Green Malay Kratom Strain Guide

Green Malay strain derived from Malaysia can be counted as one of the strongest strains of Kratom. It is known best for mood elevation, stimulation, and production of euphoric states. It doesn’t have a significant amount of analgesic effect, but overall it creates a very balanced effect at low doses.

At higher doses, it induces a state of calmness that progresses to sedation. Green Malay Kratom is also called Super green Kratom as it has superior quality compared to other strains.

Malay Mix is the combination of Green Malay Kratom along with its 8x extract. The special product only available at Kratom Spot has the best quality and produces potent effects.

How To Use Green Malay Mix?

Green Malay is generally available in fine powder and capsule form. Almost all leading Kratom vendors have these two forms of green Malay. Depending on your usage, you may order any of these two. But for the extra effects, Malay mix is the strongest green Malay product.

The best way to use Malay Mix powder is by the toss and wash” method. It is a simple method in which a user takes standard Kratom dosage in a spoon and swallows it with water. Some other fluid, i.e., fruit juice also helps but never uses Kratom with alcohol or soda.

Many people add a little amount of green Malay powder in their morning coffee for the extra boost. Note that it will only bring some general effects but no “therapeutic effect” this way. To get the healing effects of Malay, better to use Kratom directly.

On the other hand, Malay capsules are a much more popular product than Malay powder. The reason is that all capsules come with a pre-packed dosage.

There is no hassle to weigh and measure the powder every time. When a user takes an accurate dosage, green Malay capsules work like a miracle.

The only problem is that capsules are a little pricier than Malay Kratom in powder. It may not fit into everyone’s budget. But if you can afford it, it is going to be your best choice.

Who Should Use It?

Almost all users agree that green Malaysian Kratom is the best stimulatory strain that comes with a power boost mood and performance. It is a lot more energizing and refreshing than red vein varieties.

What makes it more desirable is that it does not dull the user’s cognitive functions or intellect. However, their energy-boosting substances typically make the user idle and stressed.

Green Malaysian Kratom improves all mental functions, encouraging the user to be more creative. This quality makes it best for writers, artists, and performers.

As green Malay does not hinder mental abilities, it suits everyone. It is also suitable for people with hectic jobs and round-the-clock careers. They feel more strengthened and stress-free while doing the same work every day.

Some of the users report Malay strains to be acting like morning coffee, boosting, and energizing. An early morning Malay Kratom user feels more alert, talkative, and social.

Moreover, the regular users also experience better physical performance at the gym, during exercise.

A less common benefit of green Malay is that it improves sex drive and stamina as well.

Effects Produced By Green Malay Kratom

Due to its high potency and efficacy, the effects that are produced by Malay Mix are generally loved. Some of the effects produced by Malay Mix are mentioned below.

  • Enhances energy levels, making one more focused and alert, improving wakefulness.
  • Improves concentration levels and increases attention span.
  • Produces mild analgesia and relieves joint pain and stiffness.
  • Used for the relaxation of muscles, to relieve a tension headache.
  • Improves stomach health and reduces GI distress if consumed in controlled amounts.
  • Acts as an anxiolytic.
  • Relieves stress and depression. Thus it helps in lifting the mood.
  • Helps in the achievement of a normal sleep schedule, thus reducing insomnia, parasomnia, and other sleep disorders.
  • Induce calmness of the mind, soul, and body.
  • Helps in socializing by making you active and more talkative.
  • Produces optimism in one and helps in gaining confidence.
  • Assists in controlling blood pressure by controlling the sympathetic outflow of the nervous system.
  • Acts as a strong antioxidant that helps in the removal of reactive oxygen species and free radicals.
  • Promotes apoptosis of cancerous cells.

Side Effects Of Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay strain is super stimulating especially when the user is taking a moderate to high dose. But if it is an extremely high dose, the user may fall for the dangers of Kratom overdosing.

In this Malay Mix, green Malay is loaded with more power and effects than ordinary green Malay powder. That is why; any mishandling will lead to serious health problems.

The reason most of the users endorse green Malay is that they take a safe dosage for it. Dosage measurement is different for everyone but using an extremely high dose is not recommended for all.

The general side effects that you could expect from a high dose of green Malay Kratom can be wobbly, jittery feeling, dizziness, hyperactivity, or nausea. Many people narrate the Kratom overdosing with caffeine overdosing for the same effects.

The Dosage Of Malay Green

As it is a potent strain so small quantities produce stronger effects. The recommended dosage is as follows. However, note that these doses are not standard.

  • Effects start appearing at 1 gram.
  • Medium dosage at which the average number of users start observing effects: 1.5 to 3.5 grams.
  • Large dose: 10 grams and more (Abstain from taking such large doses if you are a beginner as it can cause respiratory depression and can lead to coma and death)

The effects last for 6 to 7 hours.

Things To Remember While Buying Green Malaysian Kratom

If you are planning to try green Malay Kratom, go through the following things to make your experience better.

  1. Be sure of the effects that you seek and select an appropriate Kratom variety. For example red Malay works best for pain and stress; green Malay works best for energy and stimulation etc.
  2. Select a reputed Kratom vendor that supplies Malay Kratom. Make sure that your required product green Malay capsules or powder are currently in stock. If you are buying green Malay online, check if your area falls under its delivery zone.
  3. While purchasing green Malay capsules, double-check for their potency. Different vendors prepare capsules in different strengths. Suit the one that aids your purpose.

Is Green Malay Better Than Red Malay Kratom?

All Kratom strains are useful one way or the other. Every Kratom strain, including green Malay, has its signature effects that are not comparable with another strain.

Green Malay is an incredibly uplifting strain. It improves energy, focus, and all cognitive functions leading to euphoria. On the other side, red Malay is extremely relaxing and pain-relieving along with sedative effects.

Red Malay and green Malay are just two varieties of the same Kratom from Malaysia. It depends upon the user what is his requirement and which Kratom variety serves him better.

Red Malay, along with other red Kratom strains is best for sedative pain relief or stress relief. It is less strong than red Maeng Da and red Borneo but better than green vein Kratom leaves.

Comparing green Malay with red Malay or white Malay is just like a comparison of apples and oranges. If you are looking for relaxation and pain relief, try Red Malay, but for that personality lift, boost and focus, you may need Green Malay Kratom to help you.

Alternative For Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay is one of the best-selling Kratom strains, yet there are chances that it may not be available around you.

In that case, there are many alternatives to it within the Kratom family and outside. But the non-Kratom alternatives of green Malay are not always safe. Many of them come with multiple side effects.

Within the Kratom family, other strains like Bali and Thai show similar effects as that of the green Malay strain.

As many readers already know, the green vein strain is not the only Malay Kratom. Instead, there are two other strain varieties, i.e., red and white that come from the same Malaysian land.

In case green Malay is not available, the best is to look for red Malay or white Malay. Both of these are 100% safe for use and provide the signature effects of Malay strain.

Outside the Kratom family, the substitutes of Malay Kratom are many painkillers. Not all painkillers are safe many of them are harmful to health. Green Malay Kratom is the most reliable among all these analgesics.

Regular Kratom users recommend using pure green Malay powder and green Malay capsules for treating pain or stress, mental boost, and overall performance.

Final Take On Green Malay, Super Green Malay, Malaysian Kratom

The extract of Green Malay is 8 times more potent than the powder. For this reason, you should carefully monitor the dosage. Note that smaller doses will produce stronger effects, thus always begin by starting with 1 gram of Malay Mix. At this dosage, the effects will start showing up.

Malay Mix produces reliable effects, and the chances of side effects are fairly low if consumed in controlled amounts. It is a decent strain that has the appropriate alkaloids to produce mood elevation and energy boosts.

Its influential effects allow one to have mental clarity and soothe pain and the nerves, making one work efficiently even if the work is tedious and tiring.

Malay Mix is the new special product of many top vendors, and it has a very affordable price, so if you are one of those who loves Green Malay, you can have it from Super Natural Botanicals, PurKratom, Kratom & Coastline at a very reasonable prices.