Happy Hippo Herbals Review – Pricing, Product, Coupons Codes

Have you ever heard about Kratom? Have you made use of it before? Kratom products and extracts are becoming more popular in our environment. All thanks to its powerful ability in enhancing human’s activity and its availability. Each day many people are testing this fantastic product out.

But as rampant as this product is in the market, distinguishing the original product from the fake has become a serious issue. There are so many industries who claim to sell the original product when they don’t; there are others that are a local producer who also produces Kratom products that are dangerous to the health.

The joy of any Kratom user is using a product that is authentic, original, and true to its description. The search for originality has led us to Happy Hippo Herbals and their Kratom products.

They have the broadest range of Kratom products, their products are the original content, and their extracts are still unique. We will be reviewing their products, their pricing, the coupon codes for their products and understand whether they use laboratory testing for their products or not.

What Products Do Happy Hippo Herbals Sell?

Happy hippo herbals produce several quality products for their customer. They have different strains of Kratom including products like Phenibut. The product comes in three forms, the slow-acting, the moderately active, and the fast-acting strains. Here are some of the slow Kratom leaves sold by happy hippo herbals:

  • The Common Big Country Rural Bali (Also called Common Bali)
  • The Horned Red Malaysian (Also called Slow-Mo Hippo)
  • The Bali Red Dragon Hippo (Also called Bali Red)
  • The Hulu Hippo (Also called Superior White Hulu)
  • The Horned Super White (Also called White Horned Rhino)

The Moderate Leaf Includes:

  • The Sumatra (Also called Spooky Hippo)
  • The Maeng Da, Java Green And White Fusion (Also called Hero Hippo)
  • The Malaysian Ultra Green (Also called Electric Elephant)
  • The Maeng Da Emerald Special (Also called Bhagwan Osho Hippo)
  • The Borneo Super White (Also called Ghost Hippo)

The Fast Leaf Includes:

  • The Malaysian Superior White (Also called Ragin Cajun Hippo)
  • The Thai Green Atomic (Also called Atomic Green Thai Hippo)
  • The Red Dragon Bali Capsules
  • The Rockstar Hippo Capsules
  • The Hyper Hippo Capsules
  • The Common Rural Maeng Da
  • The Viet Special Golden (Also called Viet Dong Hippo)
  • The Malaysian Diamond (Also called Thunder Hippo)
  • The Malaysian Superior Diamond (Also called Thunder Hippo)
  • The Maeng Da White (Also called Rockstar Hippo)
  • The Maeng Da Gold (Also called Sunshine Hippo)

The Phenibut:

  • Happy Hippo Phenibut Capsules
  • Hippo Phenibut HLC (Raw Powder 99.5% Pure)

Kava and Other Strains:

  • Akuamma 10x Extract Mitra Alternative
  • Horny Hippo (For Libido/Sexual Health)
  • Kava Juice Extract
  • Himalaya Shilajit
  • The Happy Hippo Vintage Shirt

In summary, the exotic herbal leaf has a slow strain, a moderate strain, and the fast strain. The Phenibut comes both in capsules, powder, and the KAVA.

Other Products They Have Are:

  • Smart Weigh digital weight
  • Moringa leaf
  • Newbie Hippo starter
  • Hippo sample pack
  • Raw golden Maca

Selecting Happy Hippo Herbals Products

Here are two things that determine the type of selection you make, the kind of product, and the quality of the product in stock. Other factors that influence the selection process include:

  • Since the product has a different potency level, what you aim to achieve with the product plays a significant role in the selection process.
  • The presence of unique blends apart from the traditional combinations may also influence your decision. These unique blends are very efficient and can work twice as fast as traditional products.
  • The chance to rotate several strains over a long period. You may choose to experiment with all strains present either to have the taste or to detect which strain is good and perfect for your overall health condition.

Happy Hippo Herbals Product Pricing

Before proceeding to buy their product, it is sufficient to consider these points:

  • Happy Hippo Herbals products are highly affordable in the market compared to other products of the same quality.
  • The quality of the product you are buying is the most important thing to consider. The price of some products might be high while others might below.
  • You are open to incentives from the vendor after making a purchase on our website (Further information will be provided).

How Much Does Happy Hippo Herbals Cost?

Payment for happy hippo herbals can either be made with cryptocurrency, e-check, mobile-check, Euro, US Dollars, or in Pound sterling. There are no extra charges added to these products; these are the best offer around.

1) Slow Leaves Strains

  • For $12 you can get the following slow leaves to strain Bali Red, Slow-Mo Hippo, and the white horned rhino.
  • For $7-$11, you can buy the Superior White Hulu and the Common Bali.

2) Moderate Leaves Strains

  • For $12 and higher, you can buy the following strains, Hero Hippo, Electric Elephant, Bhagwan Osho Hippo, Ghost hippo.
  • For $10 or less you can buy Spooky Hippo.

3) Fast Acting Strains

  • For $20 and above you can get, the Red Dragon Bali capsules, the Rockstar Hippo Capsules, the Hyper Hippo Capsules.
  • For $8 – $14, you can buy Viet Dong Hippo, Thunder Hippo, etc.

For prices of their packs and starters, you may visit their store to confirm this.

Does Happy Hippo Herbals Have Coupon Codes?

Coupon codes are used in the e-commerce and online shopping world. Also referred to as promo code, it is computer-generated code that may consist of symbols, letters, and alphabets which a customer can enter into the promotion box after his purchase to receive discounts.

Here is some significant and related information about Happily Hippo Herbals regarding their coupon and promo codes.

  • Within two to three days of ordering your goods, you will get them delivered to you, outlining the fact that their service is fast.
  • Whenever you make an order through e-check, you are opened to receiving discounts. You will receive close to a 10% discount. Note, for orders made via the internet, it must not be more than four hundred and eighty dollars, as the coupon won’t work again.
  • Another way of getting a better deal on happy hippo herbals is ordering through Cryptocurrency. Whenever you place an order through Cryptocurrency, you get more incentives especially when it is done with Bitcoin. You get a 25% discount, and this has no limit.
  • When you order through a mobile check, you are also open to a huge discount. You get 20% off your order when you use a mobile check. The clause is, do not order anything less than one hundred and twenty-five dollars.

Does Happy Hippo Herbals Sell Laboratory Tested Products?

Laboratory-tested products are tests carried out on products in the laboratory to ensure that the highest quality product is delivered to the company’s customer. This test is carried out in a reputable international laboratory.

Happy Hippo Herbals carry out laboratory tests for products sold on their website. They are interested in selling quality products to their customer. Hence they check for the authenticity of the product sold to know if it’s up to standard or below standard. With a negative report, they seize to sell the product to their customer, but they roll them out with a positive report.

Happy Hippo Herbals uses the United States Laboratory for their laboratory testing; this is due to the recent concerns about cleanliness in the industry. Here are the results received by their third party, not by the supplier or farmer. This information may be hard to interpret and understand, but all testing was done in accordance with the USP standard for total plate count and enrichment. The results are as follow:

  • No Salmonella in their product
  • Absence of E.Coli
  • There is no virus or bacterial of concern present
  • There exist a low to a normal level for yeast or mold
  • The TPC, Coliforms level: it is normal (whenever we have anything below 107cfu/g, it is called normal or standard among other related botanical products.
  • In summary, everything is fine

Testing was further done for four of their most popular strains (happy hippo 1, Rockstar Hippo, Hyper Hippo, and the Magic Hippo) and the samples used were found to be normal and appropriate. Hence their products are safe to use, and they cause no problem for users.

Are Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom Products Really High in Quality?

One thing that has helped keep them in the business is the sale of their quality products on their e-commerce website. Users always attest to the fact that they receive the best and quality strain. Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom is considered to be superior due to the manufacturing process which is fresh.

Compared to other Kratom products, Happy Hippo Herbals quality product acts faster and higher, with noticeable changes. Getting their product on their website is very easy, and the presence of different payment methods makes it more useful and preferable.

How Effective is Happy Hippo Herbals as a Vendor?

One of the most important traits a vendor must possess is delivering the ordered product on time. This is the only way to infuse confidence into a buyer’s mind. One good thing about Happy Hippo Herbals is that they always ensure you get your requested product on time and at a pocket-friendly price, their customer service is also top-notch signaling the fact that your needs will be quickly taken care of.

Apart from this, you will:

  • Be able to contact the customer services directly in case you have issues with your delivery and this will help you solve the problem quickly.
  • Be able to directly ask any relevant questions you have from their customer service and get a satisfying answer. One factor that has allowed many to keep using their services.
  • Be working with a company with no history of failed delivery; they always deliver as they promise to do.
  • Be able to receive answers to your email which are sent to us.
  • Finally, be open to a huge reward as a loyal customer making use of our services. Free samples will also accompany your orders; these are some of the incentives you get as long as you keep using our services.

How to Place an Order for their Product and Contact?

Happy Hippo Herbals, you may visit Happy Hippo Helper. From here you can reach them and make an inquiry you want to make, ensure you provide the right information to help you get quick answers to our problems or inquiries.

They receive lots of emails and calls daily, so even if you need a little patience, exercise it, your inquiry will be attended to.

To place an order for their product, you will need to visit their website, search on the product you want and click on order. You will then need to provide some important information, after which you will need to pay for the product.

These can be done in the space of a few minutes. Having done your bit, you will receive information about the order, and you will need to wait up to 36 hours to receive your order. Less than two days.

Summing Up the Review

In this review, we have discussed at length the product sold by Happy Hippo Herbals, we have come to know that they are divided into three segments, the fast-acting, the moderate acting, and the slow-acting; this will allow one to target his need easily. We have also discussed the cost of buying each of their products.

Buying with discounts always brings consumer joy, we have explored how you can enjoy many beautiful discounts on their product as this will reduce how much you spend. Laboratory testing done by them to produce quality products have also been discussed in this review.

And now we hope that as you start buying from their store, you will start to enjoy using the original product, and your health will start growing better than the present. Remember you need to understand the local law on using the product and based on the prescription given to you.