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A CBD tincture is a dietary supplement; sold in liquid-form with a high cannabidiol content. Tinctures are made by soaking CBD-rich hemp flowers in high-proof grain alcohol/ after which, they are cooked over low heat for several hours as alcohol produces the best tinctures.

The process with consumption of alcohol is time-taking but beneficial and straightforward. When the fluid is prepared, it’s blended with a sweet-tasting oil; peppermint or orange, so its original bitter taste can be altered.

The targeted product is very potent, with high CBD content, and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) values no more than 0.3%. When shopping, remember that a ‘CBD’ tincture is different from a ‘cannabis’ tincture, which has all the cannabinoids including THC.

However, a CBD tincture won’t be psychoactive, which means it won’t get you high.

Most CBD items are new and have reached the market recently, so there isn’t a lot of data accessible about them. Usually, products are easy to find, but the correct information about them is missing.

Today we’ll discuss Tessera naturals CBD tinctures in detail:

The Processing

Currently, Tessera Naturals is consuming all-natural non-GMO hemp plants for the extraction of CBD. They are grown in Colorado, in farms that are suitable both, in terms of soil and agriculture.

Usually, the extraction process that is preferred is the one that leaves no solvents, chemicals, or pesticides behind. Therefore, the hemp plants undergo careful CO2 extraction, so that the resulting mixture is pure and rich in all compounds.

They currently provide broad-spectrum CBD. Research has demonstrated the beneficial effect of converting the full-spectrum plant extract into Broad-spectrum with no THC content, which is known as the ‘entourage effect.’ It implies that the majority of the plant compounds affect the body better when they work synergistically rather than alone.

The Tessera Naturals’ facility is working under the tag of GMP certification. The FDA registration has also assured Their authentication of these products.

Ingredients and Usage

Each bottle of Tessera Naturals CBD tinctures comes with ingredients that are maintained in the ideal levels from processing to consumption. They are currently being sold in two different flavors.

The Mint flavored Tinctures come with whole plant Hemp extract with 0% THC, Organic coconut oil (MCT) and peppermint essential oil. The ingredients for Natural flavor Tinctures are the same as above, excluding peppermint essential oil.

The consumption is pretty simple. Whenever there is a bottle involved, you need to start with shaking it, so the contents inside are thoroughly mixed. The dropper is filled according to your desired dose, that can be calculated via basic instructions given on the site.

Lastly, place the oil under your tongue for 60 to 90 seconds then swallow. It should be done at least twice per day for better results, or as needed.

Lab Testing and Transparency

Transparency is very critical to any CBD item you are deciding to purchase. You should be well-informed by the brand about the contents and potential side effects of each of their items.

Make sure you are reviewing COA’s (Certificate of Analysis) and third-party lab tests demonstrating the item’s potency, quality, and effects. Lab tests need to affirm that the item is free of metals, chemicals, solvents, or pesticides.

To find the lab tests for Tessera Naturals CBD 1000 mg tinctures, you can visit here. For the 500 mg tinctures, you can click here.

Potencies and Pricing

Currently, the site is selling CBD tinctures that are helpful for issues such as pain, anxiety, movement disorders, and cognition impairment. There are two potencies that the brand is offering, the prices of these potencies remain the same for both the flavors;

  • Tessera Naturals CBD tinctures 500 mg (Natural/ Mint): $59.00
  • Tessera Naturals CBD tinctures 1000 mg (Natural/Mint): $99.00

How Much To Consume?

Finding the ideal dosage for yourself differs for everyone as every individual is unique. A few people are more sensitive to CBD than others and need to consume less to produce the same results.

Additionally, various factors also affect the amount CBD that is suitable for you, including; diet, weight, genetics, sleep patterns, etc.

When taking CBD, it’s ideal to begin low, around 10-20mg. Gradually increase with time until you’ve discovered the best portion for you. A lot of people end up somewhere close to 10-80 mg of CBD every day, with higher dosages for those having it for therapeutic effects or insomnia.

Each bottle contains 30ML. One full dropper is 1ML, so if you take a full dropper every day, the container will last you 30 days. If you take just half dropper every day, then the bottle will last you 60 days.

It is absorbed fast, and the bioavailability is high when taken sublingually as the vessels under the tongue lead directly to the circulation system, bypassing the time-consuming metabolism in the stomach.

Simple to use, for people as well as pets.

Adaptability ( they can be consumed sublingually or added to food as a dietary supplement.)

Adaptable dosing (fill the dropper to the ideal portion or split into multiple doses to be consumed throughout the day.)

Some people complained about the lack of multiple flavors.

Some find it difficult to hold the tincture under the tongue for 60 to 90 seconds and therefore, find capsules and pills as a better alternative.

Our Verdict

Tinctures have some major advantages and points of interest too. For instance, tinctures are very easy to consume throughout the day, since they require no prep in consumption. They don’t need you to shift to a smokers-friendly environment as you don’t have to smoke or vaporize them as well.

The dropper bottles themselves are small and straightforward to carry and keep in the pocket or a bag. Their high concentration also reduces the doses needed to be consumed. Since just limited quantities are required, it’s easy to alter the daily dosing on preference and precision.

With that being said, we inevitably found out significant benefits of Tessera Naturals CBD tinctures that as well, correlated with the properties we were searching for. The only part that needs to be fixed is the additive terpenes and the essential oils, to maximize the product line with variety in flavors.

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