has stood out. A claim without trial would not be fair to people seeking CBD magic.

Verified CBD prides in the fact, that it uses innovative technology to help bring the “perfect” product to the market. The constant research and development lead to effective products than other companies.

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Verified CBD Products Highlight & Prices

Verified CBD offers a wide range of products that specifically formulated to fulfill the needs of anxious people. The benefits that a user can enjoy when purchasing Verified CBD products are:

  • Perfect customer support
  • High-quality products
  • A well-known brand with products selling in over 50 countries
  • A solution for multiple ailments

The only drawback, in my opinion, is that product may seem a bit costly. Some of the famous and high in demand products are:

1) Pain Relief

Pain Relief Verified CBD

Aching joints and pain due to muscle spasms can be very excruciating. Dealing with such pain on a daily basis can be frustrating, and that’s why Verified CBD is the perfect deal.

The company offers CBD capsules, as well as the spray that helps you get rid of the pain. The capsules price between $43-$48 and a good source for CBD as they can be consumed for pain relief.

The Sprays cost between $43-$45 and can be easily sprayed with an easy nozzle that helps relieve pain immediately. It’s best for athletes and people looking for sudden relief.

2) Vaping

CBD Vaping

The CBD oil comes in three different percentages of CBD in them (2.5%, 1.7%, and 5%). People can choose the strength as per their requirement and use it for vaping. Vaping is another quick way to get CBD into the system for relief and other effects.

3) Sleep And Anxiety Relief

Sleep Spray Verified CBD

Tossing and turning in the bed throughout the night can be very detrimental for the health. There are so many people suffering from lack of sleep.

Valerian Root and Stevia leaf extract along with CBD can help you get a good night’s sleep. All you need to do is spray it below your tongue and be ready to zoom into the land of merry sleep. This spray is definitely a steal at 41$.

For an anxiety relief, the spray can help get rid of depression and stress. The SunTheanine in the spray helps in getting rid of the gloomy feeling. The price of the Anxiety relief spray is $44.

4) Weight Loss

Weight Loss Verified CBD

The spray can help to curb the unnecessary pangs of hunger and prevent you from caving into your desires. SuperCitrimax in the formula helps suppress the desire to overeat. The spray also improves fat burning capabilities and prevent fat buildup.

It can be used by spraying under the tongue as this helps instant absorption. The price of the weight loss spray is quite reasonable at $44.

5) Skin Care

Skin Care Verified CBD

Skin care is one of the fastest growing industry. Ever since the discovery of the benefits that CBD offers with respect to skin improvement, the skin care industry has seen a boost.

Verified CBD offers anti-aging and revitalizing cream for daily use. The creams help boost the skin and re-grow cells that help make the skin look youthful and fresh.

Therefore, by spending between $44 -$48 you are buying yourself the perfect youthful look!

My Personal Experience

I am a skin freak! The anti-wrinkle cream and the revitalizing cream come in beautiful, graceful packing. Though a bit pricey, the reviews made me try them out. The anti-wrinkle cream was good, but the winner, in my opinion, was the Revitalizing cream.

Just after a week of use, I could noticeably find a great difference in my skin. The skin seemed brighter looking with a fresh look. The marks and acne scars gradually lightened and by week two I had perfect clear skin.

The anti-wrinkle cream helped reduce the laugh lines near my eyes and forehead. The result was achieved after two weeks of continuous usage.

The best part about both these creams was that they were very light on the skin and did not create a greasy look even after 12 hours of wearing.

The silky feel and slight fragrant smell have now made it a part of daily routine. The revitalizing cream can also be used as a foundation. It is a must buy for people looking for long term betterment of skin and a solution to get rid of acne scars and age lines!

Also, just to test, I stopped using the cream for a week to see if there was any reversal but Viola! My skin remained soft, looking luminous as it had become, thanks to Verified CBD cream. The cream jars are ergonomic, and the casing is quite nice. The cream with moderate applications lasts for a month.

The perfect result with the cream made me more than happy to try out the next product.

The product that I chose was the sleep spray. Laying awake during the night and feeling drowsy the next day can be painful. Despite many home remedies and herbal solutions, I was unable to find the real magic. The magic that could help me have a peaceful sleep.

The Verified CBD sleep spray is indeed helpful as claimed by the company. The 100% natural ingredients also made it a safe option to try.

Though it took a few days to adjust the squirts of spray I needed to fall asleep. But it is one other product that you can safely buy to help yourself to a good night’s sleep.

The CBD Energy and Focus spray was not as effective as the company promised. The pain did go away for a while, but it was back within an hour.

The reason could be that it required rest after application but due to some problems I was up an about within 15 minutes. The capsules were also helpful and made me feel energized and calm at the same time.

So Verified CBD is one company we can blindly trust as so far. The products that I tried were all up to the mark.

The Lab Results

VerifiedCBD Hemp CBD Oil Certificate

The lab test results are independent of the company and conducted by a third party.

The recent tests in the year 2018, have yet again proved the fact that the CBD used is 100% organic and the products contain 0% THC. This does not make the user an addict.

The perfect lab results are a testimony to the quality of extraction and the purification process of the CBD.

Verified CBD And The Corporate Social Responsibility

Cannabis is a naturally occurring medicine. The over the counter medicines available are damaging to the environment due to their synthetic composition.

The Cannabis, on the other hand, is nature-friendly and the CBD extraction process is also environmentally friendly.

The re-plantation helps in maintaining the balance and the company is proud to be a caretaker of the environment by providing an environmentally friendly solution.

There is no emission of harmful, poisonous gasses into the environment by the company.

Color, Flavors, And Fragrance

CBD oil is either extracted by CO2 extraction (pressure and temperature) or solvent (butane and ethanol).

Subcritical CO2 is the most preferred method as it protects terpenes and other chemicals within the oil. Once extracted, it further goes through the filtration process.

The filtered oil is pure and usually in light yellow or gold color. The raw form of oil is in dark green color, and decarboxylated CBD is usually in brown.

All three forms of CBD color are valuable, and the effects vary from person to person, but light or dark gold color signifies the highest quality form of CBD oil.

The color of the Verified CBD Oil 500mg (1.7%) is light yellow (tested by our team), and this signifies the fact that the oil extracted by using CO2 extraction method and then filtered further. The company is selling three different flavors of CBD Oil (Apple, Razzleberry, and Menthol). The flavors are quite strong, and they also give the fruity and minty smell to the oil. The flavors help mask the earthy smell that pure CBD oil has.


Many websites fail to deliver their promise of exact deliveries! Verified CBD is one site where you can place an order without worrying about the delivery. They usually deliver before the delivery date.

The estimated time for the delivery is 10 business days if it is international delivery. The delivery is free, be it local or international.

Extraction Method

The CO2 extraction method as mentioned above is purely organic. There is no use of any synthetic chemicals during the extraction or formulation. There are no GMO products involved. There are no residual solvents in the CBD by Verified CBD.

What I Like Most

The best thing about Verified CBD was their customer service. I had a few queries before I placed the order. The sales representative on the site helped me and guided in deciding the right products.

Later, once I started, I had a few queries related to the frequency of the use and was guided.

The products deliver the promise the company makes, and this is a huge plus point. The naturally grown products lend to the authenticity and ensure a perfect organic product. I was a bit wary about the addiction possibilities, but the 0 level of THC makes it addiction proof.

My next product to try out will be the weight loss spray. The delivery of the product is also timely.

What I Dislike

The only thing that against the product was the pricing. As compared to other products offering the same benefits are at a lowered price.

Though the company delivers the promise, but the money that we pay and quantity that we receive is a bit of a mismatch.

Final Notes

The products are worth a try as the company is delivering what they have promised. CBD oil and the capsules help you get rid of the pain.

When it comes to skin related products, the company is also delivering the promise. The products are a must buy as they can help deal with your long-term problems.

There is a different concentration of CBD to choose from, and therefore you have the independence to select the one that you find most suitable for yourself.

The company offers a wide range of solutions, and therefore, you can find an answer to many of your problems in a single place.

The website is highly responsive which allows you the comfort of ordering online, and in case the product is short, you can sign up for updates, and once the product is back in stock, you will be updated.

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