10 Best Cannabis Strains To Treat Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Do you suffer from an anxiety disorder or have difficulty managing your stress? Or perhaps you need something to ease the anxiety that flares up each time you want to get involved in an activity like public speaking? It’s comforting to know that medical cannabis strains can help fight off these problems you’ve long been battling with.

However, selecting a particular strain that will adequately control your anxiety and panic attack requires a quality test that will reveal which of the cannabis strains will be fine for you.

Why? It’s vital that the strain you choose is the one with an adequate level of CBD so that it can achieve the control of anxiety. Also, when choosing to ensure that the CBD level is higher than or balanced with THC, and this is highly imperative because it helps the psychoactive side effect of the THC to be neutralized by the CBD.

Cannabis Strains – Effective for Reducing Anxiety?

In a recent survey conducted, results compiled and published in the Neuropsychopharmacology have revealed that cannabis is effective for treating anxiety. Also experimented, cannabis strains were found to be extremely effective for patients with social anxiety disorder, and cannabis strains effectively solve that.

About 24 persons participated in the study, (diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder) and another set of a control group of folks with no traces of social disorder. The first 12 were given cannabis strains while the other half were given a placebo. And then, it was time for the test- to participate and complete a public speaking test. What was the result?

Though with psychological measures taken both prior the start, during and after the test, findings (psychological and personal surveys) reflect that those who were administered cannabis strains had a substantial reduction in their anxiety level.

But you may wonder, what’s the link between cannabis and anxiety? There exist a naturally occurring substance called “anandamide” that aids the body to perfectly reduce the level of anxiety. With the injection of Cannabis strains into the body, it swiftly decreases the production of the Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase that degrades naturally production of anandamide – the substance that naturally reduces the level of anxiety.

Why Is Marijuana Effective for Treating Anxiety?

Let’s be factual here, many have been fights with anxiety for so long a time, and they aren’t seeing it coming to its end. Why? They’ve spent much on medications ( both over the counter and prescribed dose), but it has not resolved their problem. So, it is normal for you to be skeptical reading that Marijuana can eliminate what most pills fail on.

Although, it should be noted that the use of Marijuana is at the early stage, yet, researchers experiences show that it can help those suffering from anxiety. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (Gad), Social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and specific phobias are common types of anxieties marijuana can treat. But you may ask why?

One of the preliminary research about the effectiveness of Marijuana for anxiety shows that the components in manufactured pharmaceutical for anxiety symptoms are found in cannabis as well. Cannabidiol (CBD), which is a cannabis compound has shown to have substantial benefits for folks suffering from the types of anxiety mentioned at the onset.

Moreover, Marijuana reveals the potential of lowering the level of cortisol, which is a hormone that reveals the level of stress. Another comprehensive research shows that lower doses of Marijuana work perfectly than high doses.

How CBD And THC Help Treat Anxiety?

You may nurture the desire to know how CBD and THC help to Treat Anxiety. It wouldn’t take you much time to find that out. I know you aren’t just interested in knowing how they treat anxiety, but the constituents that do that. CBD, fully called Cannabidiol is another form of cannabis-derived chemicals.

There exist a natural endocannabinoid system, called (ECS) in the body which Cannabidiol interfaces with. This ECS, is available and found in about each cell in the body and handles a wide array of our body’s capacities. Capacities like sleep, the perception of pain, mood, and memory. However, one of the purposes of ECS is the recuperation of stress. So, what’s the point?

In like manner, CBD interacts or communicates with gamma-aminobutyric corrosive, (GABA) which is a neurotransmitter. GABA then transfers from one brain cell to another. What it does is to advice the body on when it is the best time to shut down. Moreover, since a large number of brain cells or neurons in the cerebrum react to GABA, the effect includes a reduction in the level of anxiety and assisting with rest.

THC, on the other, also called tetrahydrocannabinol is also in a class of Cannabinoids, and as such, it is the primary psychoactive substance in cannabis strains. THC has several therapeutic applications which have included insomnia, depression, and moderate pain. And this ultimately will help solve anxiety and panic attack.

10 Cannabis Strains You Must Use

We understand that many including you would have hard times getting the right dosage and level, we’ve come up with a well detailed and research list of 10 best cannabis strains for anxiety and panic attack. As you read, pay close attention to the systematic breakdown and the peak of effectiveness they can attain.

1) Harle-Tsu

 Harle-TsuOne of the effective cannabis strains that would grace our mention is “HarleTsu” which is identified for its very high levels of CBD, which is usually found at rates 20 times higher than the level of the THC. But to what end? It is this extremely high level that makes it more potent as strong anxiety-relieving properties.

Impressively, Harle-Tsu can also give rise to a focused and relaxed feeling, and it is a perfect choice for reducing the stress level. Experiences have shown that consumers always feel uplifted and happy after the intake.

2) CBD Shark

Do you want a great cannabis strain for reduction of anxiety without excessive intoxicating effects? CBD shark is an excellent solution. But how does it accomplish this? CBD shark is an 80% indica-dominant strain that possesses a balanced ratio of CBD to THC.

Additionally, it produces happiness, a free mind, and an excellent relaxing effect. The sufficient THC pain will no doubt produces produced pain-relieving and sleep-inducing effects. What can make you fall asleep easily and wakes you up with an energized body?

3) Harlequin

HarlequinHow perfect is Harlequin for you? It gets you extreme relaxation without the risk of sedation. Over the years, Harlequin has been found to be ideal to have a clear head and stay alert.

It is true that Harlequin is a 75% Sativa-dominant hybrid and with a 5:2 ratio of CBD: THC, Harlequin has close to 8-16%CBD with 4-7% THC. Therefore, Harlequin is an excellent option for that anxiety.


When you talk of the highest CBD strains, ACDC is the befitting call for you, why? It possesses a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio, with the CBD levels as high as 19%. ACDC, therefore, is perfectly okay for getting rid of anxiety. Unfortunately, though, there exists a major set back. The intake of ACDC can result in dry mouth. But if you fear that, you can turn to other alternatives highlighted here.

5) Haoma

You can experience a calming and stress relieving effect with haoma. But how could that be attained? The answer is in Haoma’s 70% Indica-strain together with the 1:1 of CBD-HTC. In addition, because of the high level of CBD, it can work accurately in reducing your anxiety level and stress. Also, Haoma can assist folks with difficulty in sleeping as a result of their anxiety.

6) Valentine X

Valentine XThis is another impressive cannabis strain that is capable of inducing feelings of maximum relaxation. You would be delighted to know that Valentine X goes beyond addressing your anxiety and panic attack.

It also helps ease fatigue, seizures, and inflammation. The potency of valentine X is because it is a 50/50 hybrid strain coupled with a 25:1 ratio CBD: THC. So, anxiety got no hidden place for leisure in your body.

7) Trident

If your anxiety has eaten you up so deep that it makes you stay imbalance mentally, Trident is the right channel for you. Trident helps people with mental balance difficulty to stay mentally focused. Also, Trident is so perfect for handling a person’s anxiety and stress. However, after usage, consumers’ experiences may differ.

After usage, some folks may experience what is called psychoactivity, while for some, they may experience a more cerebral effect. For the potency of this strain, credit goes to CBD levels that are around 12% and THC level under 6%.

8) Cannatonic

Cannatonic is another excellent, yet different strain. It has a low THC content which usually hovers around 6% and with High CBD level which can span to 17% with the opportunity of going higher. When taken, it has no psychoactive effects, but does well to uplift and relax users. Though, it all centres on how much or the level of consumption. Cannatonic isn’t just one of the strains for solving anxiety and stress, and rather, it is one of the top medical cannabis strain.

9) Sour Tsunami

Sour TsunamiIn search of a cannabis strain that’s bred specifically for its high CBD content, then pull over at sour tsunami, the effectiveness is one of the reasons it is sought after for its efficient medical properties. It works well in combating anxiety and stress. And again, it can be consumed to help relieve painful conditions.

The moderate level of THC makes its performance efficiently. This Sativa-dominant hybrid rakes about 9-11% CBD and the THC that is below 10%. With that, you can confidently rely on its healing power -from the panic attack and anxiety.

10) Canna-Tsu

This strain has a little dimension. Why did I say that? It is a combination of Sour Tsunami and Cannatonic. Thus, it makes it has a higher level of CBD. Users can experience psychoactivity as a result of the CBD and THC ratio which is 1:1.

Generally, canna-Tsu is well-spoken off for its mental clarity and calmness that descend on consumers after usage. More importantly, it can reduce anxiety and effectively, it serves as an anti-inflammatory substance.

How to Treat Anxiety Without Marijuana?

However, if you choose to employ other means apart from the use of Marijuana to treat your anxiety, we’ve got you some pleasant alternatives. The treatment plans for combating anxiety disorder include:

Self Care: This aspect includes avoidance of alcohol, reduction of caffeinated drink, ensuring regular exercise, consumption of healthy meals, adopting relaxation techniques, and stress management.

Therapies: These are capable of modifying thoughts, improving mental health and help with relaxation. Examples of these are meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, and physiotherapy.

Medications: Medications to ease symptoms and treat off include Anxiolytic, sedative, antidepressants, nerve pain medication, and Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI).

Specialists: They may utilize various ways of solving your anxiety. Examples include clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, and primary care providers.



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