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With the growing manifestation of the damage caused by medical drugs as well as the evidence of their side effects, people are now switching towards alternative medicine for curing their ailments and diseases.

You might ask what those alternative medicines are? One such naturally occurring medicine is Akuamma or Picralima nitida. It is an African plant found mainly in Nigeria, Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Every part of the plant, namely seeds, bark, and fruit, has its own therapeutic properties.

The bark of the plant is a promising therapy for a parasitic disease called Trypanosomiasis. The bark is boiled in water and taken for its cure. Also particularly important traditionally, Akuamma seeds have great medicinal use. They are dried and ground to powder form and are used for numerous ailments.

Akuamma seeds contain a number of alkaloids that are known for a host of healing properties. The pulp of the fruit possesses hypoglycemic value. However, there are a lot of myths and risks with the use of Akuamma seeds.

In this article, we are going to address those myths, the effects, and risks associated with Akuamma seeds as well as how to use Akuamma seeds to get help from its generous healing properties.

Myths Regarding Akuamma Seeds

Myth # 1 Akuamma Seeds Are The Same As Kratom Seeds

Akuamma seeds are renowned for their similar effects as Kratom plant. Although both plants have similar effects and both influence Mu, Delta, and Kappa receptors in the brain, they are not the same. Akuamma or Picralima nitida is a plant that predominantly grows in parts of Africa whereas Kratom is a Mitrogyna speciosa that produced in southeastern Asia.

Kratom is not legalized in some parts of the world and not available altogether in others. Akuamma seeds are relatively less potent than Kratom, but their effect is comparatively long-lasting. This is the reason why Akuamma is preferred by some users.

On the other hand, Akuamma has far bitter taste than Kratom due do which the latter might be favored. Kratom has over 1500 alkaloids, which remains the cause for its higher potency.

Nonetheless, it highly depends on your personal choice, whether you opt for Akuamma or Kratom. You can try both of them before deciding which one is more suitable for you.

Myth # 2 Akuamma Seeds Are Addictive

Some people are skeptical that because Akuamma seeds act as opioid agonist, so they have addictive properties. Conversely, users rely on Akuamma seeds because they are not addictive.

There is little evidence of the notion that Akuamma seeds are addictive. Its users on Reddit, a social news aggregation website state that Akuamma doesn’t have any withdrawal symptoms along with its addictive value being meager.

Myth # 3 Akuamma Seeds Can Cause Respiratory Depression

If it’s not more than 6 grams, Akuamma seeds cannot cause respiratory depression. You just need to be cautious not to take them more than the recommended dose.

Myth # 4 Akuamma Seeds Have The Deleterious Effect Of Reproductive Organs Even At Low Doses

Although there is evidence of Akuamma seeds affecting the testes, that occurs at high doses. A Research conducted in 2014 has shown that there is no cellular abnormality caused by Akuamma seeds at low doses and they are reported to be safe for animal use. It is only high doses that pose deleterious effects on the reproductive organs.

What Are The Potential Effects Of Akuamma Seeds?

As every other remedy, Akuamma also has both positive and negative effects. Below we have discussed the positive ones which can benefit you and its associated risks that you can be cautious about.

Positive Effects Of Akumma Seeds

As every other remedy, Akuamma also has both positive and negative effects. Below we have discussed the positive ones which can benefit you and its associated risks that you can be cautious about.

1) Act As A Pain Killer

Akuamma seeds are popular for their pain-relieving properties. People who use them have reported Akuamma seeds to be very effective in alleviating pain in migraine, arthritis, muscle pain, etc.

With minimal side effects and merely no withdrawal symptoms, they are considered to be an alternative for opiates. Up to two seeds, a day is good enough for pain relief, showing its results within 15 minutes to half an hour.

2) Provide Sedation and Relaxation

Akuamma seeds are widely recognized for its sedative properties. One of its most common uses that people refer to Akuamma for is its potential calming effect. If you are suffering from sleep disorders, insomnia as well as panic attacks Akuamma seeds is the best option for you as recommended by experts rec.

If taken before sleep Akuamma seeds help you have a better night’s sleep. Users swear by its powerful sedative efficacy to have given them relief within an hour of consumption. According to them, it provides ease from high stress and anxiety levels and helps them achieve more peaceful sleep.

3) Has Anti-parasitic Action

Akuamma seeds also have potent anti-parasitic activity. It is effective against diseases caused by parasitic protozoa, particularly Trypanosoma, which causes Leishmaniasis, Chagas disease, and African sleeping sickness. Although its pharmacological significance is not fully understood, a study confirms its definite trypanicidal activity.

4) Protects Against Malaria

Research has shown Akuamma seeds, its fruit as well as bark to be effective against malaria. Out of its many alkaloids, Akuammine and Alstonine have an important role in antimalarial action. They inhibit the resistant strains of Plasmodium plant, making Akuamma a promising therapy for malaria.

5) Akumma Is A Potent Anti-diabetic Remedy

If you are suffering from diabetes and want to control it through diet and natural remedies, Akumma has got you covered. Previously it was considered that one of the alkalaoids, Akuammicine possesses hypoglycemic properties which make Akumma a potent anti-diabetic natural remedy.

Akuammicine was thought to mimic the action of insulin by promoting the uptake of glucose into the cells reducing plasma glucose levels.

However, one of the studies published in the International Journal of Pharmacology in 2007 reports hypoglycemic activity is due to the glycosides in the Pricralima nitida extract.

Whether it’s due to the alkaloids or glycosides, it’s evident that Akuamma serves as an effective remedy for diabetes. It is however important that you take advice from your doctor for the amount of Akumma you should use for a better experience.

6) Helps In Opioid, Alcohol or Heroin Withdrawal

Akuamma seeds provide stimulating and energizing effects on your brain. Thus, they act as a beneficial remedy for you if you want to get rid of alcohol addiction or quit the using opiods, heroin, or any other undesirable addiction.

7) Other Uses

Users also report Akuamma seeds to have curative properties for fever, jaundice and ear infections. It is further known to be an effective anti-depressant. You can also use it as a mood elevator. It improves the immune system giving you a better quality of life and a boost of energy.

What Are The Risks Associated With Akuamma Seeds?

1) Akuamma Might Be The Worst Thing You’ve Ever Tasted

Users generally complain of its bitter taste to be the worst thing ever. Some disclose Akuamma powder to have elicited nausea and gauge reflex. In order to avoid that, you can take it in capsule form. You can also take it with lemon juice or mixed in tea.

2) Akuamma Seeds Causing Headache

Akuamma seeds cause a headache if it is taken in a dose of 2 grams or more. Also, at this dose, it induces sleep and sedation. Below this dose, it generally does not have this risk and has its mind-calming effect and relaxation.

3) Hepatotoxic Effects Of Akuamma

Chemical analyses done in studies have found that Akuamma consists of bioactive substances that contribute to its medicinal efficacy.

However, it has been found that Akuamma seeds can have hepatotoxic effects if not taken in a proper dose. If taken in high dose, it can cause hepatocellular damage; thus, care should be taken when resorting to this plant in order to prevent overdose.

4) Hyperkalemic and Hypernatremic Effects

Akuamma seeds are said to disturb ion regulation in blood plasma. This occurs due to a slight increase in plasma sodium and potassium levels. However, this increase is not very significant to cause any problem.

How Can You Get Help From Akuamma Seeds?

When you decide to opt for a natural remedy for yourself, two things that are imperative for you to determine carefully are:

  • The right dose
  • The method

In order to reap the desired benefits of Akuamma you need to be aware of its correct dosage and their respective outcomes.

Although Akuamma seeds act as natural pain killers, their effect varies in different individuals. This is because of the varying intensity and chronology of pain as well as dissimilar levels of pain threshold.

For example, if you feel pain at a low stimulus, you might need a lower dose of Akuamma seeds compared to someone who experiences pain at higher stimuli.
Thus, it is essential that you find out for yourself what dose will work for you. Here we have compiled for your information extracted from users’ reviews and drug forums so that you can decipher what dose you can relate to.

The Correct Dose Of Akuamma Seeds and Its Duration Of Action

The starting dose for a beginner is reported to be 250 to 500 mg. This can be equivalent to powder extracted from 1 to 2 seeds. As for the measurement in a spoon, this dose is approximately equivalent to two-thirds of a teaspoon.

However, as a beginner, you should not rely on approximation; rather use an accurate measuring scale for a correct dose.

Most commonly taken a dose for chronic severe pain is 2 to 4 grams. People with high pain threshold have also claimed to have an analgesic effect at a dose of up to 6 grams. You should always start with a low dose and slowly work up to a dose that suits you.

Users on Reddit swear its promising effects for pain relief. They report a dose of 1.5 to 1.7 grams to have an excellent pain-relieving effect. There are also those who resort to buying Akuamma repeatedly after experiencing its strong benefit as a pain killer.

Users also go as far as labeling Kratom and Akuamma as ‘life-changing.’ Consumers also disclose that one ounce of powder lasts for about 20 to 30 days, but that largely depends on your usage. According to them, the effects of Akuamma last for a maximum of three to four hours.

Side effects of Akuamma are minimal such as mild nausea, upset stomach. Most of the side effects manifest at high doses, e.g., headache shows up at a dose of 2 grams. Average doses are considered safe for use; however, doses of more than 6-8 grams lead to the associated risks.

Method To Take Akuamma Seeds

Due to its bitter taste, most people prefer to take Akuamma powder in capsules. This way, they avoid its unbearable taste and at the same time, are able to take an accurate dose. Those who resort to powder form, take it with a juice or sweetened tea. Some also use it with Goji berry for masking its unwanted taste.
You can buy Akuamma as raw seeds, grounded powder as well as encapsulated form. You can also measure out the powder yourself using a weigh, add it to your favorite juice, stir it in a sweetened tea or prepare your own capsule stock that is readily on hand whenever you need.

However, it is advised to avoid drinking too much water after ingesting Akuamma as it can cause regurgitation as well as give you the bitter taste with the subsequent burps.

Contraindications Of Akuamma Seeds

Do not use Akuamma seeds:

  • At high doses or doses, you cannot tolerate.
  • If you show signs of allergy.
  • If you are planning to conceive as they are believed to have some contraceptive effects.
  • If you are pregnant because their effects on the fetus are not known.
  • If you are already taking hypotensive drugs, sedatives or other pain killers.
  • If you are a patient of severe respiratory compromise.
  • If your physician does not approve it suitable for you.

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