Is Semax legal in the US?

Semax is a polypeptide drug that is based on the structure of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). This synthetic drug has been listed on the Russian List of Vitals and Essential drugs. The drugs present on the list are reviewed and approved by the government, which are safe to use. It has been used as a medication for the prevention and treatment of many circulatory disorders like stroke.

Does The US Government Approve It?

Semax has not been approved by the FDA yet for any medical purpose. It has been given on a trial basis, and the results were useful. That is why it is prescribed for many diseases in various medical centers of the US.

Its legality depends upon its use. The US government hasn’t approved of it yet to use by the common person. However, depending upon the drug severity, a controlled dose of Semax can be used with prescription. Semax is also seen as a potential nootropic or cognitive enhancing drug. They are expected to reduce stress and enhance memory performance. Some researchers have identified its effects as follows:

  • It helps to increase the BDF levels of the brain.
  • It reduces the breakdown of enkephalins.
  • Protects the nervous system from oxidative damage.
  • It is likely effective for preventing brain and nerve damage.
  • Alleviate the pain and help with ADHD

Semax is known as an insufficiently-researched drug due to its unknown mechanism of action. Despite its increasing use and huge popularity, the legality of Semax is a contentious topic all around the world. It’s because no government holds the legal definition of its constituents. Many governments don’t even give it recognition and leave it to the manufacturers to answer about it. Most government-regulated pharmaceutical agencies regard Semax as a dietary supplement.

You can check if the Semax you are using is legal or not by the definitions the US model has provided. According to the description, there are two types of Semax:

I. Controlled: it requires prescription and age-verification to buy these drugs.

II. Scheduled: they are ranked and scheduled by their risk abuse, i.e., schedule 1 to schedule 5, 1 being the highest category of abuse.

In the US, Some generic drugs of Semax are flat-out illegal to use and consume without a prescribed controlled dose. While low-risk Semax is often sold without prescription. But there is another aspect to know; the specific legal status of the Semax may not universally apply to every country’s legal regulatory codes. For example, the same Semax can be:

  • Prescription-based Semax in the USA
  • Banned illegal Semax in the UK
  • Over-the-counter legal Semax in Canada.

It means the Semax, which is legal in one country, can be illegal in other countries depending upon the law orders and amount of usage. If people are aware of the specific Semax and use it more than the others, then that drug gets limelight and comes under supervision. This way, it receives the certificate of legality. There are few other types of nootropics on which they are claimed as legal or illegal. These general types include:

  • Herbal extracts Semax
  • Synthetic and Semi-synthetic
  • Dietary Semax nutrients

Synthetic Semax is synthesized from inorganic material, and Semi-synthetic Semax is made from organic material. The low dose of Dietary Semax is used as a multivitamin in people with an insufficient diet. Herbal Semax is extracted from the plants and weeds, hence causing no side effects. The legality of Semax is also based on what grade these drugs are scheduled.

The Semax graded in level 1 cannot be purchased without a prescription and is illegal without it. Other Semax that falls in level 5 is considered low risk and can be bought without a prescription. In the same way, if you purchase organic Semax, which doesn’t have many side effects and almost no withdrawal effects, it is considered harmless and legal.

In short, the legality of Semax depends upon its type, severity, and effects. However, it is not approved by the FDA and most of its generic drugs are still not legal in the US.

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