How Long Does It Take To Detox From Kratom?


It has been years that people are taking help from herbs to meet their health needs. Whether you choose them to feel euphoric or to get energy, there are chances that you get dependent on them and sometimes make them a habit. Kratom is one of such herbs.

In the past, this particular herb was majorly consumed to obtain instant and long-lasting energy. As time passed, Kratom turned out to have more qualities. Kratom is also being used to quit other opioids. Yes, you heard it right!

As you are dependent on Kratom, one of the initial steps to overcome dependence is Detoxing. Although detox is insufficient alone and the road to recovery demands you to pair it up with a rehab plan.

The question which deserves to be answered is- how long does it take to detox from Kratom? Don’t worry! We have covered all your relevant queries in this article. Keep scrolling!

Stages For Kratom Detox

One of the common reasons people shift to Kratom is because it has properties similar to opioids. However, during the process, people get used to consuming Kratom and hence, they require Kratom detox. Detox works to make the Kratom quitting process easy and enduring.

According to SAMHSA, detox has three main steps that are stated below;


It evaluates the presence of Kratom inside your body and bloodstream and also checks if you have other health conditions.


Either with or without medication, the process of stabilization includes looking at the transition your body undergoes as the treatment starts.


This stage comes prior to the process and the patient has to be determined that he is ready to be a part of this treatment.

Safest Kratom Detox

Well, there are two kinds of Kratom-related patients, severe patients and mild ones. High Kratom consumers need to be admitted as inpatients, while others need to be treated as outpatients.

Medical Detox

The safest way and the way to quit Kratom is by choosing a medical detox. It can be termed the most effective type of detox. This comes in handy, especially for the people who are severe patients of Kratom. The home detoxing process where you either quit it cold turkey, through tapering or without medical help can make you encounter severe withdrawal symptoms. However, treatments conducted in the inpatient environment are well-monitored and the withdrawal symptoms are controlled through medicines. 

Top 5 Reasons Why Kratom Detox Is Necessary

People make Kratom a part of their lives for many reasons. One of such reasons includes that it has properties similar to that of opioids. Many people who can’t get their hands off the drugs take assistance from Kratom. The practice is common because Kratom barely causes dependence. Since Kratom is from the Coffee tree family, its dependence is similar to that of a coffee. However, quitting Kratom can introduce you to withdrawal symptoms. Below are the five benefits of Kratom detoxing.

Increased Energy

Letting go of harmful toxins from your body can make you feel more energetic. Besides, your body would not have to spend time processing them.

Freshens Your Looks

Detoxing does not only help improve your health on the inside but also makes you appear radiant. As you have beneficial food enzymes into your body to process, consequently, your entire body, from the skin to hair and to your nails, will flourish.

Efficient Immune System:

As you have stopped consuming unhealthy stuff, your body would not have to waste time digesting the foods which are difficult to break down. Consequently, the same time can be utilized to digest healthy food.

Helps Lose Weight

Now, this is not necessary but for many people, detoxing has played its part in cutting body fat. Although detoxing is not done for this purpose but as you switch to a healthier lifestyle, you lose fat as well.

Improved Mood

Our moods and the food we eat have a direct link. The healthier we eat, the more pleasant we feel and this is easily judged through our mood. As the detox process eliminates harmful substances out of your body, what’s left is healthy food, especially when you replace your processed food with an organic one. Voila! your mood gets uplifted

Kratom Detox At Home

When it comes to detoxing at home, the duty comes to you to take your health seriously. You can consult your friends as well as doctors during this time. But, this is not the most effective type of detoxing. What works the best for Kratom detoxing is not quitting it cold turkey but tapering the Kratom. In a nutshell, you must gradually reduce the amount of Kratom.

It is not that you would not encounter withdrawal symptoms but as you are just tapering your Kratom intake so it would be easy for you to cope with it. Moreover, you can take help from over-the-counter medicines to deal with your withdrawal symptoms. The abrupt quitting on Kratom or any other drug might make your brain suffer from a rebound effect. 

Medical Detox For Kratom

Medical detox comes in handy to serve people who are highly into drugs and are totally dependent on them. The purpose of medical detox is not just to supervise you and support you emotionally but also to treat your withdrawal symptoms through medicines. Also, in this particular detoxing, you have access to emergency care, which is obviously to have your back in case of an emergency. 

Non-Medical Detox

A non-medical detox is the kind of detox where you have a clean environment to go through the stage as well as emotionally supportive people to look after you. It is known as a non-medical detox because you don’t have to fear the medication. So,  medicines are not what they will feed you. However, if your health deteriorates, if you end up experiencing seizures, they might shift you to a medical environment.

Factors That Affect Kratom Detox

The effects of Kratom detox are not studied well but regardless of what method of curbing the habit you adopt, you will likely encounter withdrawal symptoms. One of the reasons for this is that Kratom has alkaloids in it and these alkaloids act in the same way as the other drugs. Two of the most occurring factors related to withdrawal symptoms of Kratom are mentioned below in detail:

Imbalanced electrolyte and fluid level:

Majorly, if you quit Kratom alongside neglecting your diet and rather consume unhealthy food, then you can become nauseous with vomiting. Hence, you will feel dehydrated.


Whether you are severely habitual of consuming Kratom or not but there are chances that you end up feeling worse.

What Helps In Detox Process

Honestly, the severity of withdrawal symptoms depends more on your level of consumption. Usually, these symptoms last for 7 to a maximum of 10 days but this duration might also differ based on many factors. Furthermore, it usually takes 24 hours for a person to experience these symptoms. Also, after 2 to 4 days, a person usually finds these symptoms reaching heights. Luckily, you can get assisted in many ways to combat these symptoms.

Drink Sufficient Water

Staying hydrated is very important in our daily lives and when we are on the way to recovery. Since you fall victim to diarrhoea and vomiting, you can also drink Pedialyte.

Take OTC Pain Killer

While it is super convenient for you to seek help from over-the-counter medicines to get the analgesic benefits, tablets like ibuprofen are a good choice if you have intolerable cramps and aches.

Don’t Eat Too Much

As you have to control your diarrhea side by side, you must stick to a mild diet and soft foods. Secondly, you must avoid overeating.

Take OTC Medicine For Nausea

Certain medicines like Draminine can help you overcome nausea. Moreover, if you are more into natural remedies, then you should drink ginger tea. It also provides relaxation to the stomach at this time.

Stay Active

Who does not know about the vitality of yoga to calm you and ward off fatigue and introduce you to positive thoughts? You can also exercise and meditate.

Stay Occupied

As you feel unwell, it is a brilliant idea to stay occupied with one thing or another. You can watch movies or play games.

Take Rest

A might of good sleep is essential to keep your mind distracted from the bad thoughts that welcome anxiety and depression. This is also necessary to keep you on the right track of recovery. So, you must sleep at night and also take catnaps whenever you feel tired.

Have Conversations With Trustworthy Friends

Emotional support is vital to make the process seem less hectic for you. You can call over a friend or make a phone call. To be honest, pets can also be of great help to keep you happy.

Now finally, you know how long it does take to detox from Kratom. The average duration is 7 to 10 days and after 2 to 4 days, the symptoms seem disturbing. But, it is all worth it because, after all, you are on the road to recovery. The symptoms are temporary and you can deal with them better if you keep recalling the reasons for which you decided to get off Kratom. If you liked reading this article, feel free to help out your friends by sharing it with them. A happy healthy lifestyle!

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